Rings of truth (Episode 3)


The scene start with

Laksh on hearing Swayam voice came out from his room n went towards Swara n Swayam

Seeing them he gave unbelievable look

The scene was like
Swara with one hand was holding Swayam hand and with other she was holding his ear n trying to pull him towards herself while Swayam with his free hand was holding wall n trying to jerk Swara

Swayam on seeing Laksh standing there said why are u standing there n watching us is there any movie going on come n help me u lucky Bucky

Before Laksh could answer they heard a voice
“Are u all awake”

Trio look at each other in horror n said MOM

In fraction of sec all three disappeared from corridor
Soon mishti reached there
She looked at the empty corridor and sighed murmuring ‘when will these children grow up’

Here trio reached there respective rooms n closed the door taking a sigh of relief they hurriedly took their clothes from cupboard n went to freshup

After sometime everyone has gathered near dining table and having there breakfast

Shekhar – Swara pack ur bags ur bags u will be leaving to Delhi tonight at 9 n ha study well

Swara nodded in agreement
Laksh whispered to Swara
U don’t have much time ask right now

Swara in same tone why are u so much eager to see me dead

Laksh got irritated with her continues denying he though something n smirked looking at Swara
Laksh shouted papa

Shekhar – relax child I can hear u why r u shouting

Laksh – papa i need to tell you something

Shekhar – ha say
All the while Swara was looking at Laksh tensed

Laksh – papa u know swara
Before he could say anything Swara stuffed his mouth with a piece of bread

Everyone gave Swara a weird look
Laksh thought his plan worked

Shekhar – Swara r u alright today ur behaving diff

Swara – nothing like that

Shekhar – Are u sure

Swara nervously said actually vo… Papa .. Vo .. I …. Vo… Vo …

Swayam – why ur tape recorder is stuck on vo
Swara gave him a death glare seing it he instantly started eating

Swara gaining some courage said in one go papa can u send bai also write to Delhi

Shekhar casually said take him I don’t have any problem
Swara looked at him In shock ur agreeing so soon

Shekhar n why should I not said raising his eyebrow

Swara looking down I thought
Swayam from no where said Hitler papa
Shekhar amusingly looked at Swayam n then at Swara who nodded in agreement with Swayam while Laksh n mishti giggles

Misti – ok all of u stop it now n eat ur breakfast soon n Laksh u also packs ur bag


Soon it was night
Gadodia family was standing outside airport

Swara n Laksh greeted everyone n were about to move when Shekhar called Laksh

Shekhar – i know I don’t have to say but still take care of Swara she is still childish she will be needing u

Laksh nodded is head assuring him not to worry


In plane

Swara was sitting near window side n Laksh was beside her
Swara was fast asleep

Laksh took out his phone n opened a pic of a girl

Laksh pov
I m so happy today my happiness have no bound After 2 years I am gonna see u yes u heard it it’s been 2 years since I last saw u I don’t no how I lived for these many months without seeing u but now I will tell u about my feelings before it’s too late. just wait for few more hours after that we both will be together forever

Thinking this he also dosed off

PRECAP : swasan meet & more about the girl with whose pic Laksh was talking

Pls pardon me for short update but promise next one will be big

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  1. It was awesome! N I think Laksh was talking to ragini pic.. I must say little Swayam is very naughty

  2. Innovative

    Nice episode. That girl maybe Ragini

  3. Awesome episode. May be pic is of ragni.

  4. Superb and waiting for precap

  5. Soujanya


  6. Akshata

    awesome, may be he was thinking abt ragini

  7. Nice one dear

  8. Ragz_teju

    hope its ragini

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