Rikara — Tere Sang Yaara (CHAP 7) JEALOUS OSO ROCKS

(kunal and gauri were sitting together and on the other hand om was fuming in jealousy?)
(During lecture kunal and gauri were talking about Random stuff and Om was just controlling his anger)
Om :(thinking) Ye dono itna Hans Hans K kiya bataien kr rahen hain?? ?Well, I am more funny and Handsome than that k…ughhh I don’t even want to take his name ?
Gauri : aww u r soo cute kunal…thanks for this cake ❤
(gauri gave friendly kiss to kunal on his cheeks and Om who was seeing this all was burning..)
Om : Sheee Kissed HIM!!! ?
(om had a pen in his hand and as he was fuming he nibbed the pen into the notebook in anger) 

(? Bell rang and om in his anger left the class abruptly)
Gauri : (seeing om leaving the class) Arre…Om! Maine toh deekha he nai!! Lekin why did he left in anger? ? …
(om was walking in the garden and was looking sad ?)
Om :she kissed him!! She kissed HiM ?…Whyy??…is he her B.. B.. Oy..friend!! No no. It’s not possible! Ughh I can’t understand…i have to talk to gauri Now!
(gauri was coming towards om and om was coming to gauri…they both collided..Gauri was about to fall but she was saved by Om ?)
(Rikara had a cute eyelock in same position ❤)
Song Tere sang yaara was playing in the BG
**Maine chore hain Baqi saray rastay bus aya hon tere pass re,
Meri aankhon main Tera naam hai pehchaan le…

(after a cute eyelock they are back from their dreamworld…just by seeing gauri oms anger was gone)
Om : oye Attitude Queen…what r u doing here? ?
Gauri : I was coming to u actually!! Itnay ghussay main class se chale gaye so I was worried….And don’t call me that! ?(while making pouty face)
Om :(thinking)  she was worried about me ! It means she cares for me ??
Gauri:oh Hello I am talking to u Nandi!
Om: y. Y. Ou were worried for me!! ?
Gauri : sunai nai deeta kya!! Yes I worried for my friend..for You..
Om : Friends! Are we friends? ??
Gauri : kyu Tum mujh se dosti nai krna chahtey…ok then Bye ??(teasing)
Om :no no!!! I I didn’t mean that….ofcourse we r friends ?
(gauri and om smiled and went towards the class)
(om was soo happy,his happiness had no limit ???)
Om :(thinking) what r u doing to me gauri..i was never like this before…i have never felt this spark…..But..who is that bastard whom she was sitting with????

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