Rikara Ts Humdard part 3

After picking each piece of the broken doll. Omkara sat on the floor waiting for gauri to come back to the room. Omkara did not know when he slept waiting for gauri.
Gauri entered her room thinking that omkara could have left the room. When she entered the room,  she found omkara sleeping on the floor. Maybe he slept waiting for her.
Gauri stared at the sleeping figure of omkara,  he looked so innocent. She put blanket over him. Gauri slept on the bed shivering in the cold but omkara had a peaceful sleep because of the warmth the blanket gave.

“omkara beta wake up ” cried gauri’s mother.
Omkara woke up and then realized someone has put blanket over him. He wondered if it was gauri? But gauri’s mother cries distracted him .
” what happened aunty? ” asked omkara seeing her cry.
” beta. The village people came morning unexpectedly. Don’t know what happened to them. They again started to cruse gauri and dragged her to burn her alive screaming that she is a witch . I tried to stop them but they did not listen. Save her beta ” said gauri’s mother in between her sobs.
” where have they taken gauri? ” asked omkara sensing the situation.
” to the temple. ” said gauri’s mother.
” aunty don’t cry I will protect gauri. ” said omkara assuring gauri’s mother.
Omkara was going towards the temple hurriedly. His vehicle got repaired so he was walking fast.
Someone bumped upon omkara. Omkara looked up to see gauri ,  bumped on him. He was finally relieved by all the scary thoughts which surrounded him. She is safe.
” there she is. ” said one of the man.
Omkara looked up to see the village people coming towards gauri. He noticed gauri’s sacred expression. Shocking gauri and the villagers,  omkara stood in front of gauri as her shield. Omkara gave a dangerous glance to the villager who was approaching towards gauri to which the villager took back steps getting frightened .
Omkara looked back at gauri to see if she is fine. They shared a eye block. It broke because of villagers shouting.
” she is a witch. Why are you saving her. Let her die. U will be freed by her ” said a old lady standing in the crowd.
” that’s why you married her other wise who would marry a bad luck like her and sl*t like her ” said another woman.
Tear fell upon omkara’s shirt from gauri’s eyes. Omkara lost his temper .
How dare they make her cry? He was trying to make her alright but they again started to break her.
” stop it ” omkara roared at the villagers .The whole village went silent hearing his roar.
” how dare you try to kill my wife? Kill her is far thought,How dare you people speak against her? . Do you people even know you tried to kill oberoi family’s daughter in law?. I’m warning you people last time stay far away from my wife. Otherwise I will not spare anyone. My one phone call ur whole village will get destroyed ” said omkara gritting his teeth.
The villagers gulped with fear hearing him .
He holds gauri’s wrist and drages her .
” leave my hand. ” said gauri trying to free herself from his grip.
After reaching near her house he left her hand. Finally getting freedom from his grip on her hand ,she looked at me furiously.
“Thanks for saving me but it does not mean that you make it a chance to touch me ” said gauri angrily.
Omkara looked at her furiously. Did she just accuse him of lusting on her?. He wanted to answer her back or punish for telling this things to him. But he became clam,  he stood silently  hearing her accusations.

Gauri looked at him shockingly . He was not giving any reaction for her words she excepted him to answer her back, manhandle her but nothing of that sort happened. She went inside her house feeling defeated of trying to raise the same beast from omkara who always accuse her , she was feeling weak with his new side and fighting with it was difficult . So she tried to wake up the beast in him but nothing of that sort happened. He was furious at her for telling him the words, she was almost sure he would try to manhandle her but he stopped himself. Why did he stop himself or what made him stop? .

Omkara stared as gauri went inside the house.  He really felt hurt by her words,  he actually wanted to shout at her but then he saw her eyes which was actually excepting this reaction from me. He stopped because he understood the reason for her telling the bitter words. Gauri could not handle his change of behavior towards her, she was ready to get hurt but was not ready to break. is gauri falling weak fighting with him now ? Then it is a good indication but first he had to take her out of this village. This village will always remind her of the bitter past, the villagers will not let her leave peacefully. To start a new beginning gauri has to move to a new place. She will never agree , but he had to convince her.
Omkara walked inside the house thinking of ways to convince gauri.

Precap : omkara and Kali thakur face off. Will omkara be able to convince gauri?

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