Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Diya Saves Ratan From Priya’s Goons

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya with Ratan hides in desert bunker while goons search him. Diya asks Ratan to wait in bunker and runs out. Ratan asks where is she going, she always becomes Mr. India like her boss. Goons capture him and pointing guns on him beat him up. E sees Diya coming on camel. Diya throws sand on goons and lifts Ratan on camel and rides camel from there. She drives camel to safe location near oasis and getting down says they are safe now. Ratan tries to get down camel, sips and falls, gets up and says he slipped purposefully. Diya says she needs to make a call and goes aside. She calls Yash and informs him. Yash leaves. Priya gets a message that Diya escaped and fumes.

Ratan tells Diya that she is so beautiful and brave, he wants to kiss. She nervously asks what. He walks

to camel and kissing it says it is so brave and beautiful. Diya laughs. Jeeps come. Ratan thinks goons came again, runs and taking gun from Diya pushes her behind and points gun at jeeps. Palace guards get out of jeeps followed by Yash. Ratan says inspector came on time. Yash says they are all his loyals and walking to him recites their childhood snippet Chandu ke chacha ne.. Ratan completes it and identifying him says he did not learn it yet. Yash says then how will he complete it. Ratan says Yash is elder to him, but he is elder in relationship and hugs Yash. They walk and Diya says Yash that he should interrogate drummer more as enemies knew Ratan is coming. Ratan silently hears them.

At palace, CT happily makes arrangements for Ratan’s welcome and says her son is coming after 12 years. Bhuvan taunts that she has gone mad and is day dreaming, Ratan will not come. Nitya informs CT that Yash informed Ratan is coming.

Ratan, Yash, and Ratan travel in jeep. Ratan says Mr. India is so boring, when he sends letters, his friends say sleeping pills came, he must not have done anything thrilling in life. Yash smiles. Diya silently listens. Ratan sees hanuman temple asks to stop jeep and says Yash he wants to pray who protected him today and walking to temple says Yash if he remembers papa sa used to bring them here. He then prays Hanumanji. Diya reminisces Maan telling she will be free once Ratan turns 21 and returns home to take up his responsibility. Ratan brings flowers and giving it to Diya says he knows she is Ms India and protected him all while, now she is free to go anywhere she loves and do whatever she wants. He shows butterfly and says she is like butterfly now. Diya smiles.

Diya then takes Ratan to palace. Ratan sees servants and guards. Diya says they are waiting to see him since so many years. Ratan looks at palace carefully and says nothing has changed, it is same like in childhood. He thanks Diya. Diya says your welcome and says let us go. Bhuvan throws tantrum as usual and asks everyone to get back to work as Ratan will not come. Ratan enters with Diya. They are all surprised. CT gets emotional seeing him and walks to him. Ratan touches her feet. She says she is seeing him after 12 years and hugs him. She asks Priya to get thali to perform nazar and performing nazar she prays god to protect Ratan from evil and throws chillies on Diya. Yash feels shocked seeing it.

Precap: Bhuvan says Ratan he gave gifts to whole family, what about him. Ratan asks what he needs. Bhuvan says his sword. Diya stops him from taking sword. Bhuvan asks who is she to stop him. She says Ratan’s pehredar/guard and asks to fight with her and win. She defeats Bhuvan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vivian20

    Good one tho could be better!!

    1. Vivian20

      Hello everyone!!!
      The episode was good, but I still have one doubt! Is yash elder to Ratan?
      I guess in ppk he looked damn younger to ratan??

      Wish all of you a good day ahead!!???

      1. In PPK, Yash and Ratan were of same age.In this show they might have made him elder than Ratan just like how they get Ayush and Diya’s sister married..There are few changes in the characters

      2. Vivian20

        Aha! I get it nw!!

      3. IQRA222

        Hi vivi bhai!! yup the episode was amazing and yes maybe yash is elder to ratan!!

    2. Shrilatha

      No Vivian diya doesn’t have a brother .it was her brother in law.in.updates they used to say brother and bhabhi but it was jiji and jiju

      1. Vivian20

        Thanks a lot yaar for correcting my misconception!!!

  2. Suma123

    DiRa scenes were awesome….????? CT Ur so bad ….and that chote takur bhi….????

    I loved DiRa scenes ???

    1. Vivian20

      Actually u know what!! I find thakur saa very funny!! ???
      And my thought match urs when it comes to chote thakuranisaa!!!

      1. Suma123

        In #rhln they made chote takur funny….hi-fi?️?️?️?️?️?️

    2. IQRA222

      Hi Suma di!! yup di Dira were amazing but both these CT’s are bad!!!!!!!!

  3. I did not see pehredaar piya ki so I do not know who is this CT? Pls tell me ……..

    1. CT means Choti Takurayain ,she is Ratan’s Kaaki sa

    2. Vivian20

      Also, she was sort of villain in ppk….

    3. IQRA222

      CT means Choti Thakurayain. whois Ratan’s father’s wife !!

      1. Vivian20

        No iqu, she is Ratan’s fathers brothers wife….

  4. Oh god!!!!!
    Epi was just fab…
    Love Love Love
    I’m in love with DiRa again….
    Rohit is so cute yaar…..he reminds me Affan….
    And Teju….Teju is love…..
    My superwomen
    I can’t explain how much I’m addicted to her….
    Ab to DiRa k sapne bhi aate h……
    I want some DiRa cute Nok-jhok n cute love scenes…..
    But CT and her family so irritating……
    God Save DiRa from them…..
    Gud night everyone…..

    1. Vivian20

      Yeah….rohit is working well in this!! But again affan was really cute??and teja…..oh god!!! ????

    2. IQRA222

      Aww!! your comment was so so cute and sweet!! ???

  5. Berdilla

    Enna oru episode awesome and i really enjoyed it teju unnoda nadipu super duper yar and ct i hate u and DiRa ❤❤❤❤

    1. IQRA222

      di i didn’t understand your comment but yeah Love Dira!! and hate CT!!

  6. Today’s episode was awesome..Dira’s scenes are too cute and fun to watch.Specially the camel kiss?? ..Love u Teju???You are growing on me ..Such a deadly diva you are..So beautiful and amazing actress at the same time..I am loving Ratan’s role,a well etched character..They both would make a sizzling couple.. Eagerly waiting to watch their love story and chemistry.The way he calls her Mr.India is too cute??
    I think Ratan is not so happy to meet his family members especially when he saw CT there is no happiness on his face,he took her blessings just as a formality..CT insulting Diya was so mean??She is just jealous of her nothing much..
    And don’t know why Diya’s sis is behaving so weird.. Something fishy..
    Precap- Looks interesting where we are going to see Diya in action avatar ..This tym with sword..She just reminded me my fav Heroine Anushka from Arundathi in that scene

    1. Shrilatha

      Exactly especially that cartwheel…it so reminded me of anushka.and dear about diya’s sis .she is not diya’s sis in this show ..she was in Ppk but here she is ratan ki family member..may be because diya ka family didn’t have any more role in this show.she was given this role..

      1. Not exactly..In the first episode Sakshi taunts Nitya Bua that how she had get married Ayush banna to Diya’s widow sister..They are siblings in this show too

      2. I saw Teju’s insta story,where she had shared a video of the shooting location with the person who played her father character..I think he might appear in coming episodes

      3. Not exactly..In the first episode, Sakshi taunts Nitya Bua that how she had get Ayush banna married to Diya’s widow sister..They are siblings in this show too

      4. Vivian20

        Didn’t Diya have a brother????

    2. Shrilatha

      Oh thanks yaar for clearing it for me…first episode I was literally lost in diya only I didn’t care about others???

      1. @Vivian20 No dear.Both of them are sisters even in PPK..There is no brother character..

    3. IQRA222

      Amazing review and superb comment!!

  7. Hey guys..samaira here.. I was never a fan of tejaswi though.. And didn’t watch ppk also.. But this show is really amazing.. Seriously I didn’t knew Tht teja is such an amazing actor..uff her expressions r just❤️❤️?and dira r also really cuteee.. Today ‘s episode was just amazing.. Hope the best for this show.

  8. Samaira_khan

    The upper comment was commented by me.. Which is Tht samaira_khan.. I connected Tht without logging in.. Thts y it came like tht..teja is sooooo beautiful…liking her like Tht.. And due to her acting.. Changed NY opinion..

    1. Shrilatha

      Welcome samaira.I am glad u liked it

    2. IQRA222

      Welcome samaira di!! yeah teja is damn beautiful!!???

  9. Shanaya123

    Amazing episode…Loved Dira Scenes??

  10. Astra

    Thank you for the update MA.

    Hello everyone. Glad meeting you all again. A very good morning.

    i know everyone has loved the diya saving ratan scene. it was very very very.. wow..!!! i finally saw teju on a brave role which i wanted to see..?? and this rattu is really naughty ? i think ratan started loving diya. their eyelocks r amazing. i felt missing raglak at some moment.? but it’s ok..?
    i think CT really loves ratan but.. she is jealous over diya for protecting him always.
    Now waiting for cute friendship between yash n rattu.
    But I’m glad ratan found out diya is mr/ms india herself.

    Ok guys.. bye all. Meet you all on Tuesday again..

    1. Only this week they had started from Tuesday..From now on, It will be telecasted from every Mon-Fri

  11. Riana

    Awesome Precap…
    Lovely Dia ???

    1. IQRA222

      Yup Ri di the precap was amazing!! ???

  12. Shrilatha

    Today only short comment because of one idiot I couldn’t watch ratan.and camel ka kids scene .I loved today’s episode and mostly when ratan said he understood that diya is Mr India.I loved it …but I was thinking if he didn’t knew and kept on taunting me India upfront of diya and finally met her in the palace and getting shocked would have been great….

    Till now my fav is rolling scene .. ????

    Hii Vivian,fenu bhai,suma,gayu, iqra,Astra akka,pranavi,supriya ,Polly( brown icon) and everyone if I missed anyone.Hope u guys r doing great.

    1. Shrilatha

      It’s kiss scene ..typo error

    2. IQRA222

      no problem di!! even though your comment is short it is so cute!! and i am doing great!!

  13. Frozengirl16

    Hello my RLHN family…glad to meet u all again…thank u for the update MA..

    Coming to the episode…

    When the goons hit Ratan…I felt like to beat them black n blue…the way Diya ride the camel is na….wow! she saved Ratan as one woman…wow…I loved teju’s bold n brave character…n after they reaching the safe place Diya forwards hand to Ratan to help him for getting down…but he refuse it n falls down??…when he say that he want to kiss her but kissed the camel…he’s na so naughty…I loved DiRa scenes??…when the loyals comes n Ratan took the gun from Diya n tried to protect from them…I liked that he’s so caring for Diya but he again got fooled??…Yash n Ratan…aww so sweet…I’m waiting to see their bonding…again I can’t judge CT’s character…I think that Ratan is not happy to see his family again after 12 years…but happy to see Ms.India??…n how dare that CT to throw chilies on Diya…totally n fabulous episode..

    Coming to the precap…

    Waiting to see Diya’s new avatar…with sword???…the way she fighting with Bhuvan…I’m waiting…

    See u guys on Tuesday again…
    Love DiRa❤
    Love RLHN❤
    Bye all❤

    1. IQRA222

      didu i so so love your comments!!!!!! ???

  14. Sarvi

    Hey…I’ve been reading your comments since the first episode of ppk and I Am really a very big fan of the show ppk I literally cried when the show went offair and then the ff of Vivian bhai came as life savior and now RLHN came I so damn happy that it’s back can I be the part of RLHN family plz.

    1. IQRA222

      Hello Sarvi or Sarvi di (if you are elder then me)– it is nice of you read our comments!! Happy to have another Sister in our family…….. you are heartily welcomed dear!!??????

    2. Frozengirl16

      Hye Sarvi…I’m glad that u like this show very much…u r most welcome to be the part of this RLHN family…we’ll get along soon…see u❤

    3. Shrilatha

      Hey sarvi welcome dear …happy to find another friend here..see u later

    4. Vivian20

      Oh…..thanks a lot sarvi….hope you liked it!!!

  15. Angelk1

    Hello fandom, I’ve searched everywhere for this forum. only to find out the name changed. Can someone give e me a brief summary so far. Is diya still married to Rat also I saw Diyya with another guy on YouTube, looks like she was getting married.

    1. IQRA222

      Di the plot is completely changed with just a minor change left and that is the promise which diya made to maan singh about protecting ratan!! In RLHN DiRa are not married.. and abhay and diya are engaged and abhay is still waiting to marry diya.. Here DIya will be protecting Ratan without marrying him till now.. and Ct loves ratan but HATES Diya.. Priya who was positive in ppk is now changed and is a negative one is RLHN. yash is grown up and is police officer!! 🙂

      1. Angelk1

        So they changed the title and The Plot slightly .

    2. Shrilatha

      Hey angelk …the plot is completely different diya promises ratan’s father to be ratan’s protector until.he is 21. And also she is not supposed to marry anyone till then .so she breaks her engagement with abhay and abhay is waiting .so now presently after 12 years .diya is 30 .she has sent ratan to UK when he was 9 .they r not married . She doesn’t allow him to meet his family also as she knows the culprit is his family member only.so they hate her .and diya is strong ,intelligent and very brave girl who can tackle any weapon easily.so she is very tough .she doesn’t even care about CT .Yash is a police officer .very good ,positive guy.he is the only person who understands Diya and considers as his friend..ratan is now 21 .he returns from UK and all handsome and innocent.and priya Yash’s mother is the culprit who is trying to.kill ratan.so the guy u saw on YouTube is ratan who is grownup now.till today the show was great,funny,romantic and action filled .

      Happy to see u back

    3. IQRA222

      yeah they did change the plot 🙂

  16. IQRA222

    hello there my RLHN family???!!!!!!!!! how r u all??? Today’s question is what is your fav colour?? MIne is Red, Black and Pink!! do tell me yours too!!
    @Vivian – Bhaiyaa superb choice even i like pizza???
    @Berdilla – Didu same even i love biryani!!!!??? and decmeber is my birth month too!! 🙂 so hi-fi
    @Polly (brown dp)- di pls forgive me.. please believe me it was just a misunderstanding!! pls do reply me soon!!
    Coming to the episode it was SOOOOOOOOOOO FABULOUS!!!!!!?????? My tigress is really rocking the show now!! the way she saved Ratan..??? and so loved the way ratan was trying to tease her ??????.. yash and ratan talk were superb too!!!! Still i am in a dilemma whether CT is good or not. one side she loves ratan so much and other side she behaves worst with my tigress!! and this bhuvan and priya ARGGH!!!!!!!!!!! DiRa Talks about the butterfly were just so amazing!!!!! and precap- i so hate this bhuvan .. doesn’t he have a life. always throwing useless tantrums!!! So happy that my princess defeated him!!! just cant wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for reading my views!!
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    Love you all!! ???

    1. Hello Dear.My fav color is Black

      1. IQRA222

        amazing choice di 🙂

    2. Vivian20

      Hi!!! My fav colour is orange!!! And grey and blue……actually all except yellow……

      1. IQRA222

        superb choice bhaiyuu!! 🙂

  17. Vivian20

    Dear iqu,
    I bet most of us will agree to my point, you are the best contributor of this page!
    U increase the no of comments drastically and give it a kinda family feel!!!
    So this comment is just for the appreciation of the work ur doing!!!
    All of u who agree to me pls do comment below!!!

    To the best sis?

    1. IQRA222

      Bhaiyuu you really made my heart melt by your views 🙂 thanks a lot for making me feel so special.. 🙂 its all my RLHN and PPK family’s support and my love for Teju and DiRa which is making me do all this so the credit goes to all my beautiful and supportive family of RLHN cum PPK!! 🙂 and not to forget the admin of TU.. its his gratitude that it allows me to post my comment and replies 🙂 🙂 once again thanks bhaiyuu!! 🙂 love you ????

  18. Vivian20

    Guys working on an update of 12 years later….expect it on monday!!!

    1. Vivian20


  19. Hello all
    I was totally against ppk.
    At that time some of us asked why can’t she protect him with out marriage,why can’t they concentrate on actions in which Diya protecting ratan. Why they cant hire security.now they answered to all criticism.please anyone don’t feel bad with any of my words

    This show is awesome in each and every way.they showed the cuteness of dira…. for the first time in tv industry they have shown a girl protecting boy by becoming bodyguard, what a unique show.they explained Diya sacrifice,it was really touching……I love all the action scenes.ratan is also a brave boy.i loved the show.

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks…. about time he grew up, now the love story can start. What eps did they showed him all grown. I want to start from their.

      1. Shrilatha

        From first episode itself he is grown up

      2. Shrilatha

        Only 4 episodes r done so watch all .u will understand better

    2. IQRA222

      Neha di thanks a lot for your appreciation and support towards RLHN 🙂

      1. Hi iqura,thank you for the kind words

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