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Rikara —Tere Sang Yaara (Chap 2)


Chap 3
(om and gauri are coming from opposite direction having several eatables in their hands…suddenly they both collide and all their things fell) 😁
Om: (frustrated) don’t u have Eyes!!! Look what you’ve done!!
(gauri was now v angry as no one spoke with her like that)
Gauri : oh Hello Mr….Tumhe dikhai nai deta kyaa !!!…Not only urs but my things also…
fell…andd DONT U DARE TO TALK TO ME like that…Undersood!!!!
(om was dead shocked as no one especially a girl dared to answer him back…there was something special about Gauri…)
Om :ohh now Ms Arrogant Queen showing Attitude..huh 😆
Gauri :Youu 😡😡
(class bell rings)
Om : tumse toh main baad main niptoon ga…Arrogant Queen (in teasing way)
(om left from there laughing)
Gauri : iss Chirotay se toh baad main hum niptaien gay….Ughh 😡😡
(om and gauri entered the class together and were shocked to see each other)
Om : ohh toh Tum mera peecha krti class tak aa gai…Wow 😂😕…waiisay not ur mistake….i have this type of effect on girls 😎
Gauri : oh plz shut up!! Have u ever seen ur face in mirror…Mai aur tumhare jaise nandi ka pecha krooun gi…Ukhh 😂😆
And btw I am in same class as yours..
Om : How dare u call me Nandi!!!!  
(suddenly teacher enters the class and rikara went to their seats Frustrated 😡)
Teacher : so our last year’s topper is Gauri Sharma..
(everyone claps for gauri except Om)
Gauri: Thank you ma’am..
(thinking) jealous chirota kahin ka…taali b nai baja sakta…😬😠
Teacher : I am giving u all some assignments and u all have to complete it by tomorrow..u can take help from library..
(teachers leave the class)
Gauri :piya I am going to library..ok..i ll be back in 20min
Piya : ok
(gauri leaves for library…despite the fact that om is also there)

What is going to happen in library!??

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    OmRi Meet And Conv😘😀 It’s Interesting Chapter😘😘😘👏👏👏

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