Rikara: Who am I? Part 2

The next morning

Om comes to same park and runs to the same place to see if the girl was there. And there she was sitting on the bench with a bag of seeds in her hands. She takes a handful and throws in the air. Small birds come and starting eat the food. Om comes in front of her to see her face but it was also covered as well. Disappointed, he sits beside her on the bench. She moves the bag a little closer to her and both of them sit quietly.

O: May I?

The girl turns to Om and nods. She carefully brings the bag closer to him. Om takes a handful and throws it in the air. The girl starts to laugh hearing the birds chirp and Om smiles at her. He takes his camera and takes a picture of the birds. Click!

G(girl): What did you take a picture of?

O: The birds… do not worry… I did not take a picture of you… I would ask your permission before I do that.

G: Thank you.

O: So do you come here often.

G: Yes. I just love this park. It is so loud but peaceful at the same time. I would sit here for hours and just enjoy the small things nature offers.

O: Yes I know. I started coming here a few days ago but I fell in love with the park. I love carrying my camera around and taking pictures. It is funny to see people just walking around not enjoying the smaller things that people offer. They are always after money, fame and lust.

G: Ahh… So you do not believe in love…

O: I did before but now I have given up on it.

Om’s phone rings and he answers the phone. He puts down the phone.

O: I actually have to go. By the way, my name is Omkara. (Om offers a handshake)

The girl just looks at him and Om takes his hand back.

O: I am so stupid. I understand that I am a stranger and you will not say your name. It is fine. See you tomorrow.

Om walks away and the girl sits on the bench.

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