The Ring… Swaragini ff part -4

Hiii friends, your secret is again here with new part of “The Ring”. Thank u so much for your comments. I am really sorry for not replying. Plzz don’t mind that. Enjoy this new part….
Precap- horrible incident with swara..
San- swara, what had happened with you at night.
Before sanskar could say anything else swara got up and tightly hugged him. She started crying vigorously.

Swa- sanskar save me plzz save me. She will kill me sanskar. She is so horrible. Plzzz dave me.
San- swara, swara calm down. No will do anything with u.
Swa(shouting like a mad person)- no sanskar she will kill me. Plzz i save me.
San- swara look at me.

But swara was not ready to open her eyes. She had burried her face in his chest and was hugging him like a small child. She was shaking with fear. Tears were flowing from her eyes.
San- swara, open your eyes and look at me. I am here with you and nothing will happen to you.
Swara opened her eyes and looked at sanskar who was looking at her with concern. Swara cupped his face and said while crying.
Swa- Sanskar, are you ok. She didn’t hurt you na. I was so scared for you when she was in our room.

san- swara, i am ok but whome are you talking about. Who was in our room.
Swa- she was so dangerous Sanskar.
Swara again started crying on that thinking about that incident.
San- ssshhhh… Swara stop crying. I am here na. Don’t worry and take rest. Doctor adviced you to take rest.
Swara- Doctor??
San- Ya doctor swara. When i woke up nearly at 6 am. I found you lying at floor. I thought you were sleeping so i carried you at bed and tried to wake you up.
Then swara remembered that how someone was holding her neck so tightly and that was the time when she got fainted.

San- when there was no response from you, i got scared and called doctor. Then our family dr.Came and checked you. He told us that you got fainted cause of weakness.
Swa- i didn’t faint cause of weakness, someone was pressing my neck.
San(with concern )-swara, what are you saying. Who was that. I am not getting anything. Tell me in detail what had happened at night.

Swara told him everything what had happened with her at night but Sanskar thought it as a nightmare. He don’t have any faith in all these paranormal stuffs but still he was worry about swara because his brave swara didn’t get scare from small things.
San- swara i think it was just a nightmare. You told that i was not in room but i didn’t wake up for once at night.
swa- no Sanskar it was not a dream.
San- so according to you a girl was at our house who looked like a ghost and had super powers. Really??

Swara thought about it deeply. They are living in this house from long time but she never felt anything like this. This was the first time when something like this had happen to her.
San- swara i think you got a bas dream only and fell from bad.
Swara looked at him and then looked at surroundings. Everything was so normal. There was no sign of anything bad. Swara also made in her mind that it was a bad dream only but still it felt so real to her. Now she was so tired of thinking and crying.
Swa- ya sanskar, i think you are right. It must be a nightmare because something like this is just impossible.

San- ya. Now take rest for sometime. I am here only.
Swa- and office??
San- i took leave from office to spend sometime with my beautiful wife. Sanskar hugged her again. Sujata came in with a bowl of soup for swara. Swasan got departed by seeing her coming. She made swara to drink soup. swara was making faces because she didn’t like soup but both ma beta didn’t hear her pleadings. Later Sujata left and swara slept for some more time. Sanskar was sitting beside her caressing her hairs. It was almost 12pm. When swara woke up. Sanskar was sitting beside her and was doing something on laptop. Swara tried to get up from bed.
san- are swara, where are you h going.
Swa- sanskar i am just tired of sleeping, i need to take a bath and do something.
San- ok go and call me if you need any help in bathroom.
Swara raised her eyebrow at him..

San- oh hello i was not saying this in any wrong way ok.
Swa- ok ok got it mr. Shareef maheshwari.
Saying this swara took her clothes from cupboard and got in bathroom. Now she was standing in front of mirror. She washed her face and was caressing her neck when she felt pain there. She looked at her neck at mirror and find blue marks it. That moment again came in her mind when someone was pressing her neck. If it was a nightmare then from where these marks came. Her heart started beating fast with fear. She hurriedly took her bath and came out fron bathroom to show that marks to sanskar.

Swa- sanskar see these marks. I told you na it was not a dream. Someone really pressed my neck at night.

san- which marks swara.
Swara sit in front of sanskar and showed her neck to him. Sanskar saw her neck closely and gave a confused look to swara. Swa- why are you looking at me like this. Sanskar, these marks.. (she again put her hand on her neck and got shocked )
She ran towards dressing table and look at the mirror but she found no marks on her neck.
Swa- where these marks gone. Sanskar plzz believe me there were blue marks of fingers on my neck.
Sanskar got up and came to her.

San – it’s ok swara. You just imagined that. It’s effect of that horrible dream.
Sws- no Sanskar i am no imagining any thing.
San(a bit loudly ) – if it was not your imagination then where are that marks now.
Now tears made their way out from her eyes cause Sanskar’s hard ton.
Swa- i am sorry. I am giving tension to you na.

San(immediately cupped her face)- sshhh.. Swara stop crying. It’s not like that swara. I didn’t mean that. Plzz don’t cry. I am sorry plzz stop crying.
Swa- i am not lying sanskar. Plzz believe me.

Saying this she hugged him tightly because this was the only thing which can help her to get away from her fears. Sanskar hugged her back. They sit there only in that each other’s arms. After a minute swara looked up and she Sanskar’s face. The tension and pain was clearly visible on his face.
Swa- sanskar i want to go my Academy. I am really feeling to go out somewhere.
San- but you need rest.
Swa- plzz…
San- ok we will go.
Swa- i will go by myself.

Sanskar gave her a glare.
Swa- ok. Now get ready.

Swasan got ready and left for acadmy. it was a beautiful building with a big beautiful garden. Academy ‘s atmosphere was to chirpy and cool. Students were busy in their music lessons. Some middle aged Children were also there. They were playing their favorite instruments and singing songs. Swara always loved music from her soul. She was feeling so relaxed there and was busy with children. She was teaching them new tune on guitar. Sanskar was looking at her lovingly. Only he knew how he was feeling when he saw swara in pain. Swasan took their lunch there only. Now swara was feeling normal but still she was a bit disturb. They waere roaming in garden when a man of Sanskar’s age came there with a camera.

Man- hey love birds. May i have your attention for some time.
Swasan turned and looked at that man.
Swa- no mr. Nitin Mukherjee. We both are busy.

Nitin was a close friend of swasan.
San- Nitin what are you doing here??
Nitin- have you forgot that my sister sanchi learn music here. I came here to drop her and found you both.
Swa- and came here to disturb us, you pumpkin.
Nitin – oh hello. I am much more better than you ok. And i am here to meet Sanskar so plzz don’t start your bakbak.

Swa- listen you…
San- hey plzz stop fighting like kids.
Nitin – apni wife ko samjhao. She always fight with me.
Swa- ok ok now tell me from where you found this oldi cmera.
San- ya it’s looking so old. Why are you using this reel camera when you have many digital camera.
Swa- oho sanskar use apni sakal se milta julta camera chahiye tha na.
Nitin- oh shut your wife’s mouth sanskar. She is so irritating. you know i just love photography. I just wanted to use this camera for some photographs.
San- so you are done with it.

Nitin- ya but it will take time to develop these photographs.
Swa- hey pumpkin, take some photographs of us.
Nitin- camera kharab thode na karana h.

Swa- sanskar..
San- nitin…

Nitin- ok ok give some poses.
They took some photographs, later they took a group photo with children. Now swara had almost forgot that incident. A woman from faculty came to swara and ask her to come with her cause she wanted some new instruments from store room. Swara went with her. Sanskar and nikhil were busy in their talks. The store room was not dark and dirty. The music instruments ware disposed there carefully. But there was no one beside them. Swara gave her what she wanted and locked the room. They were about to leave when swara heard someone singing in store room. This voice was not new for swara. Her breaths got stuck in her lungs. She was unable to move. This was the same girls voice which she heard at night. Now swara was hell scared. the woman from faculty was looking at her with confused face. Swara was scared but still she gathered some courage…
swa- Who’s there inside??

precap- am i becoming a trouble for you?.
Done with this part. I know it was not intrusting part but it was needed because swara can’t face back to back shock na?. I am trying to improve my writing skills and give a nice update to u all. Keep reading and supporting my story. Soon i will give next part of “The Ring”.
Till then bye bye & tc.

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