Rings of truth (Episode 2)


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So let’s start

Laksh took a deep breath and said in one go – ur gonna ask papa to send me with u to Delhi

Swara – WHAT? ??? She screamed

Laksh immediately close his ears with both hands

Swara – r u kidding me why do u want to go Delhi above all that want me to ask papa to send u with me are you……………before she could complete Laksh kept his hand on her mouth

Laksh – calm down bullet train I know u are not human but a devil but think abt me I am a human and I can’t answer ur all ques in one go now ask them one by one
Waited for few seconds n again said now why are u not speaking u little devil

That’s it for Swara she bites his hand which was on her mouth

Poor Laksh screamed OUCH!!!!! Ur seriously a devil what were u going to do with me
Saying this he covered his chest with his both hands and jumped on bed in half lying position covering himself in blanket such that only his face is visible

All the while Swara was just giving him a impossible look

Swara (angrily) – U n moved towards Laksh started pulling his hairs
Laksh was trying to get out of her clutches
From no where they heard laughing sound they both looked at each other n then towards the door only to find little Swayam laughing holding his stomach n rolling on floor
(He got up hearing Swara scream n came towards Laksh room and saw all their antics)

Swara who was standing on bed n holding Laksh hair quickly got down from bed followed by Laksh They were highly embarrassed so kept there head down

Swayam stopped for a sec to take breath n then looked at them n again started laughing

Swayam – u know how was it looking

Swara n Laksh first nodded in yes then no then sideways this continues till
Swayam – stop right there both of u

Swara n Laksh stood straight keeping fingers on there lips

Swayam – that’s like good children Now listen to me hum…So where was i

Laksh (immediately) – u were telling how the horror show which I just now witness look like

Swayam in fake anger tone did I ask u no na so keep quite

Laksh like a obedient child kept his finger on his lips while Swara chuckled

Swayam – ha so u call it a horror show it was more looking like a comedy show where a ghost was trying to scare innocent soul n……. Swayam continue unaware of Swara whose anger reached its peak

Here Laksh was suppressing his lips n trying not to laugh Loudly

Swara gave a death glare to Swayam( which he was unaware of) then looked towards Laksh n said in cold tone u can laugh ur face is looking like red tomato

This is it Laksh burst out laughing
Swayam who was continuously blabbering looked at Laksh as if he is mad n then looked towards Swara’s angry face that’s when reality stuck him
He gave Swara a sheepish smile n said to himself ur gonna die I will not be able to say last by to my girlfriend this devil will not leave u
it was a mere whisper but Swara n Laksh heard it
Laksh listening to him was out of control he started to laugh more loudly

Swara can’t control any more n shouted u both think me as a devil now see what this devil can do

Swayam – so u accept that you are a devil
Saying this he ran out of room followed by Swara
Laksh looked at them n fell on bed into deep thinking
Here Swara catches Swayam hand and pulled his ear

Swayam pleading leave me shona u r my cute sweet sister na

Swara – till now I was devil n now cute sweet sister

Swayam with no option left shouted lucky

Laksh in hearing his sound came out of room n went towards them
Seeing them he gave a unbelievable look


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