Rini’s Os….. Our Night…….

Our Night……
Today is the night Swara wasn’t expecting even in her worst nightmare Sanskar Her Sanskar who made her believe in Love once again with patience even after she insulting him so many times especially insulting his love not his but now it’s their Love but He went far away from her.
Her mother who always give her right advice to take important decision also left her hands. Shomi’s words are ringing like a bell in her ears.
He is also human Swara everytime you played fool out of his Love which were only for you but now it’s not in any of our hands.
Today is his engagement day with his first Love Kavitha. She is a very nice girl but unfortunately when the time came for Sanskar to choose between her and Kavitha he remained silent. Looks like God is playing a big game in her life.
With her family she entered Maheswari Mansion. She heard her mother in law talking great about her future bahu happily.
But her eyes searching the person who always makes her breathless. She went to a corner so that none see her but a shiver ran down when she felt his presence. His breath escaping the gap between her shoulder and neck.
Why are hiding Swara you only wanted this right then his words echoed in her ear. She clutched her salwar when his lips brushed her ear while speaking. The engagement went well but Swara not able to see that view told her Mother she is leaving to her friend’s place and will return tomorrow but her legs lead her to their room where his scent flows. She closed the door and cried for hours clutching his photo tightly.
Sanskar became restless not finding Swara anywhere. He heard her mother telling that she left but No his heart feels her presence.
He don’t till when he have to do this drama of marrying Kavitha who is just a gold digger She came back because he is now at the stable position and he wanted to tell this to Swara but she is found nowhere. After the party he slowly went to his room door and opened it to see a figure on the ground with head on the bed.
He exactly know who is that and he waited for her to look up to him. She did but her eyes are red due to continuous crying. She wiped her face and came towards him.
I am so happy for you Sanskar today you got your love she said with a smile not reaching her eyes
This was it for him. Even today she is acting to be happy thinking that sacrificing her love he will be happy. But not today especially tonight. He is going to make her beg. Beg for his love. Cry by his sweet torture. He is going to make her his soul by taking her with or without her will.
Swara is about to go out but in a fraction he pinned her on the door and closing it making her shock.
Enough is enough Swara I tried hard to make you realize your foolishness but not tonight. I will take you with or without your will he said and heard her low gasp when his hands reached her neck.
He kissed her slowly taking his own time enjoying her struggle to free herself. He took his pace and he saw her surrendering herself to him.

He pushed her on the bed and hovered on her. Her eyes reflected her fear of taking him in a wrong way but somewhere it showed happiness of becoming his.
Like he thought he made her beg for his love, cried by his sweet torture. With sweat dripping over their body in the moonlight he saw her blushed face with few sweat drops with her happy tears.
Reaching her ears he felt her breathing unsteady due to his love.
This is what I wanted Swara your blushed face your cries for my touch, your begs for my love Now I feel complete He said and Swara closed her eyes feeling him trailing down from her ears to neck.
She surrendered to him totally letting him to do whatever he wanted. This night she became his her Sanskar’s. Their relationship went to the stage where no one can separate them.
He slowly settled himself in her and about drifted to sleep with a smile.
Next Morning All became happy hearing about Sanskar’s decision of marrying Swara. Sujata with half heart accepted Swara for her son.
Kavitha left from there thinking that Sanskar is Swara’s and she can’t drain money from him anymore.
With the blessings of elders Sanskar married Swara in the in-house temple.
Sanskar hugged Swara remembering their Love.
Swara if you were not in my room that night I thought of kidnapping you He said and she laughed with him.
But that night made me feel like I am only yours Sanskar and anyone’s and that night is our night without any bad thoughts we became one Swara said and placed her head on his chest hearing is heartbeat.

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