The Ring… Swaragini ff part -10

Hello friends… Secret is again here with next part of “The Ring”. I know i am posting my story after a long time but you all know i was posting my ss tit for tat so i didn’t get time to post this. Sorry for delay. i hope you all will like it….
Precap- swara’s mental check up and doctor’s confusion….
At morning…
Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms. Their sleep was disturbed by a call on Sanskar mobile. Sanskar took his mobile from under his pillow and look at caller id. This call was from nitin(swasan’s friend from 4th chapter). swara also lifted her neck to look at screen and again put her head on sanskar’s chest after checking it. Sanskar lazily picked up the call but he startled by hearing nitin’s panicked voice.
On call…
Nitin- sanskar, where are you?

San- i am at my home but what happened. Why are you calling me in early morning.
Nit- it’s 8 o’clock sanskar. It’s not early morning. And you have to come at my home right now it’s an emergency.
San- nitin, you know about swara’s health. I can’t come.
(Swara looked up at him like she was saying that she was assuring him that she take care of herself)
Nit- i think it’s related to her only.
San- what??
Nit- yes i have something important to show you. Come here if you can. It’s about swara’s condition only.
San- okay i will be there in an hour.
Sanskar hang up the call and started getting up from bed.
San- swara jan, i have to go to nitin’s home for sometime.
Swa- is there any problem. Is that idiot okay?
Sanskar didn’t want to give any tension to her so he didn’t say anything.
San- yes everything is okay with him but we had some work to do together.
Swa- really?
San- yeah.
Swa- okay then go quickly and come back soon.
San- i will but you just take care of yourself. Are you fine with me going away for sometime.
Swara was scared but still she nodded in agreement.
Soon swasan got ready and came down stairs where Ramta and shemish was sitting drinking coffee. They wished morning to each others.
Suj- swara, Sanskar. Come here and sit with us. I will bring coffee for you both.
San- mom, i have a important work. I have to go.
Shekhar- Sanskar i think you should take leave of some days from office. Swara needs you.
Ram- yes office work can be delay.

Swa- dad he is not going office. He need to go at nitin’s home for some time.
San- yaa, i will be back in short time. I really need to go to him.
Sumi- okay go. I know that you would definitely have some important work. 
Sanskar left from mm and swara sit with Ramta and Shemish. She didn’t want to be alone in her room because till now whatever had happened, occurred when she was alone.
At nitin’s house….
He was passing here and there impatiently waiting for Sanskar.  His sister sanchi was sitting on a couch, reading newspaper.
Sanchi- bhai what are you going to show sanskar. Tell me na.
Nit- let him come then i will show you both that thing which is making me scare.
The doorbell rang.
Sanchi- i think it’s sanskar. Let me check.
She went and opened the door to found sanskar standing there.
San- where is nitin?
Sanchi- he is inside, freaking out on something.
San(coming inside) Let’s go. He told me that he want to talk about Swara.
Sanchi- yeah come.
They both entered in hall where nitin was standing.
San- what happened Nitin? Why the hell you called me urgently?
Nit- you told us na that swara is saying that there is any spirit which is troubling her.
San- yes so what about that?
Nit- i am not sure about it sanskar what i am going to say but i think you needed to see this..
Sanchi- stop confusing him and even me bhai. Just say what you want..
Nitin went near the couch where his black bag was disposed. He took out a envelope from it and came near to sanskar.
Nit- sanskar, you remember that day when we met in music academy and Swara faced a very weird incident.
San- yes that day,I told you na that according to her she second time felt the presence of a evil spirit who wants to kill her.
Nit- yes, on that day we took many photographs of you both from my old fashioned reel camera.
San- yes so??

Nit- i was developing those pictures and it was taking time. It was a bit bluer till yesterday but today at morning it developed fully now open and see it.
Sanskar opened the envelope and got shocked to see that photos. In their some photo a black shadow was standing very near to swara.
It was not that clear but still anyone could figure that someone was standing there with them. It was fully black human figure whose face is unidentified.
San- what the hell is this.
Nit- i can’t say anything about it but it can be that thing which is swara talking about.
Sanchi(shocked and scared)- you mean to say a evil spirit or something like ghost.
San- it can be any default of your old waste garbage like camera.
Nit- it’s not a garbage. I know it’s old but it works perfectly. I have taken many photos from it but it’s only your and swara’s pics which had this defect or shadow.
San- it’s so weird. I mean do you really think that it’s what that swara is saying. It’s almost impossible.
Sanchi- nothing is impossible in this world Sanskar. There are many things which are away from our knowledge. If we don’t believe in anything it doesn’t mean that things can’t exist.
San- so it’s mean that spirit is real.
Nit- may be. What she has explain you about that spirit?
San- according to her it’s a girl named Ragini. Some time it looks beautiful and sometime it looks horrible. Even her horrible look changes. Once she looks all white with a yucky blood Dripping wound on her head. She has no eyeballs and tears of blood come out from her eyes but after sometime she became all black with one destroyed eye, more big and horrible. I don’t know what the hell is this all.
Sanchi- this all is so hard to believe yrr. Did you both consult with any doctor for swara?
San- yes yesterday evening dr. Malhotra came home to check swara but he himself ran away from there like mad. Which dr. do like this?
Nit- dr. Malhotra is best psychiatrists of city. Didn’t he say anything about swara’s mental condition.
San- no he just ran from our house with weird expressions on his face.
Sanchi- may be he too is unable to figure out her condition. I think we should analysis these photos.
They started to look deeply in those pics but were unable to understand it.
San- it’s your old reel camera nitin. If it was a high resolution camera then we can be able to zoom on pic and see it clearly.

Nit- Ohh, watch it man. I’m trying to help you and you are…
Sanchi- stop it guys. Don’t fight like kids and search a photo which is a bit clear.
They searched for pic and finally sanskar found a pic in which that black shadow is looking a bit clear than other four pics.
San- look guys, it’s clear than other and we can make some sense of it’s hand and legs.
Nit- yes but we can’t see her face or anything…
San- sanchi, scan this photo so we can see it on your computer screen. we will try to zoom and see anything which can help us.
Sanchi took that photo and did all set up. Sanskar took seat in front of system. They were zooming on pic, trying to get any detail but all they could see was a black figure and some glimpse of it’s hands and legs.
Sanchi- nitin bhai. Are you sure that it’s not any default of your camera.
Nit- i already told you that i a not sure about it.
San- i am damn tired with this photo drama yrr. I think i should go home and be with swara.
He was about to get up and go but he stopped and again looked at screen. This time something caught his attention, he zoomed on pic and he saw something which left in shock. He kept staring at it.
Nit- i think it’s my fault. This shadow just camera’s fault…
San- no it’s not your fault and not even your camera’s. This is what we were thinking.
Sanchi- what do you mean sanskar?
San- this is that spirit or that ghost only.
Nit- how do you know??
San- look at it’s hand.
Nitin and Sanchi looked at that and found something written on it.
Sanchi- something is written on it’s hand. What’s this? Ra… Rag..
San- Ragini….
Nit- sh#t man. What the hell is it. It’s mean my guess was write.
San- yes, Swara is not imagining anything. All the things she has faced and told us was real. She had told me that A girl’s evil spirit named Ragini, is trying to kill her for doing us apart.
Sanchi(very scared)- ohh god man, Swara is in a very big danger. Ohh god, wh.. What s.. Should we do now?
San(scared but determined) – i don’t know but i have to do something for my swara. I need to save her from this.
At mm…
Sujata and swara were normally working in kitchen. Sumi was settling breakfast on dining table Suj- Swara beta, your ok na?
Swa- yes i am mom. Don’t ask it again and again.
Suj- okay come let’s have breakfast.
Swa- you go i am coming in a minute.
Suj- okay.
Sujata got out from kitchen and swara opened fridge for something. As she bend to took anything, she felt miserable pain in her stomach. She was getting a sudden urge to vomit. She ran towards sink and vomited in it. Her vision got bluer, she couldn’t see anything perfectly. Swara tried to shout but voice was not coming out from her throat. Some weird noises covered her mind. She could hear a girl saying “now your sanskar knows the truth, now this all is going to turn more badly. You both will suffer now”. Swara tried to run out but she felt down. The noises were becoming loud and loud so she pressed her hands on her ear but she could still hear that. “I don’t have enough time, i need your help. If h.. Aaahhh(painful scream)” and the voice stopped. Before Swara could relax another animal like voice came “You or your husband is going to meet a miserable death after facing a live hell” swara’s head pained like it was going to blast and she fainted.
After a minute Sumi entered in kitchen and found swara lying on floor. She got panicked and called Ramta and shekhar. They came and got shocked to see swara in this situation. They took her in hall and put her on a sofa.
Suj- she was all okay before some minutes and now…
Sumi spread water on Swara’s face but it didn’t work.
She- i think we should call sanskar and then took her to hospital.
Suj- yes, i am calling him.
On call…
Suj- sanskar, come home soon. Swara got fainted in kitchen and i think we need to took her to hospital as she is not coming in sense.
San(worried like hell)- i am coming mom. Just take care of swara…
Saying this sanskar cut the call.
San – i have to go. Swara is in danger…
Nit- okay go. Take care of swara and even yours.
San- yeah…
Sanskar left from there in hurry. He wanted to be with swara as soon as he could.
Precap- horror and mystery…
Hey guys… Done with 10th chapter. Wooh i am happy that i completed 10 chapters. I know it’s not a big deal but for a lazy person like me, it’s really big.
I was posting my ss on swasan that’s why i was not able to write this but now that ss is almost complete so i will post this story. I hope you are still in mood of reading it and had not remove it from your list.
Plzz show your support in comment box because i need it for writing further.
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