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After cleaning herself up, Gauri heads back downstairs to finish the decoration. The powder she needed for the decoration was all there, arranged in different colours. Gauri opened the bucket with the green powder but then closed it back. She then opened the bucket with yellow powder and closed it back again. With a confused look, she stared at the floor.

O: What are you doing, Gauri?

No response, Gauri continues staring at the floor. Om taps her hand and she comes out of it.

G: Omkaraji, when did you come here?

Om was sitting beside Gauri with a book in his hand.

O: Gauri, I am…

G: Forget it, Om. I need to finish this and I do not have all day for this. Actually, I need to finish this in three hours. (Pointing the book) This is the sketchbook right??

Gauri takes the book from him and opens it up. She starts flipping through the pages. Then, Om hold her hands and Gauri looks at him.

O: This is my favourite one. I like this better.

G: I do not like this. It is too simple.

She continues to flip through and she finds one.

G: I like this. What do you think?

O: Are you crazy? This is too simple to draw out.

G: I do not know what to do. I am so confused.

O: Gauri, just do whatever you feel like doing. (Thinking) She is not going to listen to my suggestions.

Om walks towards the stairs.

G: I know what I will do. I will call Sahil and he will tell me.

O (Turns around quickly): What?? Sahil? Why him?

G: He is a good friend of mine and always looks out for me. He is really good at designing.

O(Thinking): Not as good as you though.

G: Wait a minute, how do you know Sahil? You never met him.

Om runs upstairs.

G(Thinking): Weird…

Gauri takes her phone and calls Sahil. After a few minutes, she takes the powder and starts to draw.

R: Looks like I won. Now, you have to do what you promised

B: God, I cannot believe they let me down like this. I thought Gauri would listen to Om. After all, he is an artist.

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