Rikara: Who am I? Part 1

So this starts in the very beginning. Om returned back to Mumbai with Shivaye and Svetlana does not exist. Marriage happened but Om only married her to save her. He is against love because of Riddhima and believes that Gauri is a con artist just like Ishana. Gauri is an orphan so no mother at all.

In a park. Birds chirping and people walking. Om was walking down a footpath in a hoodie, baggy jeans and a camera in his hands. He was clicking pictures of the surroundings for his new exhibition.

O(thinking) it feel nice to blend in the crowd and not be the second heir of the Oberoi family. It feels good to be just a human instead of Omkara Singh Oberoi.

After a while, he sits down on a park bench and goes through his pictures.

The first picture was of little red birds swimming in a water fountain. The next were kids riding their bicycles. And finally, a girl with a hijab on her face feeding birds. Only her back was visible but the picture itself radiated happiness.

O(Thinking) I want to know who she is so I can take a picture of her. I need a picture of her.

Om runs to the place where he took this specific picture. He looks everywhere but he cannot find her.

O(thinking) She will be here tomorrow since she looks like she enjoys it so I will find her tomorrow and talk to her.

It was late night and Om just could not sleep. He had the photo in his hand and he was staring at it.

O(thinking) Who is this girl and why is she affecting me this much? I need to know who she is but with this picture, I cannot find her.

Guys do not worry. Gauri will be in this FF but it will be introduced soon

O: May I?

The girl turns to Om and nods. She carefully brings the bag closer to him. Om takes a handful and throws it in the air. The girl starts to laugh hearing the birds chirp and Om smiles at her. He takes his camera and takes a picture of the birds. Click!

G(girl): What did you take a picture of?

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