Rikara – Trust Part 3

Chapter 3:

Omkara runs out the doors and sees Gauri walking towards the front entrance. “Gauri?” She knows whose voice that is and turns around shocked seeing Omkara. Her smudged kohl leaving a grey path down her cheeks. Her cheeks and nose slightly red, looking like a mess. A pretty mess

O: Where are you going, Gauri? Are you leaving?

G: Yes, I am. I made a promise to you and I need to leave. Is there anything you need before I leave? Did you have your tea yet? I can make it for you if you want.

O: No, it is okay. So how are you getting to Bareilly? Did you book the tickets yet?

G: I am not going to Bareilly, Omkaraji. It is not because of Kali. If I go there, there are so many memories that will constantly come back to me. I want a fresh start so I am just going to board the train and get off when I feel like. My heart will tell me what to do.

O (Abruptly): How can you be so stupid Gauri? Just go to a new place without anyone there. How will you survive? Do you have money?

Omkara quickly goes to his home and brings out a few blank cheques with his signature on it.

O: Here, take this. I am not sure how much you need so whenever you need cash, just fill out and cash it. (Thinking to himself) This way, I will know where she is and look out for her if she needs anything.

G: I understand that you want to compensate me for your work but I do not need it. I did all of this for you and your family. You were nice to me and for a person who never experienced love before from family, this was the best thing you can ever give me.

O: But, is it necessary for you to go to some new place? We will not know where you are.

G: I did it once already and met a beautiful family. I had the chance to see a different side of you. These memories would suffice.

Omkara was totally shocked. He just does not what to do.

O: Can I get your new number at least? (Gauri gives him a confused look) What if I need to call you? What if Svetlana comes back? I need you to play your role as my wife.

O: (Thinking) You are such a stupid fool. You are trying to stop her and again you remind her about the contract.

G: Do not worry. Dadi has my number. If you need this fake wife, just ask Dadi and she can give you my number. It is better if you do not have my number. I do not want to trouble you.

Gauri walks towards the door and Omkara is just standing there.

O(Thinking): Why does she expect me to stop me? She always finds an excuse to stay behind so why cannot she do the same now?

Just as he was about to open his mouth, he hears another beaming voice screaming her name. Dadi and Shivaye, who were watching everything upstairs, comes down.

D: Gauri! You cannot leave this house. The Oberoi have a tradition where we do not believe in divorces and marriage break-ups. Once married, you will always be together no matter happens. It is up to you if you want to break this tradition but please do it after I am dead.

G: Please do not say that Dadi. You never how this marriage took place. Both of us did not believe in it so what is the point of even keeping it together. What is the point of living in this façade? One day, it will break apart.

D: I know who believes in this marriage (Looks at Omkara). Fine then, if you guys want to be separated, then you can apply for a divorce. That is fine with me. Till the divorce has been finalized, you are my child and will stay in this house.

O: But, Dadi…

D: No buts Omkara Singh Oberoi. This is my final decision and whoever is against it will never talk to me again.

S: Gauri, please do not leave. I will work out the legal matters of the divorce but for now, you are my sister and no one can force you to leave this house.

G: Okay but only to till the final divorce hearing. Once everything is done, I will leave.

Omkara’s frown turns into a small smile, which was visible to Shivaye and Dadi . He mouths the words, “Thank you” to them and walks to his room. They gave him another chance to rekindle his relationship with Gauri and he will do everything to change her mind. She takes her bag and walks behind Omkara.

D: Gauri, where are you going?

The shots end with Omkara looking at Dadi and Shivaye with a “ What do you mean?” look.

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