RiKara OS- The Beautiful Morning

                                              The Beautiful Morning 


Gauri always loved the sun shining brightly high up in the sky. Somehow the rays of sun gave her a new hope and the energy to make her day better than the previous one. But today things were different. As the sun rays slowly hit her eyes she groaned and opened her eyes finally giving up.

She tried to turn around to look at the bedside clock but she could not. She felt something heavy on her chest and waist. She looked down and immediately turned into the deepest shade of red. Her Om was sleeping peacefully with one hand on her waist and his head on her chest with his nose gently placed in the valley of her br*asts fanning them with his deep breaths. Thoughts of their act on the previous night came back to her and she tried to get out of his hold to avoid the embarrassment.

Her constant movement disturbed Om’s sleep. He growled softly and moved his lips causing them to brush with Gauri’s nipples. This time Gauri could not control and let out a soft moan. Om blinked his eyes at the sound and at once realise his position. He smirked to himself and kissed Gauri’s br*asts before sucking them hard. By now his other hand that was on her waist moved south on her butt and softly caressed it.

‘Ommmm’ Gauri moaned.

Om flipped Gauri and came on top of her. He kissed her deeply and then since oxygen was cruel whenever they were intimate, Om pulled away breathing heavily. Gauri’s chest was rising and falling against his and Om took a quick glance at it. Then he looked deep into Gauri’s eyes.

‘Good morning, wifey.’ smiled Om.

‘Good morning, Omkaraji.’ wished Gauri.

They stayed in the same position cuddling each other and then Gauri spoke.

‘Achcha humme ab jaane dijiye. Humme aaj bohot sara kam hai.’

‘Aaj kya hai? Kya itna kam kam laga rakha hai. Agar kam karnahi hai toh main hoon na.’ smirked Om.

‘Hey Shankerji. Aap bhul gaye aaj Rudy bhaiya aur Bhavya ki mehendi hai. Aur hum aapke sathe kam badmein karenge.’ Gauri absent-mindedly spoke.

Om raised an eyebrow and Gauri realised what she just blurted out. She mentally slapped herself and quickly replied.

‘Humara woh matlab nahi tha. Hum t-toh b-b-bas …..’

‘Haan tum kya?’ But Gauri did not say anything. Om continued ‘Main sun raha hoon Gauri. Aur tumhe mujhse itna pyaar karna hai toh aaj niche mat jao. Tumhara mujh par pura haq hai..’ He bent down and kissed.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and both the love birds separated.

‘Gauri ma’am Dadi aapko niche bula rahi hai.’ said the maid from outside.

‘Thik hai tum jao aur Dadi ko bolo hum abhi arahe hai.’ voiced back Gauri.

‘Dekh liya aapke chakkar main humme kitni der ho gayi. Pata nahi Dadi ka sochengi humare bare mein.’ complained Gauri. ‘ Abhi humme choriye humme nahana hai.’

Om immediately obliged for he very well knew his family. He hoped that his brothers won’t be present or else things would be tough for both him and Gauri.

Om looked beside, at the side of bed that was occupied by his wife sometime back. As he was about to get down the bed his eyes caught a red patch of blood. A sense of manly pride washed over him and he gently caressed it with his fingers. His lowered his head and smelled it.

He was brought out of his world by the light humming that came from behind the bathroom door.

He got down the bed and with a smirk headed towards the bathroom all the while convincing himself that he was going in only to help his wife wash herself faster.

But deep down both he and all of us know what followed next.

 Please tell me how it was. Thank you.

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