Rikara Trust Chapter 116

Gauri and Om goes to their room and she was packing her sad but Om can feel her sadness.

G: Om, I am going to miss you so much. I am going to die without seeing you. Can’t you come with me?

O: Gauri, I have to fly to Japan for an art exhibition in two days and need to organize everything. Do not worry, we can Skype on another and talk to each other that way.

G: But, still, is this necessary?

O: Shivaye has done a lot for us so it is only fair that we help him out at this time.

G: There is something you need to give me before I leave.

O: You want a present? What do you want and I will make sure it is in this room in the next minute.

G: It is already in this room.

O(Confused): Then, why do you want it? Just take it and pack it in your bag. Where is it?

G: I cannot pack this but it can placed here. (She points to her lips.)

O: What are you talking about? There are not any Gol Gappas in this room.

G(Smacks her hand on her forehead): Why is my husband such a duffer? The Gol Gappas are downstairs so I will get them. Why can’t he understand that I want a…

Om quickly pushes her against the wall and kisses her passionately. They run out of breath and move apart.

O: I am not that stupid? (Om smile at Gauri) Do you want more?

Gauri starts to blush and the entire time they were making out.

Om takes Gauri to the airport and as usual she starts to cry.

O(Wiping her tears) My Kesha is a strong woman. She will never cry in public. We can talk anytime we want.

G: I am always your Gauri, Om.

She walks towards to attendant with her bags. And then she drops her bags, run to him and kisses him in public. Om with wide eyes just stands there surprised his wife has taken such a bold move.

G: I am also full of surprises. I hope this is enough for two days.

Gauri and Om were in the living room and ready to go to the airport. Gauri was going to Canada for a seminar and Om to US to paint a picture of his favorite actress, Emma Watson. He received an invitation and he was heads over tails.

G(Jealously): Hey, Zulfi. You do realize those white girls will never like your way of life. You are so quiet and silent and they want flamboyant men.

O: I changed for you so I can also change for them as well.

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