Rise of the Dark Shade… Chapter 3… the Beginning (Kumkum Bhagya)

Chapter 3

The beginning 

“All mornings can’t be same as they usually do… some mornings brings extreme situations in front of you… though my first card hasn’t played yet but still I know that, the blast will be the greatest… I have to close my diary now, because these situation are more enjoyable while watching rather than writing in diaries… I will return to you soon to write the climax of the story, but now we should wander in the scenario and find out my role in the happenings…,”

Mehra Mansion..
Every face seems tensed to the core… Mitali can be seen crying and wandering here and there begging infront of every one, few cops are there talking with Abhi
Abhi : But at least you can tell that who re-opened that case.
Police man: I am sorry Mr Mehra but that information needs to be confidential as per the order
Abhi: But its about 8 years old case then why are you re-opening it…
Police man: I am sorry… we are just doing our duty,…
Cops can be noticed taking Raj with them….. and all the family members trying to stop them
Mitali begging “please Aliya stop him, ask them to stop and tell them that this case is void now there is no reson to blame him, now the settlement has been made with Sarla aunty also… they why they are doing this please stop them Aliya.
“I am sorry Bhabhi as for now until we know who re-opened the case we are handicapped as we dont know why all this is happening” Aliya replied.
Who knows Aliya, it can be you too..” Tanu interrupted
No she is not… this is a well planned or I must say well penned game” Abhi mocked
but who can do so…” Aliya thought
I guess this is none other than Pragya” Tanu said
For god sake Tanu, I guess you love her more than Bhai, everytime chanting her name has became your hobby now” Aliya replied.
“Shut up both you and let me think how to take out bhaiya out of this situation
And he left the place follwed by all the Mehra’s


It was 8:00 AM in the morning when all the family was having their breakfast and suddenly they saw police men entering in the house…
what happened inspector ? you here! is anything necessary!!” Abhi asked
we are here to arrest your brother Raj, he has been accused in the case of kidnapping as well as fraud” policeman replied
case of kidnapping and fraud!! how can you say so and do you have arrest warrent for doing so” Abhi asked being shocked
all the family members were also shocked
“these are the case papers and this is the warrent Mr. Mehra” policeman shown him the papers…
Abhi read the papers
this is eight years old case inspector who reopened it? the settlements have also been made regarding the same” Abhi replied…
we dont know about that but we have to do our duty..”

Flashback ends

At present
who could it be??” Abhi was in deep thought when his phone rang…. It was Purab who reminded him about the meeting and Abhi left the place…

King’s Residence…
Kiara feeling bit sleepy was in Pragya’s lap and she was playing with her hairs…
“Mumma… do I really have to choose between dada and Doll chor!” Kiara asked being concerned
“Now the question doesn’t arise that whom you want to choose, now the question here is who deserves you, and whom do you believe to be your father” she replied calmly
But what if he snatched me form you and dada, he is so clever” Kiara asked
If he tried to snatch you from me then I will snatch his entire world from him, if he snached you from us then he will never see what the happiness means, he will never see the shade of happiness in his life I will create such miserable condition for him” Pragya replied
But this will be bad, right! you shouldn’t think all that” Kiara asked being scared
If you have to choose between wrong and very wrong then what will you choose” Pragya asked
its confusing…” Kiara replied
then don’t stress your brain just go to sleep and relax” Pragya replied
Kiara slept and while patting her head gently Pragya’s monologue “I have chosen a path Kiara and now I have started walking on it… upto my this life I won’t allow anyone to snatch you from me court’s hearing is next week… and I promise you it won’t take place till next few months”
A dark room… someone enteres in it and switch on the lights.. near the board…. there are photographs of Mehra family and the person marks a big red cross on Raj’s face and said “One gone…. now one by one all will be eliminated… and you will be the last Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra”


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  1. Its awesome update dear… very eager to know who is the next target??? may be Mitali bhabi??

  2. Omg dii really so happy to see u back loved tis stry…of course i feel bad as i love abhi but still he deserves it keep rockng dii loved it love u loads?????????

  3. Hey. Amazing update. I am really enjoying the negative side of Pragya. Really its a nice concept. Keep writing. Waiting for the next. Take care.

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Nice Dude! & Interesting Too….EAGERLY WAITING TO READ THE UPCOMING PLOT?

  5. This is such an amazing update. It has so much to do wiyh curiosity ????????? aye hayeee. I am loving this avatar. Yeh kitna unique h. For sure this story is going to be besttttttttt.

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