RiKara TS: The Shy Girl-His Princess

Shot 2- Bolna…

I looked at him while the spiky haired boy smiled at me and joined his hand, “Namaste Ji…”

I looked at him confused while he walked out with a rather weird look.

” Woh…Woh Shaliesh…He is mad , leave him…Guari..you came , I am so happy, you know I was sure you’ll come and you did , though I wrote in the letter but I wanted to tell you from my mouth, face to face, Guari I love you , I love you a lot , By the way I know, you may be thinking who he was , he was my friend , to whom I told about you , GKS…he isn’t from our school , he wanted to see you once so I brought him…Guari, don’t think my love as just that infatuation or something , seriously I love you truly , I don’t know when it happened but I started loving you, truly , I know your currier is important for you, I just wanted to tell this to you, just so that you know about my love, I don’t want anything else , just your acceptance, Guari , I just want you to accept my love, just this much…” He was speaking as I was looking at him , deep into his black orbs.
To Tell about Omkara , he is my classmate, very calm person, well I just act as one in school as I am afraid of people but he in true sense is a calm person , kind of poetic by nature , I used wonder why he joined Non-Medical, I am sure he wants to become some artist , his face and those long locks of hair that give him such an intense look reveal it, well I really liked him as a person , we had some Hello-Bye conversations in the past, his eyes make me go crazy…their intensity bowl me over but no, not in that way , I like him as a friend but today…today he stood before me… proposing me?

” Guari…” His voice shook me out of my thoughts and I looked at him.

“Ek Jhaap De Sat Jayebe Diwar Pe…” It slipped out of my mouth angrily , my hand almost raised , he got confused while I hit my head with my hand.

” I mean , I’ll slap you on your face hard…” I continued.

” What do you think Haan? What, I came here because I am in love with that letter of yours or I have started loving you…if yes then you are wrong, because all THIS type of love for me is just games and nothing else, I just love one thing and that are my books, you told me you truly love me , will ask you after 2 years, I am sure the answer won’t be same, Love is just a game and I am not saying it just like that, I am human, have seen things change around me, have seen love change around me, today love, tomorrow together and day after tomorrow…Break Up…Thats love and you know what, I thought you as a genuine person but you are not…just a ridiculous so called Love struck man…believe me Omkara if you are playing with me in the name of this love then I promise I’ll make sure not to leave you and if you are genuine , then take this advice…Love’s just a distraction…just a distraction…” I spoke a lot against him, I don’t even remember what all I did, I felt sad saying all that but still , it just seemed to slip out of my mouth on its own, I saw a drop of tear move in his eyelids as I looked at him the next moment…guilt took control over me ,I turned and literally ran back to go when something stopped me…
“Such me dhal jaate hai kisse,
Dil se jud jaane ke baad.
Ishq pe hoga yakeen,
Ishq ho jaane ke baad”

It was Omkara who said that, I turned and looked at him.

” Go…or you’ll miss your bus…” He told me while tears were visible in his eyes , I looked at him with tears in my eyes too.

I again turned to go, ” All The Best…you’ll surely Top this year…” He said from back smiling but his voice changed like he would cry anytime, I ran to my bus.

Time passed like that , I didn’t dare look towards him for last few days of our class, I couldn’t , neither on the Farewell day did I even exchange a glimpse with him, I so hated him…I so hated myself for saying all that to him..

My exams were over and result declared , I topped my school , 98.2% , dream come true moments awaited me after that, I got praises from everywhere , everywhere though I really wondered how I managed it , actually the thing was that just a few days ago my not-so love believing Annika dii came to us and told us she was in love with some Shivaay…my parents were so happy that they were keen to get her married the next month itself and engagement turned out to be day before my Physics exam…books in hand , I got ready , books in hand , I checked the arrangements…book in hand , I attended the function but still , studies couldn’t take over my excitement for my sister’s engagement…I thought I’ll fail in Physics, this was a Miracle , maybe someone’s ‘All The Best’ worked for me…just maybe…I don’t know why but the moment I heard the result , ” All The Best…you’ll surely Top this year…’ Omkara’s words echoed in my ears.
Time just flied after that ITT , IIM, I managed to enter all institutions and exceed…its been 10 years since that time , I am 27 now…I joined a well reputed company and now I am a well known engineer with a decent pay, well now I even have got two to call me Maasi…My AnSh and ShivIka..both are twins , I love them a lot , cuties…they only suggested me day before yesterday that we should write our thoughts somewhere , I liked the idea and today after moving into my new house with Mumma-Dad I am writing this on a paper , My story since I became someone’s Princess, I don’t know when I fell for him…for Omkara…I really don’t , its not like I crave for him everytime or like I cry in his memories or like I can’t live without him but…but its only like when I am happy, I remember him atleast once, when I am sad , I am remember him atleast once , I don’t miss him at all..I don’t because I feel like he’s with me, just next to me in every moment of my life..according to me this is love…it took me years to realize it but now I did but I just don’t want anything from him…nothing…I just wanna live the way I am living…just this way…


I stopped writing my diary entry as I kept the pen at a side , I felt some drops of tears accumulate in my eyes , I tried wiping them, God…the pages of flew out of the room through the open window…I ran to them…

I reached the garden of my neighbours following the papers , if anybody read them , I am gone…As I entered the garden, I saw the papers lying on the grass, I shook my head in a rather unpleased way and ran to catch them up, I bend down to pick them up and Ahh…My head collided with someone, I looked towards the one…It was…Omkara…his attraction , his hair locks tied up with a pony…he still looks intense.
I picked up my paper and saw him picking up another , maybe his… ” Hi..” I spoke up trying not to over act…honestly..I was guilty… ” Hi…” He replied with a pleasant smile.
” Ok Bye…” I was scared he might not see the paper. I turned to go when suddenly I felt like that day return and his words ,

“Such me dhal jaate hai kisse,
Dil se jud jaane ke baad.
Ishq pe hoga yakeen,
Ishq ho jaane ke baad echoed in my ears but this time I smiled , just smiled.

Chhuteya na chhoote mosey
Rang tera dolna
Ik tere baajo duja
Mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bol na
Bolna mahi bol na


I entered my room with a smile , just 1 meeting with him after 10 years made my face glow to 360 volts..that was his power…I kept the paper in front of my eyes and looked at it , no it wasn’t my , ” I still Love Guari…even after years…she never accepted me but I do still love her…I sometimes really feel like asking why but then I can’t get answer why I still love her after 3625 days…its almost going to be 10 years since I proposed her, still each and every word of hers and mine is registered in my mind, I don’t know…why…” I read as I don’t know when drops of tears again accumulated in my eyes…too sensitive I am…or is he?

I ran back to the garden…our papers have got exchanged but I can’t tell him…I can’t let him know…not from that letter..I ran in full speed and reached the garden…what I saw was…Omkara was carefully searching the grass for his paper , he possibly didn’t see me taking up mine, I stood there looking at him, I leaned at the wall, he was too engrossed to look at me, his love for me…unexplainable…
Mm.. Mmm..

Tere liye aaya main toh tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere nal jindadi bitavaan
Kadi naiyo chodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chadh jaayein mahi
Tu na chodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

I kept looking at him, I could see him for years… his eyes over with the searching of garden at the end looked at my foot, he looked at me and then his eyes widened, ” Guari Woh..I just got this…sorry but I read it…” He said in one single breath showing me the paper.

” I also got it and read it..” I said in a teasing tone with a faded smile, he bit his tongue.

” Then tell me na…” He said requesting.

” What?” I asked confused.

” Three words…Magical…” He asked while I opened my mouth wide and then turned running away.

I laughed , ” You read in letter na..” I said while running and laughing.
” I want to hear from you Guari…” He said while he understood my teasing now and started running behind me laughing.
Mm.. Mmm..

Tere sang hasna main tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main tujhme hi khona
Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi mahi tose munh na modna

Bolna maahi bolna
Bolna maahi bolna

” Naa…” I teased back.

” Guari…” He said like a cry baby.

I ran into the clothes that were hanging on the wires pushing them back on him , he ran behind me pushing me back further , we literally ran their around with our ‘Na’ , ‘Guari..’ for half an hour when suddenly he caught me and held me , ” Guari…” He said again smiling holding me from my waist and looking into my eyes.
Chhuteya na chhoote mosey
Rang tera dolna
Ik tere baajo duja mera koi molna
Bolna mahi bol na (bol na)
Bolna mahi bol na (mahi bolna)

” What is this? My clothes…” We heard a lady’s shout from back who looked at us angrily , the clothes on the wires were on the ground , I got free from his hold.

” Sorry Aunty…” Omkara said innocently while I smiled at his innocence.

” We’ll wash it…” I said in a go biting my lower lip while Omkara looked at me shocked.

” That you’ll have to do…” The lady said as she misunderstood us as some teenagers romancing in her garden, she went inside and brought the required material for washing clothes, I don’t know how to wash clothes…

I and Omkara sat down, I looked towards the clothes like I’ll kill them.

” I know how to wash them…follow me…” I heard him say as I turned to him shocked.
Still I nodded and we started washing the clothes together, ” By the way, what are you doing currently…” I asked him as I set a strand of my open hair behind my earlobe, it was coming in front of my eyes.
” Artist…I make statues…” He told me smiling.

” Then why you joined Non-Medical?” I asked the question I wished to ask since ages.

” Really…you need to ask it?” He asked me raising his eyebrows , I couldn’t help but blush…I lowered my eyelashes.

” I love you Omkara…” I said slowly as I again set my hair behind my earlobe.

He smiled , ” Guari…what you did , Foam on your forehead…” He told me as I realized it must have come there due to my touching my forehead time and again.

” Where?” I asked trying to wipe it.

“Here…” He said wiping it, I could just smile.

” Sorry…you need to do this because of me…” He said , his hand still on my forehead.

“Omkara…its because of me…moreover…I can do anything if you are with me…” I said as I touched his arm.
” Acchhhaaa..” I heard from behind.

” Dii…” I said standing up.

” Dii..” Omkara too said standing up.

” So a love story’s cooking behind our back..” Shivaay Jiju asked taking me in a side hug.

” I am angry…” I heard two voices , Annika dii and AnSh were standing with their hands folded at their chest.

” AnSh…” ShivIka , the 2 minutes elder one ordered.

” Annika…I thought you are more interested in attending Guari’s wedding…”Jiju said as he left me and held dii’s hand.

” O Beta Ki…Arey Haan…” Dii ran to Mumma-Papa possibly to tell them.

I and Omkara looked at them going and then at each other, I leaned to hug him while he turned and sat down again , ” After washing…” I joined him.
Author’s Note: Hello friends , So I hope you liked this story , thanks a lot for the tremendous support you all bestowed upon me through this TS…A Teddy Bear hug from my side to each one of you…Love you all…

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      SS means short story (A story written in 10-12 chapters)
      OS means One Shot (A story completed in 1 chapter)
      FF meams fan fiction , it can have as many chapters as the writer wants..
      There’s another FS means Five Shots , (A story in 5 chapters)
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