Rings of truth (episode 6)


Scene start with
Swara Sanskar Laksh n Kavita were sitting at dining table and having there breakfast silently
Kavita can’t take the silence more so she shouted – why the hell are u all silent is someone dead
All heads turned towards her

Swara said calmly – it’s nothing like that, sometime it is better to keep quite than to speak nonsense. She said the last line looking at Sanskar

Sanskar looked down feeling guilty

Laksh was shocked to see her face which was expression less he knew his Swara she is not like this her face is like a open book of her emotion but the Swara sitting in front of him is totally different

Kavita could sense the growing tension so to enlighten the mood she said – Swara from when ur college will start

Swara took deep breath to control the turmoil inside her said tomorrow

Kavita excitedly – wow! So today full day shopping

Swasanlak gave her a unbelievable look

Laksh whispered to Sanskar she is a crack

Kavita – I heard that

Sanskar chuckled while Laksh gave her a tight smile n said so what can I do

Kavita took fork n threw it towards Laksh saying u no need to do anything

Laksh bent on correct time as the fork flew just over his head

Laksh kept one hand on his heart n took a sigh of relief – that was so close
U proved that you are mentally unbalanced

Kavita – u think me as mental

Laksh – what’s there to think when u are

Kavita for angry she took the full glass of water n threw it on Laksh

Laksh looked at her n said how dare u to spoil my hair style u know it takes 30 mins to make it saying this he poured full jug of water on her
Kavita looked at him In shock blinking her eyes

All the while swasan were looking at them in amusement like few min ago they were not looking at each other n now fighting like cats and dogs

Before Kavita can answer back Swara shouted enough both of u go n change right now

Kavita.- but

Swara – no ifs n buts

Laksh – listen

Swara.- will u go before I do something

Laksh silently moved from there

Swara looked at Kavita raising her eyebrow
Kavita moved from there stamping her foot

Sanskar looked at his surroundings and said my hall became a battle field

Swara chuckled at his statement

Sanskar looked at her lovingly and said u look good while smiling

Swara’s smile fades away – I will help u in cleaning the mess saying this she moved from there

Sanskar to himself – u deserve it n after what u have done with her this treatment is obvious
His trance was broken by Swara
He saw her moping the floor

Sanskar – what are u doing?

Swara – I think u have two eyes

Sanskar smiled a little thought she is the same Swara whom he know it’s just that time n place are wrong

Sanskar – u no need to do this I will do it
Saying this he snatched the mop from her hands

Swara looked at him wide eyes – Are but I m doing it na She snatched the mop from him

Sanskar – but I m saying u no need to do it
He again snatched the mop from her

Swara moved a step to take the mop from him but due to water she slipped Sanskar in process to save swara also slipped
Now Swara was on ground n Sanskar was above her
Swara – ouch !! U idiot get up from me ur too heavy

Sanskar said making faces I tried to help u n u instead of saying thanks are shouting on me

Swara who was struggling to move stopped n looked towards him a deep eyelock take place

They were bought Bach to reality by throat clearing voice

Kavita – if u want to do romance than do it in private place not like this

Sanskar looked at Kavita n then at Swara n cursed his fate thought right now only she gave up struggling n now only this Kavita has to come Laksh say correct she is mentally unbalanced

He was bought back by Kavita voice – oye get up from her before Laksh come n get the shit out of you

Sanskar quickly got up n have his hand to Swara for help but Swara being her got up on her own ignoring him

Sanskar looked at her n nodded in negative n moved from there

Swara can feel the gaze of Kavita on her so to avoid the situation she started moving from there
Before she can close the door of her room Kavita enters

Swara gave her like what u want look

Kavita – what was that outside asked moving her eyebrows up n down

Swara – WHAT was what

Kavita said in teasing tone so finally love birds are together

Swara – Kavita u know this can not happen at least till our mission does not get complete

Kavita said patting her head do whatever you want but don’t u think it will become too late

Swara – kavi I m not in a mood to talk about this

Kavita sighed n moved from there
Before leaving the room she turned n said think on what I said to u

Scene shift to shopping mall

Swakavlaksan were standing at the entrance of mall

Kavita said excitedly throwing her both hands on air – wow aaj to lottery lag gai

Sanskar whispered to Laksh – beta get ready to carry bags, by looking at the way she is saying it seems like she will buy this whole mall

Laksh – yar shubh shubh bol

Kavita – what are u people doing don’t wast time come

Sanlak followed her
Swara was not at all interested in it but left with no option she followed them

Laksh – Kavita decide fast we are standing since 2 hours

Kavita – u shut up let me decide

Laksh n Sanskar were standing in front of trial room holding ample of dresses

Kavita – Laksh put that red color dress n show me

Laksh looked at her in horror u want me to put this dress no never

Kavita made faces said Sanskar u please hold that dress

Sanskar put his both hands in front which were full with dresses – how can I hold it

Kavita – u guies r useless

Sanlak gave each other “what was there fault” look

Kavita turned towards Swara who was sitting n looking at them with a wide smile on her face

Kavita – Swara please I hold it properly n show it to me na

Swara – ok give

Kavita – thank you thank you so much ur best saying this she snatched the dress from Laksh n have it to Swara

Swara took the dress n hold it in front of her – how is it

Kavita – Swara it’s looking good on u why don’t u try it

Swara gave her “like really” look – u want me to try this

Kavita – yup my dear it will suit u more than me

Swara looked at dress than Kavita n again at dress
(The dress was plain of red colour up till her knees n that too backless)

Swara – kavi I can not wear this

Kavita – ary just try I m not asking u to buy it

Swara – but
Before she could complete Kavita pushed her in trial room n locked it from outside

Kavita – pls Swara

After few min when Swara didn’t come Kavita knocked on Door

Kavita – what’s taking u so long

Swara said from inside coming

After few min they head door opening sound n Swara came

Kavsanlak looked at her with open mouth
Swara looked at them n said – I told u I will not look good I m going to change
She was about to turn when Kavita hold her hands

Kavita – good? Idiot u are looking breathtaking
Whispers in her ear – n hot too
Swara turned crimson red listening her

Laksh – I never knew that devil also can look so fabulous
Swasankav gave him angry look

Kavita said with a tight smile – it is better for u to not to speak than talking shit

Sanskar was just gazing at Swara without blinking his eyes
Swara can feel his intense gaze on her at last she can’t handle his gaze she looked at him angrily
Looking at her Sanskar immediately turned his head
He looked at a guy whose eyes were fixed some where he followed his gaze n found him looking at Swara
He angrily moved towards the boy n stood in front of him

The boy looked at Sanskar n said – ary man why are u blocking my way such a hot piece is standing in front of me

Sanskar anger reached its peak
He some how controlled himself not to chop that fellow said in cold tone if you want to live than just get lost from here
The boy got scared n immediately left from there

Sanskar came back n said to Swara – go n change right now

Swakavlak looked at him In amusement
Sorry people I was not able to post it from long time but what can I do my exams were going on but I promise that from now on I will post it every day

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