Rikara — Tere Sang Yaara (CHAP 5)

(om and gauri were on the way and suddenly oms car stopped)
Gauri:(tensed) ye achanak car ko kya ho gya?
Om :I don’t know.. Let me check
(om was checking the car,gauri holding umbrella for him asit was raining )
Om :Damn…  ?
Gauri : Ab hum ghar kesay jaien gay.
Om : look there’s a hut over there,  u stay there…

Gauri :and u?
Om : There’s a mechanic at the back side of hut…i will just go and call him..
Gauri : I will come with you…and That’s final…
Om : C’mon Ms Attitude Queen…R u afraid? ?
Gauri :Firstly…i have a name Andd secondly I am not afraid.. OK!!!
OM : firstly I don’t know ur name.. And secondly it’s not safe for u to come with me.. ?(teasing tone)
Gauri : Gauri..
Om : what?? ?
Gauri : I mean my name is gauri…..and plzzz call me gauri…
Om : hmm nice name… But still I’ll call u Mrs. Attitude…?
Gauri : Youu….Nandi kahin Kay….Ughhh…u know what!!! Justt go and get the mechanic so that I can go home..
Om : so…dont u want to come with me…?? ?
Gauri :No.. Now plz go na…
(om goes from there and gauri was standing in a beautifully decorated hut…..)

Gauri : it’s soo beautiful…i really wish to stay here
(gauri was busy admiring the place that she didn’t noticed some goons were staring her)
Goon 1: look at the beauty over there Sir…Wow…i just can’t resist looking at her…
(yes, the boss of the goon was none other than Kali Thakur)
KT :(slaps the goon) How dare u say these things…She is only mine… And I will get her at any cost….
(Kali thakur and his goons moved towards gauri….He goes towards gauri and held her by her waist…Gauri was disgust stunned and pushed him and tried to slap him but he holded her hand tight)
KT :Dil agaya hai mera tujh pe… Tum sirf meri Ho…
(gauri was trying to run away but his goons held her tightly)
On the other side :

(om was coming back to hut when he experienced some kind of feeling…)
Om :(thinking) what is this feeling… Why do I feel that someone is in danger…why am I having this feeling….like my other half is….
Kahin gauri kisi musibat….?
(om quickly runs towards the hut,he also got hurt but he didn’t care at all… All he cared was about Gauri )
(when om reached there he saw gauri being dragged away by KT and goons)
(he saw gauris torn shirt..and knew what could have happened..He was enraged, his blood was boiling as if he would burn the whole universe….
He let go gauris hand from the goons and started punching them continuously that there face swelled…They all including KT ran away….)
Om: I will kill them all ??How dare they…
Gauri :Om calm down plz…I Am fine..just look at me… I am fine… U….. Saved me
(om just held her and hugged her tight just like a child hugging his fav teddy)…

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