Rings of truth (Intro)


Hello people! I am new here but have read many ff n must admit they were seriously amazing so thought to note down my thoughts also. I hope to entertain u n if not then pls spare me.

Back to the story:
Basically this is a family based story m there lack of trust on each other. For more u need to read the story ?
———————————————– —
Gadodia family
Shekhar Gadodia – owner of Gadodia group of companies. A kind hearted n a humble person. Loves his all children equally.

Sharmishta Gadodia – wife of Shekhar Gadodia. A bit strict towards her children as wants them to become responsible and stand on there own feet

Swara Gadodia – age 20. one n only daughter of Shekhar n Sharmishta. She is cute, bubbly n little childish n a bit shy type girl. She is daddy’s daughter. Wants to fulfill her father’s dream of becoming doctor. (Has a dark past which she is unaware of, will be revealed later).

Laksh Gadodia – age 22. eldest son of Shekhar n Sharmishta. Rude n angry type guy for outside world but totally diff with the people he know. He has only one work n that is to irritate Swara.

Swayam Gadodia – age 10 youngest of all the family members. The most craziest n naughtiest of all. Being the youngest one always pampered by all.
—- — —-
Maheshwari family
Vishwas Maheshwari – owner of Karna pvt Ltd . Best friend of Shekhar Gadodia. Due to circumstances they have to shift to Delhi from Kolkata before 10 years ago.

Leela maheshwari – wife of Vishwas Maheshwari. A kind hearted lady have some diff with her husband.

Sanskar Maheshwari – age 22 only child of his parents. He is a cool type guy who enjoys his life fullest.

Other characters
Kavita singhania – best friend of Swara. Age 21.

Sakshi n dev singhania – parents of kavita.

Will revel about these characters later
Janki nathawat
Manik nathawat
Kriya kapoor
Diya solanki

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  1. Nice continue

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    No ragini in it

    1. There is u will get to no it as story moves

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    Great plot….waiting for ur work…

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