The Ring… Swaragini ff part -1

Hiii friends… It’s secret here. I am new on tu and it’s my first ever story which i am going to write on my favorite swasan and raglak. The title of my story is The Ring.
This is a horror story with a pinch of romance. Dear raglak fans today only swasan are here but afte some parts raglak will be here as strong important characters. it’s my first try to write a story so you all will find a lot of grammatical, spelling and typing mistakes. Plzz ignore them. So let’s start…
It was a beautiful morning. Sun was shining in the sky, fresh air was blowing, birds were chirping but two love birds were still in their Dreamland. They were sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms on a king size bed in a big beautiful room.
The girl was on top of the boy who had wrapped his hand around her waist. Girl’s head was resting on boy’s hard chest. They were looking so perfect with each other as they were just made for each other.
Their sleep was disturbed by the sun uncle. Sunrays entered in their room from a big window and fall on girl’s face. First she hid her face in boys chest and tried to ignore Sunrays but then she lifted her head and looked at the boy who was holding her tightly in his sleep. A big smile covered her lips by seeing her love of the life, her husband sleeping peacefully with a cute smile on his face. Her husband who usually didn’t sleep like this cause of his workload and his punctuality of time. She kissed him on his forehead and hugged him lightly. She didn’t want to wake him up but her lovable husband felt her touch and woke up. He opened his eyes slowly and found his beautiful wife staring at him lovingly. He also kissed her on forehead and said “good morning my love”. “good morning my little boy” replied that girl.

Boy- oh swara, how many time have i told you not to call me little boy.
Swara- oh sanskar, you know na i just love to call you that.
Sanskar- but i just hate that.
Swara- aww my angry little boy.
saying this swara kissed him on his cheak. Sanskar forgot his anger and showed his another cheak for second kiss.
Sanskar- swara kiss on this cheak also otherwise it will feel bad.
Swara (while laughing )- sanskar your cheak will not feel bad because he is not a jealous freak like u.
Saying this swara got up from him and sit on the other side of bed.
Sanskar (with fake anger )- swara, you called me freak. I am not going to leave you now.
Swara- wow really what will you do mr. Dumb maheshwari.
Sanskar – you called me dumb also. Now you have to pay for this.
He was about to hold her from waist but before be could do anything swara hurriedly got up from bad.
Swara- first catch me then open your mouth to say anything.
Swara ran out from the room shouting thease words. Sanskar also got up and ran behind her. It’s almost 10 minutes of their pakdam pakdai. Swara was running here and there in the hall of their big house and sanskar was trying hard to catch her.

Sanskar- swara stop running like a kid and come to me.
Swara- what happen mr. Dumd maheshwari. You are not able to catch me. Sanskar gave her a glare and again ran behind her. After two more minutes finally he caught her. Now sanskar was holding swara from behind and she was trying her level best to free herself. Both were breathing heavily cause of running.
Sanskar- you were calling me dumb and freak, now tell me what should i do with u. mar diya jaye ya chhod diya jaye.
Swara- chhod diya jaye or kya.
Sanskar- ok i will leave u but first give me that what i wanted.
Swara understood that what he was talking about. She blushed hard and turn towards him. Now they were looking at each other’s eyes. Swara cosed her eyes and was about to kiss him on his lips but suddenly sanskar shouted because his eyes landed on the big clock of hall.
San- oh god swara, It’s 9 o’clock. i am let for office. Damn.. Why didn’t you wake me up early.
Swa- sanskar, today..
San- did you again do something wrong with my alarm clock
Swa- shut up sanskar, just shut up today is Sunday. Don’t know why are u in this much love with your work that you forgot sundays and even your wife.
San- it’s not like this swara. You know how hard i have worked for my own construction company and now when i am on the top i don’t want anyone to defeat me.
Swa- ya ya i know. You have said these all things to me for almost thousand time.
Sanskar again hugged her and said
San- swara i am sorry.
Swa- sorry for what??
San- We got married recently and we have not gone for our honeymoon cause of my work.
Swa- It’s ok sanskar. I can understand. I was also busy in music Academy’s work.
San-aww my kiddo wife has became mature.
Swa- don’t call me kid ok and now leave me and get ready for shopping. You remember you promised me that you will take me for shoping on this sunday.
San- (in romantic mood) ya i remember but can’t we just forget that promise and do something special here only…
Swa- just go and get ready understand otherwise i will go alone ok.
San- as your wish Princess
Swa- aww my prince.

Saying this they moved towards their room. After sometime they got ready and left for shopping. Swara bought a lot of stuff for both of them. Sanskar was now fully tired because he was carrying her shopping bags all the time. Sanskar told her to leave atleast five times and finally she accepted his requests. They left from mall but swara was swara. She made him to stop his car in front of her favorite panipuri stall. Sanskar always hated all these roadside unhealthy and unhygienic food (according to him) but swara loved all these spicy, super tasty, good for health food (according to me and swara) specially pani puri. Sanskar knew that it’s impossible to stop swara from eating all these things.
Afcorce he knew everything about swara after all they are childhood best friends. Their fathers were business partners in M&G jewelers and their mothers were bff. They realized their love for each other in college and decide to got married. After their college, sanskar started his own construction company because he had no interest in his family business. same goes with swara, She chosen music as her career because music was her passion.
It was not a bit tough to made their parents agree for their marriage because their parents were also planning for this only. Their grand parents was not happy with their marriage because swara was bengoli and sanskar was marwdi. Their grand parents didn’t even like their parents friendship. They tried to break swasan’s marriage but swasan were swasan. Who can break them and their parents were also with them. They got married in a hurry that’s why there was not engagement and all functions in their marriage. Sanskar was busy in remembering all these things when swara forward a panipuri to him but he denide while making a ugly face. Finally swara was done with her pai puri session. Sanskar paid for panipuri. And they moved towards home but swara again stopped sanskar and started talking about vinod kaka.
Swa- sanskar do you remember vinod kaka.
San- ha who used to work for our fathers a long time before.
Swa- ya who used to give us orange toffees.
San- so what about him. He has left kolkata for a long time before and he is lining in pratapgarh rajasthan.
Swa- no he is back and he has opened a small jewelry shop. Ma told me he has very beautiful collection of rajasthani royal ornaments i also want to see them.
San- you will just see or…
Swa- we will decide this there only ok. now take a left turn from here for his shop.

At jewelry shop —
San- namastey kaka. Pahchana hme..
Kaka didn’t recognize them because he was seeing them after a long time.
Swa- kaka. Don’t you have orange toffees today for us.
Vinod kaka recognize them after her this sentence.
Kaka- are swara bitiya sanskar baba tum dono.
Swasan- ha kaka. Ham dono. Have you forgot us.
Kaka – how can i forget you both. Sorry for not coming in yours marriage i was busy in something.
Swa- are kaka. No need of this Sorry worry. San- ha kaka, what if u were not on our marriage but we know that your blessings are always with us.
Swa- now leave all these things and showI me that collection of rajasthani ornaments which you have collected in all these years i wanna buy something from your shop.
Kaka- why not beta.Come and see what you want. But i know you are not going to like anything.
Swara pouted on this and they moved towards his special jewelries. But as kak said swara didn’t like anything.
Kaka- i told u na u will not like anything here. U are daughter of kolkata’s best bengoli jeweler and dil of best rajasthani jeweler. They already have gave their best designs to you.
San- kaka this is her old habit. She do like this on every shop. FRom clothes to nail-paint. Let me choose something for her.
Sanskar choose a very beautiful necklace for swara.
They moved to other side of shop where normal jewelry was disposed.
San- kaka why have u bought shop in this area it’s so far from main market.
Kaka – it’s just for some time soon i am going to shift my shop in maib market area.
Sanskar and kaka got busy in their conversation about pratapgarh palace because soon sanskar was going there for his new project. He wanted to know something about that place and kaka lived there for a long time so he started to ask him about pratapgarh. When they were busy in their chitchat swara started to look at another jewelry. Suddenly her eyes landed on something. She went in that direction. She was looking so deeply at something. Now she was standing in front of rings section and the thing which caught her attention was a ring. A simple beautiful ring. She was looking at that ring like she has lost herself in that. Suddenly someone put hand on her shoulder. She jumped in fear and turn around but it was non other than sanskar who was looking at her with concern.
San- what happen swara why are you so scared.
Swa(relaxed after finding him beside her)- nothing sanskar. You suddenly put your hand on my shoulder so i got a bit scared.
San- are yo feared from me swara, from my touch
Swa- it’s not like this sanskar now leave this all and look at this ring.
Sanskar looked at that ring.
It was a Silver ring with a beautiful white stone on it. it was not expencive but still there was something special in it.Sanskar felt something strange about that ring. Swara demanded to buy that ring.
Swa- Sanskar i want to buy this ring.
san- Swara it’s not your type of have many rings now come let’s go home. Mom dad are coming in evening from kuldevi darshan.
Swa- no sanskar i want this ring. Buy this for me and make me wear with your hands. It will be like our engagement. Plzzz.
Kaka- are nahi swara bitiya. Thease are second handhand things. If u want than buy something new. Don’t no which thing belonged to which type of person.
Swa- no kaka.just look at this ring. Don’t you think it has something special in it. I will take this only.
San- see kaka, she is still as stubborn as she was in childhood. Now give that ring to me.
Kaka gave that ring to sanskar half hearttely. As sanskar took that ring he felt an unknown fear in his heart as something wrong was going to happen but he ignored that feeling for swara’s happiness. Swara smiled at sanskar as he took her hand in his hand to slide that ring in his finger.
And screen freeze….

A/N(if someone is still reading after this long not so good part):::Ya ya guys I know i am a horrible writer who give just boring romance in the first part of of her HORROR story but i promise i will try to give good horror scene. Soon raglak will enter in story and they are also as important as swasan in this story.
my story is so simple like a happy couple buying a possesed thing and then horror incidents get start. Now it tell me i should contunue this story or not. If some of you will say yes then your “secret” will be here with second chapter of The Ring.
Till then byy byy & tc…

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