Rings of truth (Episode 5)


Epi starts with

Sanskar asking Swara n Laksh to rest for sometime as they must be tired

Swara n Laksh complies n went towards there room


Scene shift to terrace
Swara was standing at one corner sipping her coffee
Swara pov
Finally I am here finally my struggle will get over. The truth for which I have left my dream will come out now but I don’t know why I am feeling that something bad is going to happen
Swara be positive u have more to travel I can’t fall weak

Her trance of thought was broken by a voice ‘can I join ‘

Swara didn’t turn back she knew who can be here to destroy her peace
Swara – u are asking as if I will say no n u will go Mr. Maheshwari

Sanskar – not bad ha …… U started knowing me well in less time

Swara – stop acting as if ur meeting me for the first time

Sanskar said ignoring her question – so how far are you from knowing the truth

Swara controlling anger rising inside her said it’s none of ur business Mr maheshwari

Sanskar holding her hands pushed her towards the wall , said in full anger voice – stop being formal. Get this clear in ur little brain that everything related to u is my business

Swara said pushing him – it should be not u are no one to me except a stranger

Sanskar looking straight into her eyes said – should I remind u what relation we have

Swara shouting her lungs out said there is no relation between us for f**k sake just by sharing bed with u for one night doesn’t give u any right to interfere in my life

Sanskar clenched his fist to control his anger he is not a type of guy to lose his temper but the girl standing in front of him always make him out of his senses

He banged his fist on wall n left from there

Swara looked at his retreating figure said to herself I am sorry Sanskar but I can’t drag you with me in my dark past where there is no light I am sorry it’s better for you to stay away from me


Scene shift to Laksh
He was pacing in his room to n fro looking at his phone again n again

His anger was rising with each passing sec

Finally his phone rang he picked it up in first ring n shouted on the caller – what the hell take you so much time

OS – sorry sir

Laksh – stop ur nonsense n tell me did u get any information about her

OS – sir that girl was last seen before two years near hill side after that no one knows where she went

Laksh – so what the bl**dy hell were you doing I need her whereabouts anyhow

OS – sir…. There is … A girl … I don’t know …. How much she can help ….. But

Laksh – speak up damit

OS – sir … The girls name is Kavita… She was her best friend … Sir

Hearing him Laksh was shocked

Laksh – Are u sure she is Kavita

OS – yes sir

Laksh was looking at the screen showing call ended thinking how can it be Kavita because as much I know Kavita is Swara best friend since childhood then how come she is related to my girl (he shouted ) …….. Urgh … It’s so confusing why things have to be so complicated

Swara who was standing near the door said in deep voice – because they can’t be simple

Laksh immediately looked at her – what do u mean

Swara – nothing come have ur dinner
Saying this she went from there

Laksh sighed n followed her


Scene shift to dining hall

Laksh reached their he saw a girl sitting there facing her back towards him
He ignored it n sat opp to her

Swara excitedly Kavita till when will I stay here

Hearing Kavita name Laksh instantly looked up
He frozed to his place seeing her only one thing was going in his mind he need her to find his life


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