Rings of truth (Episode 1)

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So let’s start

A huge mansion is shown surrounded by garden from all sides with a beautiful fountain in the middle. As it was early morning silence was the only thing there until


A loud scream of a girl is heard. She irritetly got up from her king size bed stepped out from her room n entered the room opp to her.

As soon as she entered the room her jaw touched the ground seeing the scenario in front of her.

A boy having headphones was standing on the bed, actually dancing with closed eyes.
The girl scanned the room which was all mess with clothes and books all over the floor, couch and even on dressing table
Her eyes widened seeing something she stepped forward to approach it until again


She was on the floor rubbing her back with her hands she looked at the source for her such condition her eyes grew large seeing a deo bottle, she cursed the bottle n the boy in her mind suddenly something clocked on her mind she looked towards the boy who was still dancing unaware of the surrounding.
She sighed n got up with much difficulty taking support from the table nearby n moved towards the music system switching it off. Again she looked towards the boy who was still unaffected anger rose inside her she immediately threw the deo bottle towards the boy which got him straight on his head.

The boy jerked n got straighten.

With one hand he was rubbing his forehead n with other he removed his head phones n looked at the deo bottle near his feet n frowned
When he heard a voice

“Perfect shot”

The boy looked up with horrified face n then said irritadely
Boy – don’t u have anything to do early morning other than disturbing me u little devil

Girl (widened her eyes) – how dare u to call me that I have such a nice name SWARA wah ! N secondly it should be me to ask u how dare u mr lucky Bucky

Laksh – huh??

Swara – don’t give those looks it was u to disturb my beauty sleep early morning by playing this stupid music system that too on so loud volume and have u looked at the condition of ur room

Laksh got down from bed moved towards Swara

Laksh – excuse me miss if u have forgotten than let me remind u it is my room my things so I can do whatever I want to if you have any problem than u can move out the door is there (pointing his hands towards the door)

Swara – u idiot I am gonna complain mom dad about u

Laksh (in uncaring tone) – do whatever you want to

Swara – I m also gonna tell them that you came at 2 in night
Saying this she started to move towards the door when
Laksh – if u dared to say anything then I will also tell them that you were the one to broke papa’s favourite watch

Swara bited her lower lip n immediately turned towards Laksh giving him pleading expression

Laksh (mimicking her) – don’t give those looks it was u to start first

Swara (full on buttering mood) – pls na lucky sorry sorry bhai don’t tell papa about it otherwise he will kill me (holding his hand) pls na (blinking several times)

Laksh (smirked) – ok I will think about it but u have to do whatever I say u

Swara happily said I am ready to do anything tell me what u want

Laksh – ary relax think once again said raising his one eyebrow

Swara – ha ha u tell I will do anything to keep ur mouth shut
Laksh gave her a angry look seeing it she instantly put her both hands on her mouth to stop herself from blabbering nonsense n sighed Laksh to continue through her eyes

Laksh took a deep breath and said in one go – ur gonna ask papa to send me with u to Delhi

Screen split on Swara horrified face n Laksh tensed face

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    it will be swasan ff

    1. Yes dear it’s a swasan n raglak ff

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  5. Good start dear keep it up

  6. Nyc start

  7. Interesting dear and plz continue

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  9. Woooowww!! awesome starting.. loved it… SWARA N LAKSH is bro -sis… awwwwww..sooo cute…??

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