The Ring… Swaragini ff part -2

Hello friends… Your secret is again here with second part of “The Ring “. Thanks for your comments on first part. So let’s start second part –
Sanskar was about to slide that ring in swara’s finger but suddenly his mobile started ringing in his pocket. Sanskar put that ring in it’s small red box. He took his mobile out and checked caller ID. swara also saw caller id and gave a angry glare to Sanskar. He gave a fake nervous smile to her in return and picked up the call.
On the call…
Sanskar – ha tamanna bolo.
Tamanna(sanskar’s beautiful p.a. whome swara didn’t like a bit, wife’s jealousy u know?)- sir, subhas the head of our workers wants to meet you. If you are free then i think you should meet him today only because we don’t have any other important work today.
San- ya your right. He wants to talk about our workers problems so we should not ignore him.
Tamanna – ok then i should tell him to wait for you.

San- ok. I will be there soon.
Sanskar cut the call and turned towards swara who had heard his conversation with his p.a.
Swa- so Mr. Maheshwari again got a important work on sunday and now he needs to go urgently.
Sanskar was expecting this taunt because it was not the first time when he was doing this.
San- swara plzz don’t be angry. You know that subhas na. If i will not meet him, he will start saying that i am ignoring my workers problems.
Swa- ok ok i am not saying anything. Let’s go. You take your car and i will take taxi for home.
San- no first i will drop you at home then i will go to office.
Swa- no you go i will take taxi.

San- no swara i first i will…
Swa(now in full anger)- Let’s go Sanskar, don’t irritate me more.
San- ok.
They both turned towards vinod kaka who was looking at them with a smile because he remembered swasan’s childhood. When swara used to got angry on Sanskar, she refused his help like this only.
San- kaka, we need to leave now. We will come any other day.

Kaka- ok beta, next time come at my house. Your kaki also wants to meet u both.
Swa- ya kaka. We both surely come.

Saying this swara took bag of necklace and sanskar put the box of ring in his pocket. Sanskar paid for necklace and ring with his credit card. They said bye to kaka and left from the shop. When they were coming out, swara felt as someone is watching them from behind the wall. She looked at that side but no one was there. They came out from the shop and now they were standing on a side of road, waiting for taxi.
Swa- Sanskar you go, i will go myself.

San- swara it’s not a busy road that you will get taxi easily. Taxies rarely come on this road and i can’t leave you alone here.
Swa- it’s ok sanskar. You don’t need to worry about me.
Sanskar felt bad but he could understand her feelings because he also used to feel same when swara ignored him cause of his music and academy’s work. Now they were waiting for taxi but there was no sign of it.

Swara anger was already vanished because she had understood his situation. She knew that subhas usually made big issue of small things. Now she was just pretending to be angry.
San- swara i am calling your driver to bring your car. I can’t she my wife standing in this hard sunlight.
Swa- sanskar, you cared for me this much.
Sanskar leaned at swara who was looking at other side. He slowly whispered in her ear
San- don’t you know Princess how much your prince cared aboutof you.
Saying this Sanskar kissed on her cheek. Swara pushed him a little.

Swa- Sanskar, what are you doing. it’s a public place.
San- oh swara no one is here. we are all alone so i was thinking…
He leaned at swara face and tried to kiss her agai.
Swa- shut up Sanskar. Tum na kahi bhi start ho jate ho. Have some shame. Now be quite and wait for taxi.
Sanskar put his finger on his lips like a little kid. Swara laughed on this.
Swasan were busy in their talks but someone was watching them with anger and hate.
San- swara are you are you still angry on me.
Swa- no sanskar i can understand your situation and i not a bit angry on you.
San- aww my kiddo wife has became so mature.

After saying this sanskar was about to hug swara but before he could hug her, they heard a horrible scream. It was like someone is screaming in anger and pain. Swasan startled cause of that scream. Their heart jumped with fear.
Swa- sanskar who is shouting like this.

San- don’t know swara. Let me check.
Sanskar was going in that direction from where the scream came but swara held his hand.
Swa- plzz don’t go there sanskar. And see no one is shouting now.
San- swara let me go and check for once. You wait here only.
Swa- no, if you are going then i will also come with you. What if there is any danger, who will save you if i will not be there with ok.

San- ok come but be carefull
Swasan went there from where the scream came. It was a area full of trees. Swasan was feeling an unknown fear in their hearts, still they were looking here and there but when the didn’t find anything they went back.
Swa- when you will come home.
San- don’t know but i will try to come back soon.
Swa-mom dad will be at home before 6pm.

San- i will also come before 7.
Sanskar saw a taxi coming there. He signed driver to stop. Texi stopped and Sanskar opened the door of texi for swara. Swara smiled at him seeing his love and care. Sanskar instructed texi driver to leave swara at front of their house.
Swa- stop it sanskar. I am not a kid. You go ok.
San- ok bye and tc.

Swa- bye.
Swara told texi driver to move. He started texi and moved. Swara peeked out of the window and again said bye to sanskar. Sanskar kept looking at texi until it was away from his eyesight. He always felt bad whe swara left him but this time he was feeling more bad. When swara was gone sanskar moved towards his car And put his hand in his pocket for car keys then he realized that he was still keeping that ring. He took the ring out and smiled thinking about swara. He thought to give it to swara at night. Then he put that ring again in his pocket, took his car keys out and drove to his office thinking about how to deal with subhas.

At the office..
Sanskar was checking some files but he seemed so uncomfortable. He was feeling cold since he had arrived office. He had turned his a.c. Off but there was no use of it. He was alone there because tamanna and subhas had already left. It was already 6:30p.m. Finally sanskar also decided to leave for home. When he was in parking he received a call from swara.
On the call…
Swara- Hello sanskar, where are you?

San- i am coming home jaan. Has mom dad arrived. How was there journey.
Swa- it was good. But still some rituals are left which need to done by us in durga mandir. We are going there. You directly come there only.
San- ok. i will meet you there.

Swa- ok bye n drive carefully.
Sanskar left from office. He wanted to reach Temple before his family so he chosen sortcut. He could reach there in 15 minutes through this sortcut. This way went from the middle of forest but Sanskar had used it many times. It was dark now. Sun was gone and darkness had took place of light. There were big trees on the both side of road so it seemed more dark here. Sanskar was not driving on high Speed bat still it was a bit fast. He was lookin on road. He took a single glance of his wrist watch and again looked at the road but before he could see something clearly he found a black Shadow standing in the middle of the road just a bit far from his car. He tried to stop the car but before he could do anything, he felt that he had hit someone. Finally the car stopped, Sanskar hurriedly came out of the car and looked on road but for his surprise there was no one on the road. It was dark so he took out his mobile and turned on it’s flashlight.

He went in the spot where he felt that someone is standing but there was not a single trash of anything, nor even any blood spot. After looking here and there for a minute, Sanskar got satisfied that it was just his illusion cause of darkness, he went to his car. He was about to get in, when he heard someone ‘s crying. It seemed like a girl is crying miserably. She was crying so loud. Sanskar’s heart started beating fast. He went at the direction from where this sound was coming. After going a bit in the woods he found a girl sitting under a tree. Her face was covered with her hands. She seemed so feared. She was wearing white salwar suit with a lite pink dupatta. Her back was facing sanskar. Her long black hair were spread on her back. Something in sanskar, was stopping him to talk to her but being a gentleman he couldn’t leave a girl alone in the woods like this. Sanskar went and stood in front of her.
San- hey excuse me. What are u doing here at this time.

She didn’t respond and kept crying.
San- hey miss. I am talking to you only. who are u and what are u doing here at this time. That too alone.
Now the girl looked up at sanskar. He was unable to see her face cause of darkness so he used his mobile’s flashlight right on her face. His heart beat raised a bit as he saw girl’s face. He felt like he was watching a fairy. Ya that girl was so beautiful. Her fair colour, big black eyes which were full of tears and her perfect pink lips.
*Don’t get any wrong idea about sanskar. He loves his swara from the core of his heart but still he has eyes so he can tell who is beautiful and all.*
San- say something yrr

Finally the girl spoke
Girl – i came here with my friends for tracking but i got lost.
She said all this with while crying like a little girl. Her sweet voice perfectly suited her.
San- first stop crying and tell me where you want to go.
Girl – home.
San- i know that a lost person always wants to go home only but where is your home.
Girl – in the city.
Sanskar took a deep breath and moved a bit close to her but she moved away.
San- ok come i will leave you at your home.
Girl didn’t move from her place and kept looking at sanskar.

San- you can trust me. We are just a bit away from road now come.
This time the girl started to walk behind him. Finally they were standing out of his car. Sanskar opened the door for that girl. She got in the car. Sanskar took the driver seat and start the car. That girl was still crying, sanskar gave her his hanky. She took it with a smile and used it for wiping her tear. After some minutes of silence.
Girl- where are you going btw.

Sanskar- i am going to nearby durga temple.
As the girl heard the name of temple his face turned pale. She fisted her hand as something was wrog.
Girl- i don’t want to go to temple.
San- what.
Girl- wo my house comes before the temple.
San- ok i will leave you there only.
Now they were in city area.The girl asked sanskar to stop the car at a long distance from temple. She got out from the car and stood out of the door of sankar’s seat. She gave a big beautiful smile to sanskar. He smiled back.
Girl- thank u so much for helping.
San- it’s ok but next time be careful when you go for tracking.

Girl- as you say mr…
San- sanskar maheshwari.
Girl- nice to meet you sanskar.
She gave her hand for handshake. Sanskar held her hand. Her hand was so cold, sanskar felt a sudden coldness in himself.
San- same here.
She left his hand and turned to go.
San- listed, my hanky.
Girl- i will give it back any other day.
San- and how will we meet any other day.

Girl- like we met today.
She gave a mysterious smile to sanskar and again turned to go.
San- listed
Girl- now what?
San- i forgot to ask your name.
Girl- Ragini , Ragini Mahiyavanshi.
Saying this ragini turned and went from there and got lost in darkness.
Sanskar also left from there for temple.

So it was the second episode. I am typing this episode second time. My friend mistakenly deleted this. I know there will be a lot of mistakes. Plzz tell me my mistakes so i can improve myself and can give a nice update next time. Sorry for not replying to your valuable comments. Next time i will try to reply.
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Bye and tc.

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