Rise of the Dark Shade… Chapter 5… (Kumkum Bhagya)


Chapter 5

The Shadow Part 2

Taking risk in life is not easy and simple as it looks… one has to take care of every single step he or she is going to take, because one wrong step leads to the deep down to zero… and every step will go on floor from beginning… The more of the carelessness will take to the more of the danger… Nothing will remain secret everything will be a open book… and to keep the facts under veil one has to walk with the baby steps or a walk like lion use to walk… for catching prey… he knows that one mistake and the prey will be away from his claws… same situation is here yesterday somehow I escaped from being caught by them… but unfortunately I escaped with her help… and now Its time to play the game more carefully… I have make her life miserable as she made mine… I will make every kind of task tough for her so that she should remember that one shouldnt be harmed to such state that he/she forgets what pain is… and as usual I am leaving and yes… I will change the whole story in the end…
AT Hospital…
All the family members were at home leaving Abhi and Aliya in the hospital Abhi was lost in deep thoughts about the happenings happened in few hours he was confused about the facts that how this all happened and the culprit according to him is still unveiled and hidden… it was a serious matter to look into… when he was all lost in thoughts some screams came out of Tanu’s room… she was yelling badly or you can she was shouting to help…. Abhi and Aliya looking each other enter into the room and found Tanu scared…. Abhi held her hand and she yelled “that…. Abhi that… that shadow… that shadow that person was with knife here… trying to attack me and when i shouted….he ran into that way….” Abhi ran to follow up the hint and what he saw was again a shadow which was escaped from his eyes in couple of seconds…. he was getting enraged with the happenings…. Aliya was trying to calm down Tanu,… it was the moment where Abhi received call from home… It was Dasi… she told him something and Abhi leaving Aliya and Tanu there itself ran towards the home in rush…
Mehra Mansion
Abhi reached Mehra Mansion and found Mitali layed on bed and everyone in her surrounding….
“Bhabhi… how this all happened?? why you were trying to commit sueside!”Abhi asked, “I didn’t Abhi, instead I was following that shadow and don’t know how but someone pushed me from back…. when I reached terrace following that shadow…” Mitali replied…
“A shadow….!!!!” Abhi exclaimed, “yes I thought someone is there so I followed it” Mitali replied…
“What happened Abhi… why are you so tensed hearing that?” Dasi asked
“Dasi in hospital also someone tried to kill Tanu and she also claimed that it was a shadow of someone and when I tried to reach it that shadow got vanished somewhere….” Abhi replied
“how can this be possible because at the same time two shadow’s can’t be at the same place…” Purab exclaimed…
“I don’t know Purab… but something is there for sure….” Abhi replied

King’s residence
Pragya rushed into a room and turned all the lights off there was someone sleeping on the bed covering face she woke the person up and asked “are you mad…. how can you be so careless!!! It was Abhi’s tai ji whom you must had targeted and you did it with Mitali!!! Do you know how much aware they could have been till now…. just think about the fact damn it that I wouldn’t have saved you that time then the whole plan must have been failed till now….. It was good that I was in hospital that time otherwise everything would have been reached to an end before the beginning…

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