Rikara – Trust Part 1

Chapter 1

Scene: Omkara finds about Gauri’s fake pregnancy and Bua Ma goes to the mental hospital.

G: Omkaraji, I am extremely sorry… I never meant to lie to you but every single time, I tried to tell you the truth, I was scared that you will kick me out. Without knowing the truth behind Bua Ma, your life will in danger.

O: Gauri, please… I understand your rationale but I cannot forgive you. Pregnancy and having a baby is a major part of an individual’s life. I wanted this baby. I wanted to be…

G: (With tears following into my eyes) Omkaraji, I am sorry.

O: PLEASE, please do not interrupt me. I need to speak. I am just so tired bottling up my feelings and crying in the inside. I need to express myself. I wanted to be a great parent, a parent that shield their child from harm, supports them and becomes a friend. A parent that I never had…

(Jahnvi, Dadi and Gauri looks at him crying, understanding his pain)

O: Let me show you something (O takes them to his studio and opens a closet). I decided that if it was a guy, his name would be Arjun and if it was a girl, her name would be Kiara. I had so many dreams that I wanted to share with the baby… and YOU.

(Gauri looks up at him, tears rolling down her cheek)

This is a picture of the baby with their first tooth. This here is me teaching my kid how to ride a bike. And this is here a family picture of MY child’s first birthday. I had all these dreams and all were crushed because of a stupid lie. Just leave me alone! I need some time to think.

G: You need someone to be with you at this time. Omkaraji, please at least let Dadi and me stay with you.

O: First you lie and twist the lie into a major problem. And then you come back, saying to forgive me. Am I some saint to always forgive your mistakes? First, it was Ishana, Riddhima and now you. Why do these s**ts always play with my life? Why cannot I not have a normal life like other people?

G: (Thinking to herself) Who are these girls and why is he comparing them to me?

G: I am NOT a … I am so ashamed to say that word but you always find the opportunity to insult me. You never understand any one. You have always been so focused on the truth that you do not realize that people lie to protect the ones that they care about.

Jahnvi: Gauri, I think you should talk to him later. This is not a good time to explain yourself as he is not in the position to understand and you are not in the emotional position to explain.

(They all walk outside their room and closes the door. Omkara goes to the door and sits closer to the entrance and Gauri does the same on the other side of the door)

G: I am sorry, Om.

O: My life has been hectic for the past few month, but I had a good friend, Chulbul, to watch my back. If only, I had him now.

The shot ends with both of them leaning against the door on opposite sides, crying.

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