Rikara —Tere Sang Yaara ( Chap 1)

It was a beautiful Morning, it was the first day of College..
A girl was sleeping peacefully in a large luxurious room…
Eisha entered her room shouting…
Gaurii ! Wake up..Its almost 7 45…if u didn’t wake up we would be late on our first day of College…c’mon WAKE UP
GAURI : Di! Plz let me sleep na..just 5min more…?

Eisha took a bucket full of cold water and splashed it onto gauris Face
Gauri :Ahhhh!!! What the Hell di…
Eisha : laughing ?…Now get up like a good girl..i am waiting downstairs
Gauri : Ughh..I hate u (while making a pouty face)
Eisha : love u too ?
Gauri came downstairs,took blessings from her parents and left for college

In Classroom :
Gauri was sitting with her friend Piya…
Piya : gauri!! I am soo damn Hungry..plz can u get something to eat..plz
Gauri :ok..
(Gauri goes to cafeteria)
(gauri and om are in same class)
Karan(oms friend) : om!
(om didn’t listen to him as he was busy with his mobile)
Karan : ommm!!!
(om still didn’t hear him )
Karan :(shouting) OMKARA SINGH OBEROI!!!!!
(OM was shocked and the whole class started staring them)?
Om : what the hell dude !!! are u mad??
Karan : u weren’t listening sooo…..ok Yar just forget it..i am v hungry…plz go and get something to eat…plzzz
Om: Ugh ok ok
(om and gauri took eatables from the canteen and both were coming from opposite direction…they both Collided and all the eatables fell…)
So this was the first chap of Tere Sang Yaara

Precap : Rikaras Takraar ??(first face off)

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