Rikara Who Am I 38

Om stands outside, looking through the window.

S: Gauri, Om has an emergency and he has to go. Please continue removing the bandage.

G(Starting to cry): But… he promised that he will be here with me…

A: Gauri, do not cry… it will affect your sight if you start crying. Omkara will come back.

O(Thinking): Gauri, how do you expect me to stay here with you when I left you in a desperate situation? I left you when you needed someone the most.

Gauri slowly opens her eyes and squints. And, then she looks around.

G(Pointing as each person): Bade bhaiyya, Annika and Rudra… I can see… I can see everything.

A: I think we need to show your biggest surprise…

G: Omkaraji??

A: No, Gauri. Sorry, Omkara is not here but…

Annika passes a mirror to Gauri and Gauri takes the mirror and looks at herself. She feels her face and starts to tear up.

O: Gauri, please stop looking for me. I am happy that I have given your life back and now it is time for me to leave from yours. I helped you when you needed a friend but now you don’t need me as I will remind you of the time. Goodbye, Gauri Kumari Sharma.

He walks away from the room. As Gauri looks up, she sees the curtains moving.

G(Thinking) Was Omkaraji outside?…Nah that is not possible. He would never do that. I need to see Omkaraji.

g: When can we go home?

D: Not for a few days, we need to make sure that you do not have any problems with your sight.

S: Gauri, we are going to go home and we will see you tomorrow.

G: Can you please bring Omkaraji? I would run to the Oberoi mansion if this doctor did not force me to stay here.

R: For sure, Gauri. I will drag him by his throat.

They all leave the hospital.

R: Why did Om leave like that? He was so excited to see Gauri for the first time. She was heartbroken when she found out that he was not here.

S: Only he can ask that question.

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