Rikara Trust 125 to 132

Shivika, Rikara and Rumya decided that all three of them should take a day off from their work and go somewhere. Each couple has decided on a location but the question was which one to choose from.

Shivika: We want to go to the amusement park.

A: There is a new drop tower where it goes so high and then drop really quickly. They have also built a new rollercoast that has two 85 degree drops and several loops.

G: Yh, but we have to wait in line and that is just so much work. (Thinking): I hate rollercoasters. If I go with them, then they will find out and I will be the laughing stock for the entire day.

A: Gauri, are you scared?

G: Do I look scared? I just hate lines.

O: Let’s go to a park. Their flowers have just bloomed so it looks really nice. It will be perfect to paint and you guys can enjoy the views.

R: That is not happening. All Om would do is say random shayari and kill us to death.

G: His shayaris are nice. You just need to understand them, Rudra.

O (Smirking): Only if he had the brain to understand the meaning behind it.

B (Laughing at the joke): What about the beach? We can relax. Gauri, it will be perfect as there will be no lines and Om, you can still do your paintings if you want to.

Rikara: That sounds like a good idea.

R: At last, it is 4 against 2 so we win. WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH!!

S: Gauri and Om, apart from all the things you guys argue about it, it would have been nice if you would have started an argument for this. Panika is going to go crazy seeing all the water and I am going to drenched in water for the entire time.

A: Panika, huh? Watch what she is going to do.

They all head to the beach and the parking lot was full. A security guard was outside and he was not letting him in. Om was sleeping as he had a long night (If you know what I mean LOL)

B: How are we going to carry all this stuff to the beach? Now, we have to park and walk 30 minutes with all this stuff? There has to be a way to get in.

G: I have an idea. Stay here and bring the car when I ask you to. Make sure Om does not get up.

Everyone(Thinking): Om? What does Om have to do anything with this? Whatever she has planned, Om is going to throw a tantrum after hearing it


She gets out of the car and they look through the front window to see what is going on. At first, the security guard was hesitant but then Gauri started to smile.

S: Looks like Gauri got us in.

Gauri gets back in the car.

G: We are all set. Now we can go in.

S(Driving the car inside): What did you say that made the guard change his mind?

Gauri narrates the entire thing and everyone starts laughing.

R: Om is definitely going to kill you, Gauri.

O(Getting up): Who am I going to kill? The parking lot looks full. I have been to the beach and there is always a guard who never lets you in. How did you guys get in?

S: Gauri got us in.

G: No, bade Bhaiyya, Om helped us. Om, I am so smart and used you to my advantage. I told the guard that my husband cannot walk properly and has a physical disability. He cannot walk that distance so he felt sympathetic. He looked through the window and saw you sleeping. He thought that I was telling him the truth.

O: GAURI! (Everyone laughing.) Why did you do that? Do I look disabled to you? I could have easily walked that distance. Om goes to lightly pinch her ear but Gauri open the car door and starts to run. Om gets out and starts chasing her. All of sudden, Gauri stops and Om comes behind her and pinches her ear.

O: This is what you get for lying to that guard.

G: Om? I do not think this is a good time.

O: What do you mean?

He looks up and it was the security guard.

Guard: You said he cannot walk. How is he running?

G: He saw the waves and recovered.

Guard looked at them confused.

G: Om, RUN!!

They both hold each other hands and start running until the guard could not see them. The guard smiles at their antics.


Shivika, Rumya and Rikara were sitting on the beach. Shivaye was looking at little kids making a sandcastle.

S: Hey, do you guys remember making our first sandcastle together?

O: You mean, when our parents took us to the beach willingly and we had this huge beach party together as a family.

S: Yh.

R: That was not a sandcastle. It was more of the sand hill with a flag on top of it.

S: No, it was not.

R: Yes, it was. Om, do you remember how it looked like?

O: Rudra is right, Shivaye. We did not have the proper tools to build the castle.

B: Let’s build one now then.

Everyone (Looking at Bhavya): What?

B: Just because we are adults, it does not mean we can act like kids. If you guys want to build one, then let’s do it. It will be a lot of fun.

S: I think hanging around Annika is rubbing off to you.

A: Shivayeeeee!

S: Sorry, darling but it is true though.

A: Awww, you called me darling. You are so sweet.

Rikara and Rumya (Thinking and smiling at each other): God, when will they get tired of their aww romance?

R: But, we do not have the supplies though.

G: Let’s go buy it. Om, come with me.

O(Lying on the beach chair): I want to relax. The store is right there so just buy it yourself.

G(Sneering): You will join us right. Do not worry. I will give you the smallest shovel so you can suffer.

Gauri walks away.

O(Whispering): A kid in an adult body.

Everyone starts laughing and he has realized that everyone heard him.

O(Hands together, begging): Please do not tell her. Then, I have to spend the entire night making up to her.

S and R: (Thinking): So, this happens to every couple. The man always makes up to his wife no matter what the problem is. Man, being a husband sucks.

Annika and Bhavya realize what their husbands were thinking and start smiling. As soon as the brothers realized that their wives were noticing them, they stop smiling and look at each other.

S and R (Whispering to each other): Husband problems!!

As all five of them were chilling on their beach chairs, a girl comes up to him with her arms wrapped around his waist and stands in front of Om. He could not see who it was as the sun was in his eyes. He gets up.


O: You? What are you doing here?

Girl: What do people do at the beach?

O: Riddima, stop bothering me and leave me alone.

It was his ex-girlfriend, Riddhima. The girl that directly lied to Om, knowing that he hates lies. The man beside goes to the shore, leaving him alone.

Riddima (D): Poor guy, are you still single? You know, I just think it is your personality that turns off females. You cannot commit to a relationship and all your shayaris bore the crap out every single girl.

O: At least, I am two-faced. A face in front of media as a dainty social worker and then another face as a rich money-sucking woman. I only show my true face to the world and if they want to be friends, they have to accept who I am.

D: Oh, I forgot to introduce you to my husband. The man that was beside me, he is my husband. He is an multi-billionaire who settled in America. So, guess what, now I am a green card holder.

O: Again, you did not introduce him by his name. Instead you created his identity using money.

D: Om, you can say whatever you want but he does not understand Hindi so I do not care if he heard what a gold digger I am. Once I am bored of him and wiped him clean, then I will move on. That is life to me. At least, I am not single like you are. No girl will be attracted to you.

O: Who said I was…

Then a jeep drives toward their direction and does multiple 360s in front of them. The sand from the turns hit Riddhima and she was covered in sand. Luckily, for the others, they were not. A girl walks out with her shirt tied on her hips, wearing a black vest and sunglasses. It was no other than Gauri.

G: Om! (She goes up to him and puts her arm around his waist) Did you see how I drove this? We should go out for a spin later.

O: Gauri?? (Looking at her in surprise, especially confused with her new avatar)

Then, he looks at Riddima.

O: Riddhima, I would like you to meet Gauri. Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi.

G: You can call also call Kesha Malhotra.

D: You mean, the business woman, Kesha.

G: The one and only. (She reaches her hand out to shake it but Riddhima refuses to shake her hand.) Om, how do you know this ill-mannered girl? She does not even have the decency to shake someone’s hand.

D: What is Om? Tell your wife to stop insulting me.

O: Riddhima, I am sorry but that is her nature. She says stuff directly to your face.

G: Riddhima? Om, that was your ex-girlfriend. The fake social worker right?

O(Smiling at her): Yes, Gauri. You got it right.

G: How can even do that? I mean if you wanted attention, then you should tried finding a career in media or cinema. Modelling works as well but you do not have the perfect personality for modelling. I myself have clothing designer company and I will never hire girls like you. You know what I mean right? I usually look for girls that have the charisma and the power to lead. I want self-confident girls as my models and you do not have that.

D: Are you jealous by the fact that I was Om’s girlfriend?

G: The right term is ex-girlfriend. And I am not. I had several boyfriends so it is fine to be in a relationship and try a few people before you meet the right man.

O(Thinking and surprised): She never told me she had multiple boyfriends. What the hell? I have been in a 5 year live in relationship with her and we did have passionate kisses before but no s*x. What if she had those kisses as well too? But, our first kiss did not seem like she was an expert in kissing.

G: Was not she the girl that asked you to wear a leather jacket and have pink pillows in your room?

O: Yh.

R: He was so scared to make such changes. I wonder how you put it with it.

G: Oh, I threw out those pillows. Pink is such an overrated colour so I have black pillows in my room.

O(Thinking): When the hell did he have black pillows in our room? Why is she lying.

G: He actually wanted white but I told them that black pillows makes him look cute when he is sleeping and he agreed.

Om starts to blush and Riddhima looks at him in anger.

G: Also, I am not the type of girl who forces my husband to wear clothes that I like to wear. I feel like clothing expresses an individual’s personality so he should wear what he likes. Also, leather jackets makes him look like a jerk and I prefer seeing my Artkara.

Riddhima just fumes at her and Om is smiling seeing how she is defending him and praising him at the same time.

G: So, now that you are done complaining about how awesome your life is with your husband, I would actually turn around and see what your husband is doing.

Everyone’s attention was on her husband and he was flirting with another girl.

G: Instead of trying to irritate Om, I would put that effort into saving your marriage.

Riddhima walks away.

R: Awesome performance, Dabang Gauri.

A: How did you know Riddhima was here?

G: I saw her with her husband when I was going to the store and she was heading your direction so I expected this to happen. I quickly bought all the things and then saw this jeep for rent. So I rented it and came here.

A: Where did you learn to do the 360s so perfectly?

G: That was pure luck. I just turned the wheel and it happened.

B: And the black pillows. I have never seen them in your room.

G: I needed her to make her angry so I lied. Om never told me this but I read his diary before and man she treated him as a walking slave. There should be sacrifices in a relationship but no one should sacrifice their individuality.

Om looks at her.

O(Thinking): How does she understand me so well?

Om was quiet and in his own thoughts the entire time while everyone else praised her and she noticed it. It was bothering her but she did not how to address it.


Om takes her aside and wanted to ask the question that was ruining his peace of mind.

O: Gauri, you said that you had ex boyfriends but you never told me this. I never knew this part of your life.

G: There was no need. Who cares who I am with in the past?

O: So, how was the relationships?

G(Thinking): Ahh, you are jealous. This is going to be interesting.

G: We first started with dates.

O: What sort of dates?

G: Dinner dates, movie dates.

O: All late at night?

G: Yes, but I had to sneak out of the house so I do not get in trouble from mom.

O: And then, what would you do?

G: We would have a few hugs and then one or two kisses.

O: Kisses? You kissed a man?

G: Yes, you kissed a girl so why can’t I kiss a man? (Smiling inside at his jealousy.) Are you jealous, Om?

O: No, Gauri. You are my wife and I trust you. I have already made the mistake of misjudging you based on what I saw in the past and I do not want to make the same mistakes again.

G(Looks at him in awe and can see the disappointment in his face): Om, I was joking. I never had the time to be in a relationship and you were the only man in my life.

Gauri hugs Om.

O: I am sorry for grilling you but I had to know.

G: You have the right to know, Om.

O: I am so glad to have you as a wife. I do not know what I will do if I lose you.

G: What will you do if you do lose me? I mean even now, if I drown in the water. What will you do?

O (Covers her mouth): I will not answer that question because you will never leave me. Now, they are waiting for us so let’s go.


Both of them walk towards Shivika and Ruvya.

R: Are you guys done with your romance? Let me guess, Gauri. He was asking about your fake boyfriends right?

Gauri smiles and nods at him.

O: Wait a minute. How do you know they were fake and she was making it up? You were not there when we were talking.

R: Can’t you see by her face that she was lying? You were so focused on wondering if she was telling the truth that you did not see her facial expressions. You are the new Stupid Singh Oberoi.


Om chases Rudra and everyone starts laughing at them. Once they were calmed down, they start building the sandcastle.

G: So, now we need to assign roles. Since I am the ones that got the supplies, I have to do it. Let’s see. Ruvya, you guys will be constructing the castle. Shivika, since Shivaye has experience in the construction industry, you will be designing it and helping Ruvya. And Om, as punishment for not coming with me, you will be collecting the sand and water for us.

O: What, that is the worst job. I am going to get my hair wet and I put so much mouse in it so it looks perfect.

R: Too bad, Om.

S: You should have listened to her.

A: She did ask you to come and warned you of the consequences.

B: But, you did not listen to her.

O: Are you guys all teaming up on me? This is unfair. Hmm

G: So it is set. Go get the sand, Om.

Om sticks his tongue out and gets the sand for her. Rudra whispers something into Gauri’s ear and Gauri sticks her thumb in agreement.

G: Om, I feel bad for you. I will get the water for you.

O: You feel bad for me?? (Om pinches her.)

G: Ouch, what was that for?

O: I am checking to see if it is a dream. Gauri feeling sorry for her husband rarely happens.

Gauri pinches him several times and says: Now, you know for sure that this is not a dream.

Gauri goes into the water and everyone continues with their task.

5 minutes later:

O: Where is Gauri? It is surprising that she shut her mouth all this time.

B: I do not know. The last time I saw her she was going to get water. Did she come back with it.

Om goes to the shore and screams her name. And then, he sees a red bucket floating to the shore.

O(Thinking): This is the same bucket she took to get water. What if what she said to me before was true? Did she?? No, Gauri is a fighter and she would never leave me like this?

O: Gauri! Gauri!

Everone else comes to the shore and starts looking for her. Om enters to the water. First he enters knee deep and looks around. Still could not find her. And then, hip deep. Still no sign of her. Finally, shoulder deep and he goes underwater to see if he can see her. Still no Gauri.

O(Thinking): Gauri, where are you? You asked me what I will do if you die and I did not respond. Now I do not know what to do. Please, Shankerji. Help me.

Om goes more into the water and but Shivika, and Ruvya pull him out.

S: Are you trying to kill yourself? Gauri is fine. Do not worry about her.

O: I made a promise that I will never attempt to suicide. I would never break my promise to her.

And, then, Omkara hears his name being called out by a girl at the shore.

G: Omkara! Omkara!

He turns around and sees Gauri. His Gauri. He runs to her and hugs her tightly.

O: I was so worried that I lost you. You asked me before what I will do if I lose you right. I will lock myself in the studio where I have multiple paintings of you and our memories and live my entire life there. Please do not leave me. I need you in my life. Just like art is my addicition, you are also my addiction as well.

He notices that Gauri was not wet.

O: Gauri, you are not wet at all. You said that you are going to get wet so atleast your legging will get wet. Where did you go?

G(Putting her head down): Actually, Om…

O(Angry): Tell me where you actually were.

G: Rudra and I wanted to play a prank on you so I hid beside behind the car. But, I never knew you will do this,

Om just look at her with his blood shot eyes and slaps her across her face.

O: I was out there like a mad man in the cold water, worried that I lost you and you decided to play with my feelings. How can you do this to me.

G: Om…

O: Enough.

He turns around and looks at Rudra in anger.

O(Thinking): I would also slap him but I do not want to do it in front of his wife. I do not want to embarrass her. (Says): Let’s go home now.

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