The Ring… Swaragini ff part -12

Hey friends… I know no one here remember this ff as i have not posted it from almost 5 months. I know i am at fault but still i wanna continue this. I hope you all will give it a chance…

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If you like horror stories and scenes, i think you should give it a try. But if you don’t wanna read them so here is summary

AB TAK AAPNE DEKHA?- swasan are recently married couple living in kolkata with their family. They love each other a lot and They are childhood friends too as Sanskar’s parents RamTa and swara’s parents Shemish are partners in a big business of jewelry. Sanskar is a bit workoholic who has his own construction company and has no interest in their family business. Swara has her own passion too which is music. Their happy life took a drastic turn when they bought a second hand ring from a old worker of their parents company who has opened his own small jewelry shop. Swara started seeing and feeling weird things around her. According to swara, she was possessed by Ragini’s evil spirit who wanna kill either swara or Sanskar as she didn’t want anyone to get their love. Whole family and doctors and all were considering her mad but soon something happened which made all believe in swara’s talks. Finally they think about exorcism.

AB AAGE ????


It was evening when sanskar woke up. He found swara still sleeping. He set there for sometime looking at her, she looked so week, pale and tired. Sanskar didn’t know why was destiny playing with them. They have never did anything wrong with anyone then why these all bad things were happening to them. All the good memories of them fleshed in front of his eyes. Everything was so perfect in their lives his swara, his family. Everything was just right before a weak and now, Everything was ruined. He had never believed in any supernatural power, he was a rationalist but now what was the point of not accepting the existence of that power which was now destroying there lives. He couldn’t see his swara in pain but he was unable to do anything for her and this was the thing which was disturbing him the most.

Sanskar checked swara and found that she was in deep sleep so he decided not to disturb her. He went downstairs where sujata and ram was sitting on dining table with tensed expression and Sanskar knew the reason of their tension.

San: mom dad. Are you both okay??

Suj: yes we are. Has swara woke up? How’s she feeling??

San: no ma, she is still sleeping.

Ram: then why did you leave her alone. You should stay with her?

San: yes, i came here to talk with you all. Where is ma-baba?

Suj: sumi and shekhar went home for some work. They will come tomorrow.

Ram: Sanskar beta, actually we called on that contact no. Which was given by dr. Malhotra.

San: you called for professor Tyagi.

Ram: yes but his assistant said that he can’t come here as they are busy with some important work there.

San: what did he mean that he can’t come. He has to come here. We need his help and we will pay him as much as he will ask…

Ram: we have said everything to make them agree but he is not agree to come.

Sanskar was very disturbed by this news. he didn’t know what to do. He had never faced this type of situation before.

Suj: sanskar go and be with swara. You both have not eaten anything. I will bring something for you both.

Sanskar nodded and went in his room. When he went in room he didn’t find swara on bad. She was sitting in front of dressing table staring at mirror without blinking her eyes. Sanskar looked at her for a moment and then called her name but he didn’t get any reply from swara. Sanskar was slowly going near her.

San: swara, when did you wake up. Are you okay?

Again no reply. Swara was not moving or replying. She just kept looking at mirror deeply like she was trying to search something inside it. Finally Sanskar reached near her and put his hand on her soldier. Swara startled like she didn’t know about his existence there.

San: swara are you okay.

Swara hugged him tightly.

Swa: Sanskar where had you gone. I was scared about you.

San: i am okay swara. Don’t worry about me.

Swa(crying) : what will we do Sanskar?? She said she will take you away from me.

San(hugged her more tightly): swara, don’t cry. Everything will be okay. Come here, come and take rest. Doctor told you to take rest.

Sanskar made her sit on bed. Later sujata bring food for them. Swara hardly ate something as she was not feeling to eat. Rest of the night was not anything special. Sanskar tried a lot to contact professor Tyagi but he didn’t get any chance to talk with him.

Next day every thing seemed normal. Swara had felt nothing weird. She had not seen or heard anything wrong but her whole body was paining like anything, she was still feeling sudden urges to vomit. Sanskar had taken leave from office so he was also at home to take care of swara. They were in their room when Sujata called sanskar downstairs. Sanskar gave swara a assuring smile and then went to see why his mom was calling him.

In hall…

Ram was sitting on couch while Sujata was passing here and there in tension.

San: What happened mom? Are you okay. Why were you calling me?

Suj: Sanskar, I need to talk with you about swara.

San: about Swara. What do you want to talk mom?

Suj: Sanskar after seeing that all, whatever have happened yesterday we all are feeling that swara need something more then medical care and i know you are trying to talk with someone for this but…

San: but what mom?

Suj: that professor is not agreeing to come so can we show swara to someone else.

Ram: sujata, Have you talk to pandit ji with whom we were trying to contact from yesterday. The one who told us about the danger of our children’s lives.

Suj: no, i am still unable to contact with him but you know, i know another person who can help us.

San: mom, say directly.

Suj: you know there is Baba who do black magic and exorcism. I came to know about him by one of my friend sumitra before some days and we can call him here to see swara today.

Ram: most of the time, your friend sumitra talk rubbish but still your calling a person related to her in such a serious issue.

San: Mom i have told dr. Malhotra to talk with professor Tyagi and make him agree to come here. We can wait till then..

Suj- but still son. We can try that Baba also. We don’t know how much time Professor Tyagi will take to come.

Finally after a bit more conversation, Sanskar and ram agreed to give a chance to that baba. Sujata called that baba, she had already talked with him and had arranged everything whatever he needed in his right of exorcism. She just needed permission of Sanskar and Ram. After talking to Baba, she told all them that the ritual of exorcism is going to held in night at 12 am. Sanskar was not feeling right about it.He didn’t want to give swara in wrong hands that too in such dangerous situation but he didn’t even want to take any chance. He was unable to take swara out of this danger by himself alone and he was willing to take anyone’s help to protect his swara so he agreed with sujata for this ritual. Sanskar and Ramta had not told anything to swara about this. They didn’t want her to get nervous so they decided to tell her about this on sometime before ritual.

Slowly the sun was replaced by moon in the sky and the hard time was coming near. It was 10 o’clock. All preparation was done of that pooja. Everything was setup in a creepily stupid way. Ramta was in hall where the pooja is going to held.

Ram: what the hell is this Sujata? This all is so stupid and dirty.

Suj: we are doing this for our Swara. I want her and Sanskar to be safe.

Ram: i can understand.

Suddenly the doorbell ranged. Sujata went to open the door. There arrived the one who was going to do exorcism of Swara. Ram was bit startled to see his get up. He was wearing all black kurta pajama. He had tied a black cloth on his head. (you know most of the baba’s get up in our tv shows). Sujata took baba ji on the place where was all the set up of exorcism according to him.

Baba: first i have to do some rituals alone then i will call the one who is possessed by ghost.

Suj: okay baba ji. You start your process.

Baba started some mantras which were sounding stupid and weird. Sujata went near to ram.

Ram: do you think this will work for our swara.

Suj: we didn’t have another option. You go near baba ji and i am going inform sanskar and swara.

Sujata went to swasan’s room and Ram stood there in confusion that he should go near that baba or not.

In swasan’s room…

Swara was laying on bad and Sanskar was sitting beside her. Sujata entered in room.

Suj: Sanskar, swara beta, that baba ji is here. He will call you after sometime.

SwaSan looked at each other’s face. Swara seemed a too scared. Sanskar just held her hand more tightly to assure her that he was there to protect her. Swara tried to smile at him but she failed miserably.

San: I will take Swara downstairs.

Suj: okay i will call you when baba ji will ask swara to come.

Sujata went from there.

Swa: Sanskar, you should have told me about this all before. I should have prepared myself mentally for this all.

San: sorry jan, i just didn’t wanted you to get scared.

Swa: it’s okay.

Sanskar smiled at her trying to convince her that all was going to be okay but some where he was also scared like hell. He didn’t want to loose swara. He didn’t want to see her in pain. She had already suffered a lot but now sanskar didn’t want her to suffer more. They just both kept looking at each other to comfort each other.

In hall…

Baba was still chanting mantra and throwing kapoor in fire. Now hall was filled with smoke and baba’s Horsey voice.

Soon he ordered to call swara. Sujala called sanskar to take swara down. In few minutes Swara was sitting in front of agni-kund facing baba. She was scared but was trying to control herself. Sanskar’s condition was even bad from her. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to take swara away from this all but it could be the end of their problems so he was just standing at some distance from swara. He tried to sit beside swara but baba ordered him to stay away from swara until he finished his rituals.

Precap- process of exorcism and it’s effect on swara.


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