RiKara TS: The Shy Girl- His Princess- Shot 1

Shot 1- The Letter…

Guari’s POV:

I entered the class room and sat on the first bench , well my usual seat, I turned and quickly took a glance around to find as to who all have come today , many…then I put my eyes down into my bag and took out my English book , I placed it on the table.

As I opened it , my eyes suddenly fell below the book and into the desk , something pure white seemed to look out from inside. I quickly placed my hand inside and took it out , an envelope with a Heart sticker sealing it, My heartbeat seemed to increase to hundreds in a second.

I looked at it , it was plane white sealed with the utmost care but what was it doing in my , Guari Kumari Sharma’s desk? Well introducing myself I am Guari , Guari Kumari Sharma , A 12th class girl, I am pursuing Non-Medical and you know next month is our final exams, I am so worried , I have always dreamed of Topping my +12 , what if I didn’t? I want to become a big Engineer , very Big but what if am not able to , Fish…did I spoke too much , sorry Aadat se Majbur…well Ironically here I am called Silence ki Dukan , sometimes even Swami ji by my sweet friends. Leave it for the time , what I am thinking is that this surely is a love letter and then it can never be for a girl like me , Darpok , Silence Ki Dukan, it must have been here my mistake but why , now whom to ask…I am afraid to talk to all of them , specially about this.

Wait…something clicked me , We have 2 Guari’s in our class , Arey she is to style Diva , Her Lover Bhi Na, loves her but doesn’t even know her seat , Dumbo..Ok , If I am such an innocent soul how do I know about all this , growing age , anybody would..com-on , I am Human Being , Not an Alien as most of them think me as.

I got up from my seat as I just thought to go to her seat , hand it to her and come back as fast as I can , I don’t really wish to talk to her , the secret is that I don’t like her , too much attitude.

I walked to her seat slowly as I flipped the letter upside down while going , suddenly something at the back caught my attention , ‘For Guari Kumari Sharma…’ , I stopped and so did my heartbeat for a second.

” Ma’aaammm” Children’s shout ran in the classroom as they assembled in their seats , hearing it I too ran back , tossed the letter inside the desk and wished the teacher.

Hush , I got saved , 4 periods , 3 hours , only I know how hard it was for me to not look at that bomb , that letter inside my desk and study concentrating , exams were nearing and so most teachers had all sorts of advice for us , I couldn’t pay heed to even one.

As soon as the recess bell rang , I put my hand inside the desk slowly.

” Kya Kar Rahi Hai Guari…Chal..” My Friend , Shyama called me and I froze at the place.

“Don’t tell me you were planning to open your books and study…” She asked as I faked a smile and nodded in a ‘no’.

” Ok Lets go..” I said as I took out my Tiffin and moved with her , Poor Me…


Now Recess , 4 periods and 4 periods before , Can you imagine my condition , the Whole day , Who is this Dumb who gave that letter to me , let me meet him or her (I am sure it can a girl’s prank too) , I’ll not leave the one…

“Hattt…Tu Bas Bol Sakti Hai…Kar Kuch Nahi Sakti..” The devil inside me angrily told me as I was sitting in the bus angrily cursing the one.

I made a bubble on my face at the remark and then again sat silently in the bus, Minutes felt like ages…This used to me my Halat in Sports period , I so hate sports.

” Guari , come…” I heard the attendant call me as I was lost in thoughts of sports periods of my life , My worst time , My Home came..I ran out and then towards my home.

Thank you God , At the end over.

” Trun..Trun..Trun…” I pressed the bell 3 times , no reply , Wait…Anika dii’s out , I again forgot , I hit my head with my hand , I opened my bag for the keys and again saw the letter.

” Wait yaar , I’ll read you soon…” I said to it with a kind of smile , I am not sure if it turned out to be a blush.

I inserted the keys in the keyhole and unlocked the door.

As Usual , the same house , Sofa , Carpet , Show pieces and then the way to my room , routine turns out to be boring yaar , I went inside and placed my bag at its place quickly taking out the letter , My Heartbeat increased as I saw the sealed envelope and my name at backside , I controlled myself as my lips curved into an unknown smile , I love to smile but I so hate to smile for this letter.
I sat down taking the support of the wall as I slowly took out the heart seal, the envelope opened and a piece of white sheet looked at me from inside.

” Love Letter Haan…” The angel said as a blush again encountered my face , I could see it from the mirror opposing me , This crimson red colour…Ugh..

I took out the paper slowly and opened its folds , it was a plane white sheet with lilies border around, No , I don’t want to think anything , I just started reading it,

‘Guari…You know you are not beautiful..’What , How dare She or maybe He ? I’ll not leave you…still I continued reading.

‘Guari…You know you are not beautiful…because you are much more than that , I don’t know about your outer beauty at all but what I know about for the time in your inner beauty , I have seen you grow up with myself , still remember the day that little boy got injured in the playground and the first one to run to help him was…you Guari Kumari Sharma…well I call you GKS , My Short form..To be honest , It wasn’t some love at first site for me , I started loving you as I saw you growing up with time , the Darpok Girl who used to get scared even by a touch is maybe the same from outside but I have , I have clearly seen how you grew up from inside , The way you understand other’s pain , No one else can, I know seeing all the stuff you must have got to know that I want to say I love you to you so yes , I Love You , I wanted to tell you all the reasons why I love you but not getting words , maybe this is due to the fact that I have no reason but I can surely say that I fell for your not so visible beauty…

you know I didn’t tell your name but my short form to my friends and they tease me saying the Shayari I used to say , “Yaadon ke khoye khajane dhoondhta hoo main.Tera naam lene ke sau bahane dhoondhta hoo main. I say your name these many times, I have known this from ages but could never gather the courage to tell you but now I can’t wait for more time , the year’s ending and maybe we’ll never meet again , I just wanted to tell this to you before this year ends, I don’t know what your answer will be but I Love You , I truly Love you, You are my Princess…The Shy Girl-My Princess…I am not writing my name in this letter, maybe because I am Darpok…or Maybe because I become Darpok in front of you…but yes , if you want to know my name, tomorrow after school meet me in the parking area, if you come then you’ll see me or else just think this as someone’s prank as you may already be thinking…though it is not…’

I smiled , I shouldn’t but still I did , drops of tears also seemed to escape my eyes , I was thinking as to who it could be when I heard the bell ring , Dii , I wiped my tears , tossed the letter in my bag and ran to welcome her back.

It was evening by now , Mumma-Dad came back and we were in the drawing room when my mother asked.

” Exams are coming , I hope you have started studying…” I was still in my thoughts of the morning incidents ,Annika dii suddenly held my shoulders and smilingly told Mumma , ” Off Course…My Choti’ll Top this time Mom…” I smiled looking at her , No , Love is nothing , I won’t let it affect , I won’t break their hopes on me.


Next Day:

I entered the classroom as I scanned the whole classroom from the door itself , somebody…just that somebody who’s restless on my coming , he is the one but no one…it was a usual day , I sat down on my seat as I banged my foot on the floor , I was angry.

The whole day passed and at the end came the time , I was determined , I went behind the bus parking area , as I was going, I saw a boy standing there , those fancy type boys with those spiky hair, ” Yeh…” I thought to myself and moved forward with guts , suddenly he got aside and another face stood behind him , I increased my pace…

” Yeh…” The spiky haired boy remarked seeing me while I was confused , the boy standing in front of me was…was Omkara who smiled as he saw me.

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