Her Rise and His Fall Chapter 2


Guys this is my second FF for my Ishqbaazian Family. I hope you guys like this one…. It is a SouOmRu team up story to expose Tia.

Few days before, the divorce incidence:

OmRu and Anika had tried to expose Tia, multiple times, but their every attempt failed.

Most people, would have given up at this point, but not Rudhra. He has to stop this Tia pregnancy nonsense at any cost. No one can separate his Anika Bhabi from his Superman Bhaia. Thus, A.K.A Angent Rudy searched for assistance.

Whenever he was in distress, there was only one person who had this magical ability to provide relief to his anguish and it is none other than – Soumya. He still remembers exactly how he first met her on that very dreadful day at the hospital. He was completely shattered with possibility of losing his Superman, but it was her–Soumya, who provided him with hope and strength that day. In fact now he realized, she has always been there for him. The thought of her, formed a subtle smile on his face. She is truly an Angel, his love Angel.

Rudra hurried through the hallway, to his room on second floor, which Soumya has taken over. Even though it used to bother him very much in the beginning…it doesn’t anymore.

Rudra rapped at the door anxiously until Soumya opened it. She was wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt and jeans, her hair was in a high messy bun and had a Pringle potato chips can in one hand.

Seeing her sight, Rudra thought to himself – she is such an adorable little thing, almost next best to a yummy Belgium chocolate fudge ice cream with cherry on top. As he thought this he smiled and licked side of his lip with the thought of the delicious ice cream with chocolate syrup drizzling over it.

Soumya puzzled seeing him standing and staring at the ceiling and licking his lip, asked “Hey, Rudra! What’s up?” “Why are you here?”

Snapping out from his brief delicious daydream, Rudra said: “Soumo, can we talk? It is very urgent?”

Soumya, lead him into the room. Ruda pointed Soumya to sit on the edge of his bed…ops he corrected himself, her bed then sat down beside her. Soumya attentively listened to him as he began telling her everything: How he, Om and Anika tried to catch Tia since the Karwachawt incidence, then how they followed her into a resort and each time they failed.

At one point, Rudra overcome by emotion, he started to cry. He does not want his Anika didi to ever leave OM. Smoumya understood his concern and turned his face toward her to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes. Rudra looked at her and put his hands over her hand that was touching his face.

That was what Rudra admired about Soumo the most– her magical touch…It had the ability to turn his darkest and deepest night into a beautiful rainbow. He have already accepted it by now, though never expressed to her; as long as this bundle of cuteness was beside him, everything would be just alright!

Soumya, finally took her hands off his face and asked “So, what is your plan now Angent Rudy? Are going to give up so easily?”

Rudra, smiled and said “NEVER! That lady Baba has to go! And I won’t rest until I get her out from Bhaia’s life! But, Soumo…. I need help. I cannot do it alone. Would you help me? Please… Please…Please? I know with your brains and my biceps we can be like Sherlock and Dr. Watson.”

Soumya laughed and asked “so you have FINALLY accepted it, even though it’s the truth that I am smarter than you?” Rudra smirked, “so we are a team, partner?” and held his hands forward to Soumya. She held his hands replied “You’ve got that right, partner!”

Om’s Studio far from OM:

Next, morning Soumya decided to hold a secret meeting with Om and Rudra at Om’s studio making sure no one learn about their plans. She didn’t even wanted Anika to attend the meeting, because she didn’t want Tia to get any ideas.

As, the trio sipped through warm cup of coffee, Soumya explains, one of her friend can give her contacts of her friend of a friend of that friend, who was a private investigator. Once, they get the contact, they will have the private detective to keep Tia under surveillance. The detective will send them continues live updates…in other words the detective will become Tia’s shadow. Soumya also, tells them that they need to go through 1000s of hours of CCTV videos both inside the OM and outside in the lawn. Soumya, justified that even though it will be a very boring task to look through hours of mundane footage, but if three of them divides the task they can accomplish it soon enough and maybe they will get some clues… after all this is the least they can do for Bade Bhaia and Anika Di.

After, Soumya finished speaking about her plans, Rudra couldn’t help but to feel immense amount of pride for having, someone so intelligent and adorably cute in his life. Om was very proud as well, he gave Soumya a brotherly hug and placed a kiss over her forehead.

The cellphone rings and Soumya, excuses herself to attend it. Rudra still staring at her with an awestruck expression, which fails to escape Om’s keen observation. Om thought, though it looked bit ‘odd’, he will let it go as they have more important task to deal with than to pull his baby brother’s leg right now. At times it feels as if his baby brother isn’t baby anymore…Maybe Rudra is finally growing up.

Soumya, comes back and informs the brothers, that she found the address of the private detective and that they should leave as soon as possible.

A place few kilometers away from the City life:

The Trio, reaches the address of their destination, which was rather a long ride from the main city. It was a small bungalow, surrounded by trees and a small porch with a flower pots lining the edge, a small signboard hanging on the door written: “Private investigation Services. Appointments Only”.

Soumya dialed the number and informed the lady on the other line, which seemed to be the secretary, that they have arrived, and were waiting at the door.

The door opened, and a slender looking girl in her 20s, with short black bobbed hair dressed in casual white shirt and khaki pants, led them to a sitting area and said “Please help yourself to Coffee or Tea and some cookies” pointing at the corner table with the said items neatly arranged. The trio appreciated the gesture and took a seat as they waited for the detective.

Om looked around and thought the sitting area was very modestly decorated, like an ordinary living room, with a wooden sofa with bright color cushions and a coffee table in the center. There are dark curtains draping the big widow facing the front yard most likely to shelter in privacy from outside world. The walls were painted in neutral tones. There are some clay vases with wild flowers (most likely picked from the backyard) standing at each corner of the room. Om admired the simple open space concept. He felt it made the environment more inviting.

As Om was about to sit down, a beautiful painting on the wall caught his eyes. He went close to examine it, despite being a print copy of the original painting: Two Sisters on the Terrace by Renoir–he thought to himself, this detective sure do have tastes in art and a smile creeped up to his lips.

Before, he could turn around, he heard the detective come in an in a familiar female voice said “Sorry, I was on a phone. So what brings you here, today?”

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  1. Renimarenju

    Great work…..sumo-rudy- scenes are really beautiful in this part……..The way you have presented really praiseworthy…..i think gul khan should take idea from this ff……nowa days ib is losing track…and i found the charm in this ff…….superb…aqua

    1. Priyali

      i dont agree with u. i think that the track has regained its charm back by the fake divorce…

  2. honestly I didn’t liked it

    1. Aqua

      Thank you for your honest comment ?

  3. Akshaya

    Hey aqua. Awesome episode dear. Waiting for the next

  4. Nithu

    Super work

  5. Its jusssst magical dear…..
    Continue writing….

  6. Its awesome…. Loved the way you described everything……nd is the detective ishana….. Just guessing….????

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  7. Nice Aqua…

  8. Aqua

    Thanks guys. ?

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  10. Great work !!! Waiting for the next !!

  11. Aqua

    i will write the third chapter as soon as i am able to. 🙂

  12. Awesome…. Waiting for the next part…

  13. Ruksy

    Great update loved it.

  14. Aqua

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    wooo…gud one…i thnk its ishana..hope so its ishana only…SmileSmile do update soon
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    I am working on chapter 3… Wink
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    hmm wohoo ishana is back
    please do continue
    bye sumi

    please read my fic


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    That was amazing amazing
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    Beautiful update
    Eagerly waiting for your next update
    Please pm me

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    Thank you so much for all of your support for my previous two chapters. I hope you will enjoy Chapter 3 as well. This chapter is bit longer in comparison to the other. Please, do provide your honest feedback.
    Love you my Ishqbaazians!Heart
    P.S sorry for making it so long. Embarrassed

    House of the Detective:
    A petite, dancer-framed female in her mid 20s, comes into the room with a perfect poise. Her features resembled that of an Arabian princess, found in many children story books: elongated face, almond shaped enchanted honey-brown eyes, lined with dark ashen shimmering khols, with a sun-kissed complexion and dusk-rosy lips.
    She wore a fitted peacock green silk top, a pair of well-tailored black dress trouser pants, with cherry-red stiletto heels, and her wavy hair pulled back into a sleek high pony-tail…
    She radiated an aroma of a kiss of the early morning sun on the face of the waking earth.
    She held her hand forward to Soumya and Rudra while apologetically she said, “sorry for keeping you waiting, I had an important phone call to attend”.
    Just as she asked them to keep seated her eyes snaked up to the masculine figure, standing facing the wall, which hung her favorite painting: Two sisters on a Terrace by Renoir. She examined him through her detective eyes:
    Quite tall, 6’1,
    Medium built 80 kg,
    Mid 20s to 30s,
    pitch-black wavy hair touching his shoulders.
    Wearing egg shell-white jacket with sleeves tucked to his forearm; peeking through the jacket, sleeves of his granite colored t-shirt.
    Dressed in baggy blue jeans folded above his ankle and paired with chocolate-mousse leather loafers with black ankle socks.
    In utter disbelieve, the figure reminded her of a soul she would never forget.

    As Om was turning toward the source of the voice, his heart was drumming faster…Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub… it was beating in the familiar rhythm and frequency after an ages…not since he last saw her… Om desperately prayed for the voice to not belong to her.
    Like many times in his life, he was again proven wrong—it is indeed Her! The voice belongs to Ishana, the Detective.

    The blinding golden light coming from the large window obscured Om’s face momentarily, as he moved towards the center of the room… Ishana saw the FACE!
    The face she would never forget nor will she ever let herself to forget. It was engraved forever in her heart and gyri and sulci of her brain. That face belong to the very soul, who has the ability to both dismantle her and pull her into a whole, all on a same instances.
    Ishana muttered : Om-Karaaa? (Even, the sound of the name itself spread peace and serenity throughout her heart like the soothing waves hugging the seashore.)
    Om frowning his eyes, marches towards the main door, and out of the house–back his of hand slightly grazes the tips of her delicate fingers.
    Rudra rushes after Om… Confused Soumya, excuses herself as she follows them out of the house, toward their parked car.
    Giant cloud of wrath began to build up inside Om…he felt, pain, hatred, rage all at once and he felt the need to release them all!
    Thus, the rock sitting quietly in front of his feet on the ground became the victim of his wrath, and landed few meters away into a ditch with a Clunk.
    Rudra tried to calm his peace-loving brother from the Hulk that he became.
    While Soumya stood speechless at the sight of heated Om.
    Rudra said: O please clam down
    Om replied: I do not want to stay here another minute! Get in the car!
    Soumya: Bhaia? Are you O.K?
    Om: WHAT! NO! I am not O.K. I will not stay here another min! I HATE Liars!” he got into the car and slamming the car door shut.
    Sensing a frightened Soumo, Rudra protectively explained: “Don’t mind O. He was in an intimate relationship with Ishana, the detective…long story short it did not end well.”
    Realizing an old wound that has cracked open in the heart of her Bade Balwale Bhaia, Soumya went over to him and she said with a sobbing voice:
    “Bhaia, I am very sorry. I did not know about you and her. Had I known, I would have never brought you here. Please forgive me”.
    She continued, “Bhaia, we have come this far for Bade bhaia and Anika Di. From what I heard from my friends, Ishana is a very good detective. You and she might have a past, but right now we have no other option than to take her help since both Mrs. Kapoor and Tia are pressurizing Bade Bhaia to divorce Anika di. Time is running out”
    Soumya pleaded “Please bhaia, please… for my sake, for our Shivay bhaia’s and Anika di’s sake, let’s just talk to her for what we came here for. And if we find she isn’t equipped to help us, then we will leave at that very moment. I promise.”
    Composing his emotions, Om understood Soumya’s reasoning and came out of the car and said: “Alright, I will give her a chance to help us”.
    Elated Rudra and Soumya gave him a squeezing grizzly bear hug, which turned his frowned face into a subtle smile…

    Ishana witnessed them through the big window, facing the front yard. She could not make sense of the words, other than to “I HATE Liars!” A crystalline tear formed in the corner of her eyes and made it way down her rosy cheeks.
    Ishana thought, he still hates her, even after all these years… she cannot complain…in fact, she too hates herself for what she had done to him, but she was compelled.. truth is a luxury which the affluent society can afford… one must put on a face over a face to survive this dog-eat-dog world.
    Of all the lies she had told him, only one was true and pure from her heart… when she said those magical words, “I Love You, Omkara”. The same love still burns warm and bright in her heart, like it did then and it will forever, even the death cannot put out that flame of love for her Omkara.
    Ishana’s sister/secretary, Mona, handed her a tissue and softly said “Di, they are coming back. Please, get a grip of yourself.”
    Soumya entered the same sitting area, followed by Rudra and lastly Om. The trio sat down, but Om took a seat near the window and stared out towards the swirls of purple, ruby-orange and golden hues of the setting sun as Rudra and Soumya discussed the matters with Ishana and Mona.
    Ishana, attentively listened to the duo, in between stealing glances at the love of her life. In all the pain, which she had suffered, oddly enough, she felt very happy to be in the same room with him…her OMkara.
    After much discussion, Ishana assured them, the problem was something she has the capability to solve. She also applauded Soumya for her ideas about going through the CCTV footages. With that in mind, Ishana declared that all of them should head to the city to start working on the mission: Tia’s Exposure.
    Ishana asked if she and her sister can hitch a ride with them to the city, because earliest bus to the city was next morning. Soumya and Rudra elated at the prospect of the mission Tia’s Exposure, Rudra replied with enthusiasm:”five of us can easily fit into the SUV”
    Winking at SOumya “even though Soumo take more space”
    Soumya giving Rudra a death-shot glare said “Shud up Rudra! Ishana Di, please pack whatever you need to for the ride, Protien Shake here can carry them all even if there isn’t any space, he can carry them on his head.”

    By the time all five of them with their bags and detective equipment settled into the SUV, the sun had already set beneath the horizon.
    Rudra offered to drive, thinking Om should rest, after such an emotional day. The girls, sat in the back in the order from right to left: Soumya, Mona, and Ishana. Ishana took a seat directly behind Om.
    And thus they began their night journey toward the city, with a mission to expose Tia.
    In spite of being a moonless night, there were lights…the sky was adorned by glittering stars, and lights crept through the dark woods from the distant residential area…It was a beautiful sight. Om always admired the country sky. His best memories of his childhood with his brothers were in their farm house. As a child, he would look forward each year to return to it. As they grew up, they had other priorities in life that prevented their annual visit to the farmhouse. In fact, he could not remember when they last been there. Maybe, when Rudra was still in high school.
    Om thought, the true beauty of the night is unveiled in the countryside…away from the chaos and cluttering of the artificial neon city lights. Sliding down the car window, sweet musk from the woods found its way into the car.
    Om’s mind was wondering freely into the night-sky…then it halted as his eyes caught the reflection on the side-mirror. Those same intense enchanting almond shaped eyes. As much as he wanted to look away, his heart gave in and stared at them… that beautiful, deceitful face… which with all the colors and hues in his palate cannot be captured in his canvas. He hated and he loved that face equally.
    When she had left him, he realized that his love for her was greater than his hatred. Her absence caused him more pain than her deceit.
    Ishana finished jotting down in a notebook of the list of things to get in the city of her investigation.
    She scrolled down the window looked out to get a breath of fresh air…until her eyes too, like Om, paused at the side-mirror.
    It was for the first time, they looked into each other’s soul. The side-mirror, like a time-portal, whirled them back to the day their lives collided… the day, which changed everything… very much like the beginning of the existence of the Universe…their universe.

  15. Aqua

    I was trying to submit ch 3. But I has to wait til Jan 2. You can also check out my post on ind frum

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