Rings of truth (episode 7)


Sanskar came towards Swakavlak
Sanskar said in cold tone – Swara go n change right now

Kavita – why is she not looking good

Sanskar to himself now what will I say u stupid idiot can’t u control urself
Sanskar – it’s nothing like that Kavita

Laksh – then it is like what

Sanskar in mind beta think something before he deliver u to god in free

Sanskar with tight smile – actually…. I ….. Ha I m feeling hungry so that’s why

Laksh – ok

Swara went from there to change n Laksh received a call so he excused himself
Now only kavsan are present

Kavita – Sanskar may I ask u something if u don’t mind

Sanskar – sure why not

Kavita – look I can’t make stories so directly coming to the point do u like her

Sanskar looked at her in shock
He composed himself n said – I can’t understand what ur talking about

Kavita , look u n me both know about what I m talking so it will be better for you if you say it

Sanskar paying no attention to her started to move from there when next what he heard rooted him to ground

Kavita – I know about both of u. Your bitter past is not hidden from me n I know u have more of it about which Swara also don’t know n if u don’t want me to tell her all that then give answer of my question without a lie

Sanskar turned towards her with moist eyes

Kavita – will you speak up n don’t try to pretend that ur innocent

Sanskar said almost in broken voice – yes …. I love her

Kavita smirked – ur much intelligent than I thought

Sanskar – why are u doing this u are her best friend

Kavita – that’s non of ur business

Sanskar was about to speak when Swara came there – shall we move

At night it was almost 1
Swara peeped out from her room she looked around at empty hall n took a sigh of relief
She slowly opened the main door n stepped out from the apartment

She was walking on a lonely road after a walk of almost 15 min she reached a isolated place she looked at her watch

Swara to herself why is he not here it’s time he never comes late
Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder she turned n looked at the person in shock

Swara – WHAT are you doing here Kavita

Kavita , I can also ask the same question

Swara , I came to meet aman

Kavita asked in confusion , who aman

Swara , he is my friend …….. He is helping me in finding truth

Kavita , but u could have ask me to come with u why u came alone

Swara , actually ……. Before she could complete they heard someone

Person , sorry to be late

Swara , any news aman

Aman , hmm …… She is still in coma there is no effect of any treatment on her condition

Swara in mind this is what I m getting from past one year I only have her who can tell me what exactly happened that day

Kavita shakes Swara

Kavita , are u alright

Swara , yes ….. Is there any other information

Aman , the lady whom we are finding from past year is dead
Swakav shockingly looked at aman – WHAT?

Aman , I have confirmed it myself n I have address of home where she last lived u can find something there

Swara just nodded n left from there

Kavita to aman , is there anything which we should know

Aman , I can’t tell u more it will be better if you find it out on your own …… But it will be better if you leave it as it will only give pain it’s just a advice being a friend of her I thought to give u

Kavita said thanks n left from there


In morning
Swara’s room

Kavita , Swara get up yaar I m waking u up from past half an hour

Swara kept a pillow on her face n said in sleeping tone , kavi let me sleep u just go from here

Kavita , Swara ur getting late for college

Swara , I will bunk college today

Kavita looked at her in shock , dear u want to bunk first day of college

Laksh entered , who want to bunk college

Kavita irritated , obviously u have finished ur college n I don’t go to college so can you see any fourth person here

Laksh , u would have said this in better way

Kavita , whatever ……… She turned her head only to get shock , oh my god it’s already 8 how to wake up this sleeping beauty

Laksh , simple cut her chocolate treat every Sunday

Hearing him Swara get up , what the

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