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G: No, Om. Look properly. Also, the guests need more drinks so we need to serve them.

S: Omkaraji, you can talk to your brother and I will help you Gauri out.

Om leaves and Gauri and Sahil go to the kitchen where Gauri completely unaware of the emotional turmoil between Om and Sahil.

S(Thinking): I know she loves you and you love her so by making you jealous, you will confess.

O(Thinking): I know what you are trying to do, Sahil. You are trying to make me jealous but there is something you do not know about us. No matter what problem is between us, we understand each other. I do not know about her past but as of the present and future, Gauri will never leave me for someone else. The same applies to me as well.

The dancing part starts and Rudra and Om on side and Gauri on the other side standing there.

R: Om, Gauri is by herself there. Maybe you should go and ask her for a dance.

O: Me… dance. Are you crazy? I could not even dance and keep Pari happy and you expect me to dance with Gauri. Also, she does not even care who is around so if I make a mistake, she will turn it into a public service announcement.

R: Chulbul Bhabhi is not like that…especially not with you.

O: What do you mean?

R(Laughing): She understands how temperamental you are. I would not be surprised if she hangs a “Beware” Sign behind you.

O: Shut up, Rudra/

R: It is up to you. Go before someone else takes the chance.

Om walks up slowly to her but then sees a man in front of her. It was no other his father, Tej Singh Oberoi.

T: Gauri, my dear, why are you looking so sad?

G(In fear): Uh… uncle… I do not feel like dancing.

T: First of all, call me papa okay?? You saved my son’s life and that is the least I can do for you.

Gauri instantly hugs and Om smiles at both of them.

O: Thank you, Tej.

T: So, I understand that this is your first time right? So why don’t you practice with me?

G: Uh… I am not sure

T: Do not hesitate.

O(Thinking): Just when I think Tej is going to help me, he ends up screwing me over. Is he always out to get me? Before it was intentional and now I am not even sure.


Jhanvi comes from behind.

J (Smiling): Sorry, Gauri dear, but I cannot let any woman touch my man.

She puts her hands over his neck. Gauri starts to laugh and Jhanvi takes him to the dance floor. Om looks at his parents and Gauri at Om.

G(Thinking): I am glad to see that you are happy, Omkaraji. Finally, your parents are together. But, I just hope I can get one proper dance with him. I do not want to embarrass with him in front of everyone.

Sahil sees all this and sees the desperation to dance with one another. He thinks of a plan to make these two dance together. Sahil goes up to Gauri and puts his hand.

S: My beautiful lady, can I get the honour to have a dance with you?

G: Sahil… (Gives her hand) You are so crazy but I am warning you that this is my first time.

S(Thinking): I know it is your first time.

Sahil takes her to the dance floor.

S: So, Gauri, just follow the beat of the music and sway. (He puts his hand on her hips. And in the corner of his eyes, he can see Om raging.)

O(Thinking): He… that… guy… took my chance. I wanted to dance with her and he asked her instead. Rudra, I hate you for being right.

Rudra seeing Om really mad, takes him to the dance floor and just asks me to casually dance. To add fuel in the fire, Sahil and Gauri dances toward Om so he can see exactly what they are doing. Sahil places his foot in Gauri’s path and Gauri steps on it.

G: I did not mean to hurt you. I am so sorry.

O(Thinking): Stupid idiot stepped on her foot and she is apologizing. It is his fault. He should be apologizing.

Then, Gauri accidentally slips but Sahil catches her.

G: My shoes are so slippery today. Sorry.

O(Thinking): Gauri, your shoes are perfectly fine. He should be holding you properly.

Then, Sahil spins Gauri, but intentionally, twirls her really fast that she falls on Om’s chest. She backs away.

G: Omkaraji… I am sorry.

Om looks at Sahil in anger and then holds Gauri’s hand.

O: Gauri, we need to TALK now.

G: What about our plan?

O: I do not care. Rudra, and Bhavya will tell Sahil and they will execute. You are coming with me, NOW!

Om drags Gauri off the dance floor and Rudra goes to Sahil and high fives him.

R: Wow, Jealous OSO actually worked. Thank you Sahil.

S: It is not jealousy, it is love. When will these two idiots realize it?

Om takes her to an empty room.

G: Omkaraji, I did not mean to fall on you and embarrass you like that.

O: What, embarrass me? You were embarrassing yourself on the dance floor and I just could not take it anymore. They were people laughing around you and Sahil knows that this is your first time so why did he not take it slow? I am going to teach you here. You can still hear the music and there is no one in this room.

G: You teach me? That means you must be an expert, right?

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