Ripped Off : By Ahana ( Character Sketch and Prologue)

Character Sketch:

Sanskar Maheshwari: He can easily be defined by few names like Ruthless, cold hearted, unlovable criminal.

“He kills to live and lives to kill”

Every dark business first passes through his door whether it is drug dealing or killing someone.

Swara Bose: She has everything on her plate with a blink of an eye. She is clearly an epitome of beauty and pure heart. But one day everything of her sweet little perfect world falls apart when her family and boyfriend is murdered by none other then Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. She was left alone broken but knowingly she does a wrong mistake by saving his life.

What happens when this cold hearted criminal starts taking interest in her and desperately wants to marry her? How can Swara fall for that person who is sole reason of her vulnerability?

But Sanskar gets what he wants and he wants her….


I can’t do this! I can’t! No, I won’t!!.. My mind started repeating same thing over and over again as Sanskar guided me inside his room. My heart raced up and forcefully I clenched my eyes shut. No, I couldn’t let him touch me. I-I.. The only thought of being with him in one room made my heart constricted then how am I going to survive his filthy hands all over my body?

“Welcome to my room wife which from now is our where every night I am going to f**k you.” he said and the only thought which crossed my mind was to pull that gun out from his waistband and shoot him.

I couldn’t do this. A part of me had already died since the day my family and Laksh were killed and tonight I know he’ll kill the left of me by his dirty touch. If only I can run away from him, if only.

If only Suhana was not here then maybe I have a chance to defend him. But now after that he had already put her on his gunpoint just to make me submit to him, it seems like I only have once choice and that is to simply follow what he wants.

I love Suhana with my heart and I had promised myself that for saving her I can go to any extent.

“Cry however you want, I don’t give a shit about it but if you didn’t do what I say then trust me my dear wife I will not think twice before killing your little daughter” his venomous voice forced me into my ugly reality and that’s when I realizes that my face was covered with tears of my shattered life. I quickly wiped them away as his penetrating eyes stared at me.

My body shivered in fear as he mentioned about killing Suhana.

“No, P-Please. D-Dont! I will d-do any..anything.” shuttering over my words I pleaded in weak tone and tried harder to control the fresh tears which were ready to find their way.

His lips broke down into tainted smirk and with that he walked to the bed and lie down on his back with his arms crossed beneath his head. His eyes never left my face and all he did was to stare at me while fear was getting at it’s best in me as every seconds passes by.

“Strip” he said and I blinked my eyes to register his words.

“W-What?” I asked unsure of what he said and that’s when he chuckled humorlessly.

He didn’t said anything for few passing minutes except staring me and when I have enough of looking into his direction, I slowly fixed my eyes on the floor. In the room full of dangerous aura and that too with the criminal lying on the bed, nothing could feel more scary.

To my periphery I found him bringing an elite cigarette to his lips and then placing it in between them. Next he lighten it and took one blow inside. After few minutes the dirty breath blocking smell of his burning cigarette reached my nostril. I scrunched up my nose in disgust and closed my eyes to calm down my rapid breath.

“I said remove your clothes” my eyes snapped at him as he rolled out those words from his mouth. I froze at my place and stared at him, dumbfounded.

Author’s Note:

For now read the story. I don’t want to say who am I? But yes if you want you can guess. If you like the story and want me to continue then comment and like.. ❤
Certain wordings aren’t by me but no worries the story is mine!!..
Thank You..

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