Rikara —Tere Sang Yaara (Chap 4)

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Next Day At College
the college every guy was looking at her…
Boy 1 : woww…just look at her man. …she is soo Beautiful ??
(om and Karan were sitting together at the cafeteria…when karan saw gauri )
Karan :Omg..just look at her Yar..she is looking angelic in Black
Om :whom r u talking about?
(om turns and see gauri and is dead shocked)
(om stands up in shock and his mouth wide open…she was wearing black off shoulder dress..her beautiful smokey eyes and simple studs… She really looked mesmerizing ❤)
Om:(Thinking ) she is literally looking like an angel ??
(om realized his position and sits down)
Om :(thinking) snap out of it Om…why r u thinking like this….
Karan :she is looking gorgeous.. right om?
Om : Nahh…there r more Beautiful girls than her..?
Karan:c’mon… Kabhi toh kuch acha bola kar yaar…
Om : I am just telling the truth… Now let’s go to class if u r done checking her out (a bit jealous)
In class :

When om entered the class..every girl was drooling over Om )
Gauri : piya! Why is every girl drooling over that Nandi ?
Piya :Dont u have eyes Gauri!!! Just look at him Yar… He is soo charming, soo handsome and…
(gauri interrupts)
Gauri : bas bas… Itni tarif…i think these girls don’t have eyes. ?

After College :
(gauri car had some problem and it was raining heavily but fortunately she had an umbrella with her)
Gauri :Thank god..I Am having this umbrella…I would have to walk by myself home…Ughh…
On the other side :
Om : Ohh no.. My car is in parking area plus it’s raining and the WORST part is that I m not having an umbrella..Wow Om..what a gr8 fortune u have..
(gauri was walking when air blew heavily ,gauris small hand could not resist it and umbrella blew away slowly)
Gauri : Arrey my umbrella!!!!
(she was running after her umbrella)
(umbrella stopped near Om who was standing in rain tensed)
Om: Thank u God… I really needed this..well I guess I do have a good fortune ?
(he took umbrella and was about to walk away when gauri came snatching her umbrella)
Gauri : Chor kahin Kay!!! Mera chaata do!!!!
(om and gauri were shocked to see each other )
Om gauri :(together) Tumm!!!
Gauri : do meri umbrella!!! (while snatching)
Om : not in a thousand years…meray hath main hai toh meri hui….
(both were trying to snatch it)
Om: Stoppp!!!
Deekho…agar hum aise he lartey rahe toh ye b toot jaye gi….
Gauri :Toh!! ?
Om :my car is in parking area… U just drop me there..phir rakh Lena apna chaata ?
Gauri :ok fine..?
Parking area :
Om :Thanks!!!
Gauri : it’s ok ?
(gauri Was about to go when om stopped her)
Om : wo… Tum kesay jao gi??
Gauri : humari car kharab Ho gai toh hum pedal he jaien gay..
Om : If u r ok then I can drop u home…
Gauri :Really!!! But…agar Tum ne mera rape krne ki koshih ki toh…?
Om:(thinking) Don’t laugh Om.. Don’t laugh or she will rip u apart (while controlling his laughter) ???
I can’t control…
(om started laughing and gauri was shocked)
Gauri : Hans kyu rahe Ho tum?? ??
Om : Sorry sorry…. ?…Just tell me one thing..do u really think I am that kind of guy..?
(he came closer to gauri..and gauri was moving backward)
Gauri : nahi..wo hum… ?
Om : OMG…!!! U r blushing…
Gauri :N.n.no I am not…
(om started laughing and kept teasing her)
Gauri : bas bohtt Ho Gaya…ab jaldi chalo…mujhe der ho rahi hai…
Om : OK ok ?

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