Rikara —Tere Sang Yaara (Chap 3)

Thank you all for all ur support and love to this Story ??
om nd gauri were now in library and didn’t noticed eachother..both were looking for books in same shelf and Suddenly both pick same book)
om and Gauri :(together)
Tumm!!! ??
(both holding same book)
Om : meri book hai ye… Give it back….(while trying snatching book from gauri)
Gauri :its mine.. Maine pehle le…do mujhe!!!
Om : I saw this book first sooo
It’s mine…??
Gauri :Nooo !!!!
(both were trying to snatch the book from eachothers hands and…The pages of the book
were Teared….
Both were looking at eachother tensed ?)
Om : uhh.. You W.. .Wanted t.t..t..his book na…u can have it….(Tensed)…Byeee
Gauri :heyy…dddont u dare to run away…we both teared this book na..
(gauri was about to finish her sentence when librarian came)
Om :(thinking) ohh noo..librarian came… No no no…. I have to run away or else she’ll complain….Think of something om…think… Think
Librarian : youu both!!! U teared this book right…
(gauri was about to say something but om grabbed her hand and started running outward…)
Gauri :(while running) What the hell did you do and why r we running like madd ppl…
(they both stop… Breathing heavily)
Om: j.. Jjan bachai hum dono ki Yar…
(om and gauri kept looking at eachother recalling library incident and started laughing ??)
(both were laughing soo hard and didn’t realized that om was holding Gauris hand)
They both had a cute Eye-lock.. It seemed that they were the only people on Earth..no one around them… They were enjoying in their own wonderland..Lost in Eachothers Eyes while om holding gauris hand ??)

They came into senses after hearing the bell …and om let go Gauris hand….
Om :umm…i am sorry…(feeling awkward)
Gauri :Its OK…..i..am going to class byee..
Om :(thinking) What is happening to me.. I never ever said sorry to anyone specially a Girl..?

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    It is nice

  2. Negisanyukta

    Awesome.I just loved it.??????
    But it was too short.Keep writing dear.

    Dear Anusha
    OmRi Library Scene And Conv? OmRi Moment? It’s Interesting Chapter??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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