Rikara Trust 110

O: Now what?

R: I mean, Om, you are dressed in pants and shirt. Here, go wear this and then get hitched, man.

Om smiles. He grabs the kurta and quickly gets ready and comes downstairs.

R: Now, you guys can get married.

Everyone laughs.

Both of them sit on the mandap. For the entire time, it felt like only those two were in the room as they were looking at each other. They did not say anything but through their eyes, they were having a conversation.

O(Thinking): Gauri, please forgive me. I promise you that I will neve run away from my problems. I will be beside you all the time, acting as your husband, and friend.

G(Thinking): Om, I want to start fresh. Forgot what happened in the past and let’s step together into our future.

Pandit: Om?? Om??

They do not respond.

Pandit: Uh, what do I do now? He can put on the mangalsultra but it does not look like he is interested.

A: Oh, he is interested but both of them are just probably in another world singing a duet.

S: Guys, let’s be serious. How do we break this eyelock?

B: I have an idea. (They bang on a few drums and still no response. They all get tired and stop.)

R: My idea is better. He takes two piece of candy and gives on to Annika. So we throw this and it will hit their foreheads. Just like how Chulbul hit Shivaye.

Annika and Rudra throw the candy and it hits their heads.

G and O: Ouch!! What was that for?

R: Both of you stop daydreaming! It is so awkward for all of us.

O: Shut up, Rudra. What do you want me to do?

All of them at once: Take the mangalsultra and make her your wife!!

R: God, I never knew it was such a hassle to get married.

Om stares at Rudra and puts his hand over his mouth.

Om and Gauri blush. Om ties the mangalsultra and fills her maang with sindoor. Gauri smiles and hugs Om.

They first get their blessings from Dadi, Tej-Jhanvi and Shakti-Pinky. Then, they look at one another and together walk to Shivika.

O: Please bless us.

A: What is this guys? You are like our siblings. Please do not treat like the elders.

G: You guys brought us together so it is only just to get your blessing before we start our life.

They also get Shivika’s blessing and later hug each other. When Shivaye hugged Gauri, she whispered in his ear, “Thank you, Bade Bhaiyya, for giving him back to me.” Shivaye whispers, “Thank you Gauri for giving him back to me.” They both smiles at each other.

They finished all the rituals and both of them were waiting for an opportunity to talk to one another but knowing the Oberoi family, that was not possible.

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