Rise of the Dark Shade… Chapter 6… (Kumkum Bhagya)

Chapter 6

The Boycott…

Ruling hearts isn’t a joke!! don’t you think that this concept should have name…. besides having the virtual view it just happen that for saying this statement you blame thousands of people for your inabilities you know that what you are able of and what you are not, but still you leave an impact saying ” it happened because people…..” you know the rest….
Abhishek Prem Mehra a well known name also have same personality and same perspective he ruled he lived and memorized the heart beats… but what he did was also the same, blaming others for his inabilities blaming others for what he wasn’t able to do, like blaming Disha for ruining the relation between Purab and him…. or praising Disha for giving him such a cute nephew who can fulfuill the needs of his child… every aspect remained same, but what about her… whom he blamed for nothing to such a deep that she committed suside or we can say tried to commit suside…. did she remained alive?? or her only body is alive now… can’t say… but one thing is sure that one mistake has been happened and the cause was about reveal but escaped luckily….
King’s Residence
“Kiara….” Pragya shouted searching for her daughter because its been a day and she didn’t saw her… and when a voice replying the same scream came back then it was the moment where you can feel a traveler feels the stroke of air… the apple of her eye came down running with her dolls… “dada how’s the day?” Kiara asked so King replied “It was not good Kiara as my princess was lost somewhere….”, ” great!!! I called you… and you are tensed about dada…!!! what about me?” Pragya exclaimed… ,” Mumma… I know you will be with me till end but what if that doll chor won the case and snatched me from dada!!! then I will miss him badly right”, Kiara replied, then Pragya got numb and strictly being harsh replied “don’t try to think more than your age Kiara… better leave all those thoughts and stop think about that man too… otherwise you won’t be able to tolerate my behavior” and she went from there here King looking at shocked Kiara said “she is right!!! you must not talk about those people who always wish you to keep you away from your own people” Kiara replied with Sorry and there Pragya was seated on rocking chair closing her eyes when some moments flashed out in her mind “You were the curse at my family because of you everything happened because of you my dadi died…. just leave from here I will think that you died with Dadi and I regret that I loved you……”, “if she is my daughter then she has no right to stay with a mother like you…..” ,” Oh life tell me whether I am happiness of your life or a curse of your life….” when suddenly with a voice her eyes opened…. it was the window making noise due to flapping with the help of air…. she stood up and made them stable with the help of window stoppers and felt the air which was striking her face and said with a cool expression… “I will forgive you for that every pain which you gave me but not for those questions and those thoughts which you filled up in Kiara’s mind… each member will pay their part and each of them will lead you to pay your sins… ”
At Hospital
Abhi can be seen rushing towards Tanu’s ward… and Tanu can be seen breathing heavily… “Doctor… what happened ?? I mean why she is breathing like this…” Abhi asked, and Doctor checking Tanu’s nerves replied “Someone tried to kill her we just watched in camera’s and rushed towards the room but till then the person was escaped…. sister bring oxygen mask soon…”, “who was that person did you saw his face…”, Abhi asked… “the matter is only that no one knows who was the person, everyone said they saw a shadow and even in camera also the person came from the side from where were just able to see the shadow and when came in front it was back…” saying so Doctor asked Abhi to wait outside and started treating Tanu… here Abhi was confused that what was happening… everyone saw someone was there who was trying to kill mitali as well as tanu and no one saw who was the person but what they saw was just shadow… nothing else, who is this person, continuously trying to kill my family members… I have to know about this…” Abhi picked up the phone and dialed to the police and narrated the whole matter to them as a result they increased the security out of Tanu’s room as well as his house… but everything failed as Mitali was attacked again… here Tanu was somewhat fine and was able to sit and talk… when doctor checked her they found the traces of alcohol in her blood… and they warned her about the same… Abhi found that someone gave her alcohol through saline bottle and the mystery increased behind the shadow….
King’s residence
King called Pragya and asked about the arrangements to be made for the party which they were throwing in the favour of success of King’s album in India and she replied “As I am here then no one can chase me in decoration…. and when the party is special is for me then it is unbeatable….”, “hmm…. and what is so special in that” King asked ,” Just wait and watch…. someone is going to pay a huge amount tomorrow….” Pragya smirked……


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