Rise of Dark Shade…. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

It was hard to face him as well as his shadow when I had so much fearness in my eyes… my every word was able to describe my hatered towards him which took place in my heart in past few years when ever I saw that face I felt so hatered about those every men who were responsible to force their wives to suiside and so was doing I few years back if I see in the past, You can conclude that it is my stubbornness or any thing else but there was a reason to destroy him after all he is the only reason that…. leave it thats not to be disclosed now, but the point is today I am going to take a step ahead in my anger as well as my courage, I have thought alot about the same and conclusions are same that if I want that Pragya Arora should survive then I have to Kill Pragya Mehra… and she must die, that day Mr, Singh saved her… but now it is not her cup of tea and she had to die she will die for sure… Mr Abhishek Prem Mehra is happy that he is going to win the case tomorrow it self but the irony is that he will not gt proceedings tomorrow instead of dates again and in those dates I will get time to prove him wrong and make him go through that every emotion which I survived and which I witnessed after he boycotted me, Was it  easy for me to survive with that humiliation? No it was not and today he will know that what happensin when one of your loved ones says those extremely harsh words to you…… I will meet you now in the end of the story but till then you have to keep everything as a secret just keep mine and yours thought within you and me…. dont let anyone know about what is going on in my mind.

In the party Hall.

King was busy in attending guest and his blessings which were coming direct through the heart of people and Abhi was facing that every aspect of ignorance by people when suddenly questions started to raise about their marrige by people present there we can expect who had done this… obviously the conspire queen Tanu the great wife of Abhishek Prem Mehra, when people started raising questions and Pragya’s eyes got somewhat numb then King smiled and reached to the stage calling Pragya there too he started saying….

Well this all started when one day my lady was trying to commit sueside don’t know why but I guess someone’s betrayal was there in her eyes.. those shiny eyes were saying something else and the excuses she made were something else…. it was too hard to specify what she wants and why she wants to die but one thing was so easy to conclude that when a leaf is torn apart it not possible to join it again to heal the wounds of that leaf we can try anything we try every possible way to join it but it remains failure because that torn leaf is that broken part of branch who feeds her and that grown her evenly that leaf live like a daughter to her father or a son to his native town and both leaves the place hurting their parents, it was too hard to get back that lost lady from the trauma… but, like a draughted surface never remains alive in draught, a flower blooms with the hope, with the ray of hope, you have to keep that hope alive… and so happened with me…. I somehow hoped that lady shall survive her trauma in every possible way and that premarried child of hers whom she was trying to kill in every possible way should survive…both should survive, and this became possible with the affection I shown towards her…. it was necessary to restore that broken trust in her and I just tried that… and being a non-official husband I witness every happiness of hers and felt that happinesss which became my life… those moments were unforgettable for me as I was her shadow and she was soul by that time, she took care of mine being a friend and I was falling for her everytime she shown her strong side…. I still remember that Mrs. Singh was the first woman who made king Singh sung for her… “tu jahan… mai wahan… sang sang yun chalun tere jaisey tera aasman” this was the song…. belive me she was changed by now and then after the period of pregnancy we tied knot…. the day was same and the point is we never celebrated this because in my opinion we celebrated every day after the birth of Kiara….”

everyone was so numb hearing king’s words, Pragya was overwhelmed and litreally cried, there Abhi was filled with guilt ,  for his doings everythign was so suspecious leaving the moment for King and Pragya….. Tanu was irked as always because of faliure of her plan to humiliate Pragya…. there Abhi left the place feeling guilty towards his doings…

After sometime

Pragya was busy with the guests when Abhi came back and asked her that he wants to talk to her… she ignored many times and went out Abhi came there following her, he was about to say something when she kept her point “I know Mr. Mehra you will ask about tomorrow’s proceeding more than that you are feeling sorry for what you did and you eyes are saying that I shoult return to you with my daughter but belive me that I am saying this that…. now it is too late to return and please without arguing accept this fact  that you asked sorry from me again and again and I forgiven you again and again and returned to you and this time also I am forgiving you but not returning to you… so please leave from here and leave us alone…” 

Abhi replied “I was here to take you with me but I guess you don’t deserve to be with me…”

Pragya moving backwards “yes and thatswhy I am asking you to leave…” 

she didnt noticed that she was on main road by the time and a speedy car hit her so hard…. Abhi was also lost to such an extent in argument that he also didnt noticed and by the time he noticed and shouted out her name everyone was gathered there…… few minutes later there was everythig inaudible beside the siren of ambulance Pragya can be seen on strecher King screaming vigorsly and Pragya smirking before getting unconcious

a flashback is shown “Pragya moving on road and saw the speedy car, moved back with a smirk intentionally” 

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  2. B_Ani

    my godd… first of all sis i m so happy that u r back and with a story like this… wow its just amazing. unlike that in the show, i really am happy that pragya has finally moved on and she nd king tied the knot. this bold side of her is just what we want.
    again u proved u r different in all ways. loved it so much.

  3. I loved it dear… An unexpected move from Pragya…. Keep rocking dear

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