RiKara SS-Tose Naina Jabse Mile:#1-A Girl

RiKara SS-Tose Naina Jabse Mile…/Since My Eyes Met Yours…


#1-A Girl

“What is Love? Soumya asked out of nowhere, she had four pair of eyes turning to her instantly.

“What? Shivaay asked the question the other three were about to ask.

“What is Love for all of you? Soumya clarified what she meant to ask and then taking the glass of water kept on the table, she sat back comfortably drinking it waiting for the answers, Annika started.


It was almost going to be 10 days since Soumya had come to stay in the Oberoi Mansion, she was the granddaughter of Dadi’s best friend who stayed in Delhi, coming to Mumbai to pursue her M.A. in one of the best colleges of Mumbai, she was forced to stay in as a Paying Guest since she had no relatives there, realizing it in a conversation with her best friend and Soumya’s grandmother on phone, Dadi convinced her to send Soumya to Oberoi Mansion and hence, Soumya moved in, The elder Oberoi’s along with Shivaay, his wife Annika and Omkara happily welcomed her, well about Rudra, the youngest Oberoi, she had a rocky meeting with him already in college, the end result was fights, fights and fights which were still going on. Well today, the younger generation of Oberoi’s had planned a small get together to welcome Soumya with the initiative of Annika who realized that they weren’t able to interact with Soumya due to their daily schedules, Shivaay and Omkara were more than happy to join since it was Sunday night and they had no particular work to be done, about Rudra, his Bhabhi convinced him somehow to join.

But once into the get together, Soumya soon realized that all of them were still busy in something or the other, Shivaay had his business calls coming now and then and so did Annika, and Omkara was busy in admiring the beautiful moon, about Rudra(Who was busy staring at the tempting food and at the same time trying to resist eating it), she didn’t wish to talk to him. So she decided to ask the question to get everyone’s attention as well as knowing their views.

“For me my Love is my everything, My Shivaay is my everything, Everything, I can do anything for my Shivaay, I just wish to stay with him forever, I don’t wish to go away from him, even the thought of going away from him scares me, If I go away from him then I will di(e) Shivaay didn’t let Annika complete as he placed his hand on her lips, Annika turned to him as he moved his face with an indication of no’, Annika smiled and so did he, they looked deep into each other’s eyes, an eyelock followed.

All other three were smiling at the romantic gestures.

“Unho, Unho… Rudra acted as if coughing bringing Shivaay and Annika out of their eyelock, Shivaay removed his hand from Annika’s lips as Annika had her cheeks turned red.


“What Rudra, It was such a beautiful scene… Soumya angrily looked at Rudra.


Omkara hit Rudra slightly on his shoulder as he exclaimed, “He is mad!

“You both are mad. An embarrassed Shivaay said hitting Omkara slightly on his head.

“What Yaar Bhaiyaa, you both weren’t kissing, don’t get so embarrassed… Soumya laughed at her own words as Omkara-Rudra too joined her.

“Ok, Leave it, Bhaiyaa , you tell, What is Love for you? Soumya asked in between the giggles.

” For me Pyaar , Ishq, Mohobbat ,Love, Everything is only one, Annika… Shivaay concluded again looking at Annika who quickly looked down not wishing for another eyelock in front of all of them.

“Waoh Soumya smiled and was turning to Omkara when Rudra spoke in the middle.

“For me, Love is Beauty, I like every beautiful girl…

“Stop it, I knew it, Bade Balon Wale Bhaiyaa, You tell na… Soumya completely ignored Rudra who made faces at her, she turned to Omkara.

Omkara smiled, “For me Love is…solace, That feeling when we even love pain, that feeling when even in pain we smile seeing someone’s face and you know when I’ll fall in Love then the person for whom I’ll fall, I’ll do anything for one single smile on her face, I would even be ready to give my life for it because she would be my God…She would be my life but I am just scared, Will I ever get such a girl? You only tell me…

“Off course, you’ll get her Bhaiyaa…By the way, Annika dii is mad in Shivaay Bhaiyaa’s Love but you believe in such a beautiful form of Love even without falling in Love? When you’ll Love someone, that girl would be so lucky. Soumya inferred as she smiled at Omkara who smiled back.

“Ok, Now enough of intense conversation, bring some fun or I’ll sleep getting bored. Let’s play a game. Annika said as everyone nodded.

“So what should we play? Was the question from Shivaay.

“Truth and Dare. Soumya answered, excited.

“Yes…Great. Annika said as she got up and quickly brought an empty bottle.

Omkara’s phone suddenly rang, Soumya looked at him , her nose puffed up with anger.

“‘I’ll just cut it… Omkara smiled as he took it out, somehow seeing the caller ID he picked it up, Soumya was starting to interrupt when Omkara said 2 minutes with the gesture of this fingers.



“Hello Sir, there was a theft attempt into your Gallery, Police has caught the thief but you need to come here to check formalities and all… His assistant Mohit replied from the other side as Omkara was stunned hearing the words.

“I’ll just come… He said cutting the call.

“Bhaiyaa. Soumya looked at him sadly as she heard the last words.

“Soumya, I am so sorry, It’s very urgent or else I wouldn’t have gone. Omkara replied with a sad face.

“What happened Om? Questioned Shivaay.

“Someone tried to steal in my gallery. Omkara said as he got up to move.

“Wait, even I’ll come… Shivaay was saying when he was cut in the middle by Omkara.

“No, Police has already caught him…Already I am spoiling the party, if even you’ll come, then party will surely get over, Just look at Soumya’s face. Omkara pointed at Soumya who realizing the brothers were looking at her made a sad cute face.

ShivOm laughed as Shivaay remarked, “Nautanki, You are just Annika’s copy… Annika stared at him angrily while Shivaay turned his face to the other side realizing his wife’s angry glare.

“I am Nautanki, I’ll see you Shivaay. Annika spoke under her breath like an angry wife gritting her teeth.


Rudra who heard it held Annika’s hand, “Bhabhi, Don’t worry, We’ll together punish him… Annika nodded.

“Arey, I atleast made Bade Balon Wale Bhaiyaa laugh or else, you should have seen his face… Shivaay again turned back to look at Omkara who made a sad face just like Soumya made a few seconds ago.

Shivaay again laughed, “Where I am caught, Om, you go. Omkara nodded laughing as he ran out.



Omkara, who was sitting in his car, waited for the traffic in front of him to move but nothing was happening, it seemed like everything was silent like a painting, everything was lifeless, every car, every lorry and every other thing on the road, he could only hear the voices of horns that filled the air from every corner, from front, front behind, from everywhere, he himself was blowing his car’s horn impatiently but it had no effect.

Finally, after almost 10 minutes of waiting he decided to go out of his car and ask someone what had happened, he came out and walked to the car in front of him from the small gaps between the vehicles.

He knocked the window of driver’s seat; the man sitting within lowered the window.

“Actually, do you have any idea about what happened? He questioned the man.

“Yes, my friend is in a car in front, there’s some police checking going on, some gang has to be caught, it’s surely going to take time. Replied the man.

“Damn, Ok thanks. Omkara walked back sadly.

His phone rang as he opened the door of his car, “Sir, Where are you? Should we go to the police station?

“My art gallery has nothing expect my paintings, then why did someone try to steal there. No Mohit, don’t go to police station, I’ll come somehow. Omkara said as he closed the door of his car, he started walking on the footpath.

He dialled a number on his phone, “Hello Ramesh, My car is parked here on the road near my art gallery, its caught in traffic, come fast and take it from here, you have the spare keys, right? Omkara asked his driver.

“Ji Sir, I’ll just come… They cut the call as Omkara continued on the footpath.


Omkara soon reached near the entrance of his art gallery, it was of 10 minutes’ walk from the road where he had to leave his car, a posh area with high towering buildings of renowned companies surrounding it, infact his gallery could easily distinguished from them, beautifully made but only 1 floor tall which made itself look different in front of all those gigantic buildings.

He saw the entrance open and few figures standing inside, as he continued walking within, he could easily distinguish around 3 people in Police Uniform and Mohit. One man was standing with a handcuff around his hand held by one of the policeman, Omkara entered within.

“Sir, He is the thief. Mohit walked up to Omkara and pointed to the man. Omkara turned his eyes to look at him.

“Why did you try to steal in my art gallery? Omkara questioned the man, he looked like he was in his late 30s, not really looking like a thief though.


The man looked at Omkara as he joined his hands, “Please forgive me, I didn’t knew it was a Gallery, I thought it was some office, there would be some money…Please don’t give me away to police, I am not a thief, My wife is in hospital, she is very ill…I have to get her treated but I don’t have money so I am forced to steal… He started crying as soon as he ended, he still had his hands joined in front of Omkara.

“You, You please don’t cry. Omkara held his hands as the man continued crying, his cries becoming profound with each passing moment.

“Leave him… Omkara ordered the police officer as he had lines of tension visible on his forehead.

“But Sir, he is caught red handed. Replied the police officer.

“Never mind, I don’t want to file a complaint again him, all of you can leave.Though they could retaliate but knowing who Omkara was, the police officers left.

The man who was still crying looked at Omkara who passed him a faded, “You love your wife a lot na, God won’t let anything happen to her, he’ll cure her soon, Please stay with her, take care of her but please don’t steal anything, I have some money, please take it and if you need more money, then please call me, This is my card. Omkara said as he left his hands and handed him some money and his card, holding the things the man again joined his hands.

“You are God…

“I am just a human whom God made capable enough to help others…Now, Please go to your wife, she needs you. Omkara replied smiling.

The man walked out with his hands still joined.

“Sir, What did you do, who knows, he might be lying to get saved. Mohit remarked angrily as soon as the man left.

Omkara smiled and turned to face Mohit, “Mohit, we should never doubt on Love and what would he get in my Art Gallery, why would he come here?


“Your paintings worth millions, Why you underestimate them so much? Mohit was for sure angry with his innocent boss.

“And you think someone else can sale them claiming as his own, I think if it got stolen, the news will reach everywhere, The thief will anyhow get caught and yes, I never underestimate my paintings. Omkara hit Mohit slightly on his head, Mohit rubbed his hair as he looked at Omkara, irritated.

“Where is your car? Mohit asked, Omkara could actually hear, “I don’t want to talk to you. from Mohit’s tone.

“It is caught in Jam, I came by walking… Omkara tried to have some sympathy from his for now angry assistant who rather murmured, “Then what was the need to come, You didn’t even do anything by coming…

“Mohit. Omkara said as he heard the mumble.

“Ok sorry, I should know that you are Danveer Karan and you would have come here to preach something to the thief, You tell me how will you go home? I came by auto or else I would have left you in my car. Mohit asked ignoring the comment.

“Mohit, everyone has reasons of doing something, I just came here to know that, I’ll also go by auto… Omkara was cut in by Mohit.

“You by Auto, never, I’ll call Shivaay Bhaiyaa…

“You’ll have a slap, he is busy and don’t worry so much about me. Omkara spoke as he started walking out.

“Everyone should worry about an innocent person like you. Mohit said as he too walked out and locked the gallery once reaching out.

“You go home, tomorrow is college, right? Rudra told me attendance is compulsory tomorrow… Omkara said ignoring his previous words.

“Ok, you also go haan. Mohit walked towards opposite direction as Omkara stood smiling.



Omkara was still standing near his gallery as he saw Mohit still visible going, he was Rudra’s college friend, very much interested in painting and loved Omkara’s paintings, since he was 20 years, he continuously coaxed Omkara to take him as an assistant, Omkara who otherwise had no employees or assistants agreed since Mohit had been requesting alot, now almost after 1 year of Mohit working under him, Omkara is proud of his decision, Mohit was an amazing aid to him whenever he needed him and never did Omkara had to worry about Mohit’s studies since he always was careful about them too in addition to being Omkara’s assistant, infact Omkara got a new younger brother in the form of Mohit who always took care of him just like Rudra, infact sometimes more because Mohit was more mature than Rudra mentally.

As Omkara was about to start walking to search for an auto, someone suddenly hit him from behind, Omkara was pushed forward reflexibly as he turned to look at the one behind him when the girl was about to fall down due to the sudden hit, Omkara held he in the nick of time.

He looked at her face, in her eyes as she blinked them, he kept looking into her eyes as she kept looking at his face, she was too confused to move, he was too much in a trance to move either, he was lost in her eyes as she too dared to look into his, she too started to lose herself in his black orbs.


This is a collaborated story of mine and my friend Jasminerahul’s.


Author’s Note:  So hows the start? This is a collaborated story of my friend Jasminerahul’s and mine. I do hope you all liked it.Do consider liking and commenting if you liked it. Credit for all gifs used goes to the original maker.

Credit:Jasminerahul and Piyali

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