The Ring… Swaragini ff part -11

Hey friends… I know that i am updating this after many days but i hope you all are still interested in this story. So if you are reading this then enjoy…
Recap- Sanskar came to know about truth of Ragini’s soul…
Sanskar was driving his car in high speed as he reach at home as soon as possible. He knew that swara was in danger and needed him. When he reached mm and hurriedly entered there to find Ramta and shemish sitting in hall in shocked and feared state.
San- mom dad, where is swara?  Is she fine?
Suj- she is in your bedroom. Dr. Malhotra is checking her.
San- but you told me that she got fainted. How is she now?
“she is almost okay” said dr. Malhotra coming from upstairs.
San- i think i should go to her.
Saying this sanskar ran upstairs to meet swara but dr. Malhotra stopped him.
Dr. – she is okay right now but her condition is getting bad day by day i think.
San- what?
Dr. – yesterday when i checked her she was not perfectly fine but still her physical condition was okay but today her condition looks like she is ill from many days.
San- i need to talk with her.
Dr. – but mr. Maheshwari…
San- stay in hall with my family dr. I am coming after seeing my swara.
Sanskar went in his bedroom where swara was lying on bed. Her eyes were half open and she was staring on ceiling deeply. A nurse was standing near her preparing a injection. Sanskar stopped at the door.
San- swara..
Swara slowly looked at him. It seemed like she didn’t had enough energy to move. Sanskar ran and hugged her in that position only. Swara slowly put her hands on his back and hugged him.
San- swara are you okay??
Swa(in very low and pain filled voice)- you took long to come Sanskar. I needed you.
San- what?
Swa- i love you Sanskar. Do you love me??
San- of course i love you swara. What kind of question is this?
Swa- it’s hurts Sanskar. It really hurts. My whole body pains like anything.
San- everything will be okay swara. Don’t worry.
Swara kept quite and stayed in that position.
Nurse – sir plzz move a side. I need to give injection to patient.
San- which kind of injection is it?
Nurse – it’s for long sleep.
San- no she don’t…
Swa- let her give me this Sanskar. They have already gave me a injection for pain but it didn’t worked.
Sanskar got up and nurse gave swara injection of deep sleep. After that nurse went from there and Sanskar sit beside swara. He just kept massaging her head. Swara closed her eyes, after a minute when sanskar thought that swara was slept, he got up and turned to go. He was stopped by swara’s shaking voice.
Swa- you came to know that what i am saying is true.
Sanskar turned back and looked at swara in disbelief. How could she come to know about it.
Swa- she told me that now you know the truth and now it’s time for the real pain. She will separate us Sanskar.
Tears rolled down from swara’s eyes. She tried to show herself strong but her pain and fear betrayed her. Sanskar ran towards swara and hugged her tightly again.
San- no one can separate us swara. I will not allow anyone to hurt you or separate us. I don’t care if this power or soul is too strong and unknown for us but our love is stronger than this.
Swa- i don’t care about me sanskar but i will not be able to see anything happening with you.
San- nothing will happen to us swara. Everything will be okay like before. I promise you..
Swa- pakka promise…
San- pakka.
Sanskar sit there until swara fall in deep sleep. After that Sanskar came downstairs and for his surprise dr. Malhotra was still waiting for him.
San- dr. I thought you would have left.
Dr- your wife’s case is becoming complicated day by day. I am really confused about it.
San- it’s not your kind of case dr. Thanks for your help.
Dr- come on mr. Maheshwari,  Your wife need treatment.
San- no she don’t need any mental treatment.
Dr- mr. Maheshwari, i can help you about it.
San- oh really, then why didn’t you said this yesterday? Why you ran away like that? Why didn’t you get to know about the reason of swara’s condition?
Dr- that’s what i am saying. I am not able to figure out the reason of swara’s pain and mental illness. When i was checking her yesterday i felt some weird things.
San- what?
Dr- yes. Being a doctor, I personally don’t believe in that all things which your wife is talking about but still i think you need someone else beside me.
San- what are you saying doctor? Dr- i think you should consult to professor vednath tyagi.
San- professor vednath tyagi??
Dr- yes professor tyagi is a expert of supernaturally activities. He teaches about this all in prestigious college of delhi. A couple of year before i got a same case like your wife.
San- so??
Dr- according to me that patient was suffering from some serious mental issue but according to him and his family, he was possessed by a evil spirit. I tried my level best to treat him but i didn’t get success.
San- so basically you are admitting that he was possessed by a evil spirit.
Dr- i already told you that i don’t believe in this all but that critical case in which i was not getting any success was solved by professor Tyagi only. I think you should consult him about your wife.
Ram- i think dr. Malhotra is right. We should contact him as soon as possible.
San- dad you were not ready to listen anything like this before but now you are saying me to contact professor soon.
Sumi- because we have seen something really strange in swara before you came sanskar.
San- what do you mean ma? She just got fainted na?
Suj- yes she was unconscious when i called you but after that…
Flash back…
Swara fainted in kitchen. Ramta and shemish took her in hall and put her on couch. Sumi was sitting with her, Swara’s head was in her lap. Ram was calling for ambulance and sujata was informing sanskar about swara’s condition. Sumi was crying,  shaking swara and telling her to get up, shekhar was sprinkling water on swara’s face. Sujata cut call after informing sanskar and come near swara. She was about to touch her when swara started shaking. It was like an unknown force was shaking her body. Her eyes were closed but her whole body was moving. Ramta and shemit got feared for her, they were trying to hold her but they couldn’t. After a minute, movement of her body stopped. Ramta and shemish took a breath of relief but it was not for long. Suddenly swara got up and sit properly. She was all quite, her hair had covered her whole face. No one could see her face, she was breathing heavily. Sumi tried to put her hand on her head but she jerked her without looking at her. Swara got up and start walking. All were calling her name but she was not reacting. Her face was still covered with her hair and she was walking aimlessly. Finally shekhar went near swara and held her hand.
Shekhar- beta are you okay?? Where are you going?
Swara didn’t said anything, she just stood there like a statue. This time shekhar held her hand tightly. Before he could understand the situation or defend himself, he felt a strong slap on his face which made him fall on ground. Swara’s nails made scratch marks on his face. All were looking at swara in disbelief. How can she hit her father like that? This was a shock for them, on the other hand swara was standing like that only not moving a bit nor looking at anyone. Ram ran to shekhar and helped him to get up. Shekhar was still feeling a burning sensation on his face as swara slapped him really hard. He was thinking that how swara had such force.
Sumi- what the hell you are doing swara. What have happen to you?
Suj- swara are you silent? Reply us?
Then they hear swara crying in low voice. She was crying to weirdly. Sujata and sumi moved towards her slowly but stopped when they heard her cry turning in a strange sinister slow laugh. Then swara turned towards sumi and said.
Swa- ma come to me ma? I need your help…
Sumi was going near to her but suddenly swara again shouted. This time her voice was filled with pain.
Swa- no ma. Stay away plzz stay away. Everyone stay away from me. This spirit will hurt you plzz..
Ram- what are you saying swara?
Before swara could reply, she started twisting her hands and body in weird way. No one can do this without hurting himself and it seemed like swara was also in pain an was doing this without her wish. She again started laughing loudly.
Swa(like two persons are talking together)- hheehahhh.. Hu hu hu.. Tum log ise nhi bacha paoge. Me isko apne sath lekar jauga…
All were to scared to react now but still they were trying to be strong..
Suj- what are you saying beta. Are you not in your sense?
This time swara roar really loud. She jerked her head like this that now her face was visible for all. Her face, so strange and creepy. Everything was looking normal but still there was not anything normal in her face. Her lips were moving like someone was twisting it. Her eyes were wide open, she was not blinking her eyes. Her upper teeth and lower teeth were pressed together tightly. She gave such look to sujata that killer gives to his victim.
Swa- tere bete ko ab sab pataa hai aaahhhh ab wo ake tum logo ko sab bata dega… Heheha…
Ram tried to came bear to swara but swara pushed him such force that he fall two feet away from the spot where he was standing but the thing which shocked all was that swara didn’t even touched Ram. She just moved her hand in such way like she was pushing him and he felt like someone had pushed him. Now everyone was sure that there is something surely very wrong in swara. She started screaming and pulling her hairs. It must have hurted her but it didn’t seem like she was feeling pain on that. Ramta and shemish came near to her to hold her but before they could do anything swara fall on ground with full force and started talking something…
Swa- ye nhi bachegi ya fir iske pati ko marna hoga. Ek jan to me lekar hi jauga or koi bich me aays to wo bhi khatam.. Ssshhh.. Wo bhi khatam.. Heeee ooo khatam hahaha khatam.. Ahh  Ahh ma…
Ramta and shemish come near swara. Till now swara had stopped moving and talking weirdly. She was just shaking like  she was feeling cold and was murmuring something…
Swa(barely audible voice)- mom…mom plzz call sanskar. I need him..ah it’s hurting ma…
On that moment, doorbell range. Sujata ran and opened the door hoping that it was sanskar but it was doctor malhotra with a nurse and two ward boys. Sujata hurriedly took them inside asking to help her dil. When they came inside swara had already got unconscious. Dr. Malhotra was there to check swara again because he had not get anything from first check up but unfortunately swara was in wore condition. They took swara to bedroom with the help of ward boys. Dr. Malhotra checked her and then talk with shemish and ramta. He told them to stay downstairs till he was checking swara one more time.
Fb end…
Sanskar was too shocked and hurted. His swara suffered a lot and he was not with her to protect her. Now how was he going to protect her from that evil spirit. These all thoughts were eating his brain. At last dr. Malhotra went from there after giving them contact no of professor tyagi. Sujata was trying to call that pandit ji who told them about the danger of swasan’s fate but she couldn’t. Sujata had full faith on him. Soon all went in there room thinking about what to do. It was almost 12 at noon. Sanskar also went in his room where swara was sleeping under the effect of injection. He lied sit beside her in bed and kept staring at her face lovingly. He didn’t know anything about the situation but the only thing he knew was that he loved his swara more than his life and can do anything for her. He again decided that he would not let anything happen to swara in any situation. Thinking this he also closed his eyes tried to relax a bit….
Precap- mystery starts to unfold…
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