Rise of Dark Shade…. Chapter 6

Its hard to identify your identity when you go deep inside the darker plot where you do not exist… deep darker means the more you start forgetting what you are and what you were….. it happens hardly that you recognize that when you laughed out freely before becoming the villain of everyone’s story or when you were everyone’s love before hating everyone around you…. You can’t even decide what were you planning and what you have turned out to be… rectification in such cases is hard to way out…. You need to be very specific about the facts and realities and here the reality is you need to understand that you are no more valuable to anyone besides your present…. Its high time now… I have to go Mr. Singh would be waiting for me in the party….

Party Hall

Pragya reached down in the party hall to check out for the decoration and witnessed that Abhi and family were still not there… she asked “Mr. Singh!!! Where is your rival? As well as mine too” King replied “Must be thinking about some new tactics to manipulate everyone… to be honest I don’t like that man from the beginning itself and after he filed case for Kiara I don’t even like him because look how down he fell that he doesn’t want his wife beside that he just want his daughter…!!! I mean why he want her… was he there when she needed her and more of it was he there when you needed him… you cravings of late night your mood swings that risk on your life when you gave birth to her…. What the hell he thought and filed that case… court will never listen to my statements otherwise I would have kept that fact in front of them till now….” King blurt out… Pragya was looking at him with single gaze… with numb eyes when King snapped fingers in front of her and she replied handling her emotions… “Will meet you at your performance before there is some work I have to be done and believe me that will shock them to the hell…” she ran upstairs and closed the doors remembered what King said downstairs “was he there when you needed him…” was the statement echoing in her ears…. She took Kiara’s photograph in her hand and sat on the arm chair…

Pragya’s Point of view

Yes… your present should matter more than the past… Mr. King is extremely right… he wasn’t there for me even he didn’t heard me for last time about problem beside that he just ordered me to get the hell out of his life… and if I keep that humiliation that disrespect in mind that I will not consider anything happened in past and will not be able to take revenge on him…because If you want to remember pain… then the wound should remain alive because that alive wound is the only thing which will remind you that you were hurt by your own mistake and own people… that day that moment and that relation is my wound and I won’t let it heal until I make the cause realize that what he has done till the date…. Mr King is right…. He was there when I needed his place was taken by him and I guess my present is way better than my past….

She remembered some moments in flashback

Tu jahan plays in back ground and she remembers every moment passed in those seven years when she came out of her world with an announcement…

In the Party Hall

Abhi and family arrives at the party… Kiara ignores and hides in between the kids before Abhi could notice her presence and there King welcomes him with a warm and sarcastic hug… both the rivals were in front of each other and started mocking each other…. Abhi was still looking here and there for Kiara and thought “I have no wish that she will be here but at least they could have bought Kiara here…”

Announcement was made for King being congratulated in respect of his album being a hit one in India so he was supposed to perform one of his song in the party… he begins….


Back to the race!

Toone kar di hai thodi dooriyan (You made distance between us)

Daba ke rakhi dil mein sau farebiyan (You had suppressed cunningness in your heart)

Elan hai yeh zakhmi jigar ka (This injured heart proclaims that)

Hun vekh tamasha chhad gallan saariyan (We will forget whole matter ever after seeing all this)


Abhi was taking it as on himself as King was taunting him for something that he didn’t committed and while performing there was a presence of only red light in the black there someone was dancing among the dancers who was continuously noticeable


Jhoothi mohabbat hai teri fitrat (Fake love is your habit)

Har martaba sau dafa toone kiya daga (Every time you cheated me)

Nasha tera nasha nasheela nasheela hai (Craving for you, it’s intoxicated)


King went back stage singing the main face of song and dancers were in front of stage leaving those behind


Allah duhai hai (I’ve complaint against God)

Phir jaan pe aayi hai (Again my life is in danger)

Ab to tabahi hai (There is chaos now)

Haan tere pyar mein (Yes, in your love )

Zindagi tujhko kaise mod pe phir le aayi (Life brought you at what kind of turn)

Kuchh lamhon mein duniya se hogi teri rihayi (In some moments, you’ll say good bye to the world)

Tere ghunahon ki saza tujhe mile abhi (May God give you sentence of your sins)

Hum bhi nahi chhodenge, na chhodega ilahi (We’ll neither leave you, not God )


The next moment was clear and cut shocked moment for everyone because the next rival line was came infront from the side of Pragya….


Junoon bhi tu, nasha bhi tu, talab tu meri (You are passion, intoxication, desire)

Mitana hai tujhi ko to yeh zid hai meri (I am stubborn that I have to erase you)

Jayega tu kahan pe tujhi pe nazrein meri(I keep an eye on you, where will you go)

Main kar doon tabah tujhe yeh zid hai meri (I will ruin you, This is my stubbornness)

Nasha tera nasha nasheela nasheela hai (Craving for you, it is intoxicated )


Abhi was clearly able to witness the hatred and rage in Pragya’s eyes and evilness in her smile


To be continued…..

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  1. Its very interesting and emotional dear and the lyrics of song is awesome and apt to the situation….. keenly waiting to know who is the other person helping Pragya??? keep rocking as usual dear……..

  2. How perfect the lyrics were! And imaging pragya like this is so fascinating, i am loving this story, it’s getting so interesting!

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