Rishta, Dosti Aur Pyaar Introduction


Hello everyone

I wanted to write a SS over SwaSan.. Mostly this SS is musical emotion ? and teenage life ?!!


? Swara Malhotra ? Arts students,she just came from London to India ??.. Neighbors of maheshwari family she loves her sister and has two BFF Sanskar and laksh… Plays electrical guitar and a well singer!!

? Sanskar Maheshwari ? science student,he lives in India and is really good at studies but not a nerd? he is a dude but also good in studies he loved his brother and BFF of Swara plays piano drums

? Ragini Malhotra ? sister of Swara loves her a lot but owns to dancing she does classical and all type of dance and BFF of SanLak specially laksh

? Laksh Maheshwari ? brother of Sanskar BFF of swaragini and is participating in Dance India with ragini…


Raglak and SwaSan are neighbors since childhood swaragini are orphan so they live with dadi dadu Swara gets a scholarship for London so she left when she was in 8th grade swaragini are in touch soon Swara returns to India when she is 18 and then musically and technically SwaSan meet…

To know more read our SS the first part will be uploaded on 15 May 2016!!!

We will concentrate on SwaSan more raglak will mostly get together soon it’s like 90% SwaSan and 10% Raglak!!!! Please comment on our story too!!! Suggestion are always welcomed!!!!

Guys i am collabing with pravalika for this


Tu Meri mannat will be posted tomorrow!!!!

Guys i know i am handling many ffs but i guess i will make nafrat se pyaar tak a short ff and i will post it in short story category only and coming to tumse pyaar jo kiya i and adhithi have discussed it long ago and pkp is ending and ishq hua yeh hua i and proma can manage ~pravalika

Thank u

Credit to: Tvisha&Pravalika

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  1. Awesome yaar …keep love triangle yaar swara sanskar laksh

  2. Nice dear

  3. This is gonna be interesting for sure.Tvisha and Pravalika..this is an interesting intro..keep writing??

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