Rings of truth (Episode 4)


The epi start with

Laksh n Swara landed in Delhi
They were heading out of the airport when Laksh phone rang

Laksh – Swara u move to parking lot I will reach there after taking the call

Swara nodded n left from there

Swara was busy in her phone when she bashed in someone n fell on the ground

Swara – wow what a welcome in Delhi

She looked up at the guy only to find him staring at her She quickly got up & looked at the guy angrily

Swara – u idiot what do you think of urself said pointing her index finger of right hand towards the boy

Boy came back to senses listening her shout n said what ??

Swara – wow first bash in someone make that person fall n then instead of helping that person show him attitude

Guy said smiling idioticaly – u never asked me for help. Who would leave a chance to help such beauty

Swara got frustrated – u bl**dy idiot what do u think of urself

Guy said casually human being

Swara was not in a mood to fight the very first day of her arrival so she said as calmly as she can – listen Mr whatever

Guy interrupted her n said not Mr whatever it’s sanskar, Sanskar Maheshwari

Swara – I m not interested in ur name u just get lost from here ( she said getting aside )

Sanskar said bowing down as u say princess n moved from there

Swara looked towards his retreating figure in utter disbelief n mumbled princess??? Seriously ???
But I think I have heard that name somewhere Sanskar Maheshwari but I m not getting it where

Her chain of thoughts was broken by Laksh voice

Laksh – shona shall we move

Swara nodded n started following Laksh

They reached a car Laksh opened back door for Swara n signed her to move in she quietly sat there
Laksh went n sat on passenger seat

Swara was busy in messaging her friends when she heard a familiar voice
She looked up n was shocked to see Sanskar sitting on driving seat

Recalling there meet anger raised inside her she shouted u here

Laksh in confusion asked do u know him

Swara – how can I forget him , by the way what is he doing over here

Laksh – Swara we will love with him in his house

Swara – WHAT ??

Laksh closing his ears stop shouting u little devil

Listening to him she immediately threw herself on the seat n said lucky is today any shock day u r giving me shock on shock

Hearing her both of them chuckled

Laksh – Swara why r u saying like this do u have any problem with him

Swara was about to say when Sanskar interrupted her

Sanky – actually
He told everything that happened in the parking lot

Hearing it Laksh started laughing
Laksh – oh my god swara u again fell
Do you have some problem on ur legs that u always land on ground

Swara pouted looking at Laksh

Sanskar saw her from the front mirror
Thinking oh my god she look so cute I just want to kiss her oh what r u thinking her bro is siting just beside u he will throw u out of ur car only so control ur asanskari brain

His trance of thoughts were broken by Swara voice

Swara – I stop calling me that

Laksh – ary why u have problem in it ur a devil n little too so it’s a perfect name for u

Swara – I am not little I m grown up know

Sanskar smilies looking at her childish behavior

After sometime they reached his flat

It was a simple 3 bedroom apartment with 2 adjacent halls n ofcorse a kitchen

Sanskar – it’s small but I hope enough for all of us.

Laksh – dude don’t be so formal n about flat it is perfect

Swara shouted will u people let me get in or planing to make me stand outside only

That’s when Laksh n Sanskar realized that they r standing blocking the entrance

They quickly moved n let Swara in

She looked around the flat n said it is so awesome every thing is perfectly arranged

Sanky smiled as she liked it
————– ————————- —————————–
Recap : revelation of Laksh lady love
Swasan nok jhok

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So as compensation I posted this epi

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