The Ring… Swaragini ff part -3

Hello friends. Here is third part of “the ring”. Plzz ignore my typing and grammatical mistake. So let’s start…
Sanskar reached temple. He parked his car and went towards his family. His mom dad and his wife, his small family whom he loved the most. He could do anything for them. When he went there, he foundfound his mom and wife sitting in front of pandit ji. They were talking about something. He knew that he was going to face their anger because he was late for pooja. His father was busy on phone talking about work. Sanskar was standing on the door of temple. When his dad saw him.
Ram(sankar’s dad)- re sanskar, what are you doing there. Come inside.
Swara and sujata(sanska’s mom) turned their head and looked at him. Swara’s dull face lighted up by seeing him. She gave a smile to him but sanskar can saw that it was not her real smile. Her real million dollar smile was missing.

Sujata- re chhore, come here and sit with us.
San- mom dad , swara why are all looking so tense??
Asked sanskar while sitting beside them.
Sujata put her hand on his head like he was a little boy. Sanskar looked at her with confused face.
Swa- sanskar, why are u late?? I called u an hour before.
Sanskar didn’t wanted to tell about them that he used shortcut because his mom always told him not to use that way.

San- my car got puncher that’s why i am late. But now i am here na so let’s start pooja.
Suj- na chhore. Shubh muhurat is over now. We can’t do that rituals now. We will have to waite for next puranmasi.
Sanskar thought now they all will scold him but they didn’t said anything. They again started their conversation with pandit ji.
Ram- pandit ji. Is there any way to remove this danger from our children’s life.
Pandit ji- this is not any dosh of their kundali. This is something else.
Suj- then what is this. Why you said that they are going to face big trouble in their life.
Sanskar got more confuse now.

San- mom, what are you all talking about. And which trouble we are going to face.
Swa- sanskar, according to Pandit ji we are going to face a big trouble in our married life but he is unable to understand it’s reason.

Sanskar gave her a “are you serious look” because he don’t have any faith in this kundali and all.
Pandit ji- i can’t say anything about it now but be careful and take care of your family.
Sanskar was about to open his mouth but swara stopped him because she knew that he was going to say that he don’t have any faith in this all. Pandit ji turned towards sanskar.
Pandit ji- you don’t have any faith on my talks na. It’s ok i can understand. Now days no one believe in all this.

Sanskar got shocked and looked at all of them.
San- no Pandit ji it’s not like…
Pandit ji- it’s ok son if you don’t have faith on me but have faith on god. He will definitely help you in evey trouble.
San- i have full faith on him.

Said sanskar with confidence. He was not a big religious person but still he had full faith on god. Swara was also like him on this metter but when Pandit ji said about a big trouble in her married life, she got scared because she didn’t want to loose sanskar.
Pandit ji ( to ramta)- i am going rishikesh for somedays, we will do this pooja after that.
They discussed some more things meanwhile sanskar realized that he was not feeling any coldness now which he was feeling all the day. Finally they got up and take their leave. When they were coming out Pandit ji stopped swasan and said
Pandit ji- you both are husband wife. You both have to stay togather in every thick or thin. you both have to save each other from many troubles.
Sanskar hold swara’s hand tightly.

San- we will be together always and will save each other from every trouble.
Swara gave her real million dolar smile to sanskar because she knew that sanskar was right.
Maheshwari family left from there for home swasan in sanskar’s car and ramta in their car. When they were at home, they took their dinner together and went to sleep.
In swasan badroom…
Swara was sitting on bad and thinking about pandit ji’s talks. Sanskar came out from bathroom and saw her lost in deep thought. Sanskar went to her and sit in front of her. Swara’s chain of thoughts got break by sanska’s presence.
San- still thinking about Pandit ji’s talks.

Swa( hugged him)- i am scared yrr. What if something really happen bad.
San- oho swara. Stop it yrr. Tum kabse is sab bato me believe karne lgi.
Swa- i don’t want to go away from you.
San- i will not let you go away from me ever.
Sanskar hugged her tightly. They stay like that for a minute. Finally swara broke their hug.
Swa- now sleep sanskar. We have to wack up early tomorrow.
San- ya ok.

Sanskar stood up and went on his side of bad. He was about to lay down when he remembered that ring. He wanted see swara’s happy face before going to sleep so he got up and went to took that ring. He had changed in his nigth clothes and ring was in his pant’s pocket which he was wearing before. He went to washroom and took the ring out from his pant’s pocket. He came towards swara who was laying on bad with closed eyes but he knew that she was not slept. Sanskar sat beside her and put his hand on her soldier.
San- swara get up.

Swa- what happened??
San- you forgot something.
Sanskar show that ring to swara. Swara got up with excitement and sit on bad.
Swa- oh sanskar. I have almost forgot about it.
San- ha tum to ho hi bhulakkad.
Swa- just shut up. You are the one who forgot his everything and then trouble me for them
San- oh hello madam…
Swa- sshhh… Shut your mouth and make me wear this ring.
San- ya ya show me your hand.

Swara gave her left hand in his and sanskar slide that ring in her ring finger. They looked at ring, then looked at each other and smiled whole heartedly.
Swa- i love you sanskar.
San- i love you two swara.

They both again shared a tight hug and lay down on bad. They were a bit tired so soon they were in deep sleep in each others arms and the ring was shining on swara’s finger.

At night 3:00 am.

Swasan were sleeping peacefully. Swara back was facing sanskar. There was some space between them. Suddenly swara felt a heavy hand on her stomach. Swara’s sleep got desturbed but She thought it as sanskar hand and tried to hold it. When she touched that hand she found it cold and wet.
Swa(half asleep)- sanskar, why is your hand wet.

When she found no response, she got up and turned the lights on but for her surprise sanskar was putting his one hand under his head and one hand on his stomach. His both hands were dry. Swara was confused what she felt. She thought it as imagination and put her hand on switch to turn lights off, this was when she saw her hand. It was wet, wet with blood. It could be colour also but it was too thick and weird. Swara’s breath got stuck in her lungs but before she could anything, she heard something. It was like a girl is singing down in their hall. This voice was so sweet and melodious. Swara got up from bed, first she thought to wake sanskar up but then she decided to check by herself. She went out from her room. The voice was getting loud as swara was moving in it’s direction.

Lagja gale ki fir ye,
Hasi rat ho na ho.
Shayad fir is janam,
Mulakat ho na ho.
Now swara was standing in hall. She could see a girl sitting on chair. Her back was facing swara. Swara’s heart was beating fast. She was called that girl. That unknown girl turned towards swara and gave a beautiful mysterious. Suddenly the clock start ringing because it was sharp 3 a.m. swara saw clock just for a second and again looked at chair, but no one was there. Swara got shocked. She again heard that voice but this time from her badroom. Now swara was hell scared, she moved towards her badroom.

Hamko mili hai aaj ye,
Ghadiyan naseeb se.
Jee bhar k dekh leejiye,
Hamko kareeb se.
Fir aapke naseeb me,
Ye bat ho na hooo..
Shayad fir is janam,
Mulaqat ho na hoo…

Swara thought sanskar must be woke up cause of this song so she called him.
Swa- Sa..sanskar are you wake up… Look someone is at our home.
She waitet for some seconds but there was no response. She didn’t want to go in room cause of her fear but when she didn’t get any response from sanskar, her fear grown more. Now her fear was not for herself. This time it was for sanskar. She thought what if that girl had did something bad to her sanskar. Her all fear ran away at this thought. She ran towards her badroom and tried to open the door but it was locked. Now the girl had stopped singing.

Swa- sanskar, sanskar are you ok. Are you awake.
Swa to that girl- hey you girl open the door. What are you doing here.
After some seconds of silence that unknown girl start crying. She was crying so bitterly. She was mumbling something but swara could not hear clearly. Finally the door opened, swara got in to find sanskar but she was shocked when she didn’t find him in room. Only that girl was in the room, sitting on the bad. Her face was covered with her hand. Swara controlled her fear and said..
Swa- what are doing in my house. Where is my husband, he was sleeping here.
The girl kept crying.
Swa(in loud voice) – answer me you, bi**h. Who are you.

Suddenly that girl looked up, but now she was not beautiful girl. Now she was looking so creepy. She had no eyeballs but blood was dripping out from her eye holes. Her skill was white. Blood was coming out from her head and some flash was also visible between her messy hair. Swara screamed hard when she saw this horrible scene.

Girl(while crying)- you wanna know who i am. You wanna know na then come to me,come here.
Swara was shaking in fear. She wanted to shout but her voice was not coming out. She closed her eyes for a second and as she opened her eyes again, she found a horrible face just a inch apart from her face. That creepy thing held her neck tightly and whispered in her. That thing said “RAGINIII”.
The grip on swara’s neck was so hard that swara lost her sence. She got fainted.

After 6 hours…

Swara opened her eyes and found herself on her bad. Sanskar was sitting beside her holding her hand. When sanskar saw her eyes opened, he put his hand on her forehead and asked with concern..
San- what had happened with you swara.

Precap- fear fear and more fear with a new turn.

Hey guys i have nothing to say after this long boring horrible. I just can ask you to give your views. This time i will not be able to post next part soon. Really sorry for that.
Tell me if you got bored with this big not so intrusting chappy then i will give a bit short updates.
Bye bye & tc.

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