Rikara — Tere Sang Yaara (Chap 6)

(om hugged gauri tightly…They were both lost in eachother Completely….they were back from their cute dreamworld when mechanic came….They both quickly broke their hug..)
Mechanic :  Sir !! I have checked ur car.. There’s some engine problem…I would fix it in half an hour…
Om:ok..Make it quick…
(Mechanic goes and om and gauri are somewhat feeling awkward about what happened)
Om (sees gauris torn shirt) : OMG gauri ..Ur shirt…
(he gives her his jacket to cover her torn shirt)
Gauri !! I am sorry if I scared you..Actually seeing u being dragged away and ur torn shirt..I. I.. I was n..n.. not able to control my anger…I am really So….
(gauri puts finger on his lips)

Gauri :No need to say Sorry Om..?…u saved my life and I am really thankful to u…
Waisay finally u said my name correctly??
Om :Now don’t make me laugh Attitude Queen ??
Gauri : OMG it’s 9pm… My Di would literally kill me…Lets go om :ya…i guess mechanic has fixed my car
(om drops gauri home)
Gauri : Thank…
Om:Shhh…U know na.. There’s no sorry and thank u in friendship ??
(gauri smiles and goes to her home)
Om :(Thinking) what happened to u om!!!I just called her my friend..first I hated her and now.. Why is she having this effect on me!! ???
Next day (college)
(gauri was sitting alone and om just enterd the class…)
Om :yess!!! ✌ Today I would sit with gauri and ask her if she accepted my friendship or not…
(om was just thinking and a boy named Kunal came and sit with gauri..

.seeing this om fumed in jealousy ??)
Om :(thinking) I want to punch him hard….Ughhh?
Why did she even let him sit with her…
(teacher came so om had to sit..soo he took a seat behind gauri so he could hear kunal and gauri talking)

Precap : Maha jealous Kara?

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