RiKara OS: When I Fell In love??

RiKara OS: When I fell In Love??
“ I am Guari Kumari Sharma…..understand , you better do because I am not at all those Patidev type things , you married me , don’t think you got me because Guari Kumari Sharma doesn’t love you and the one whom she doesn’t love , she doesn’t considers that person anything…..” Guari said angrily pointing the tip of her finger towards Omkara while he just smiled a bit.
“ Toh Pyaar Karwa Denge…..” Omkara said with a smile as he kept a hand on her shoulder and then left to sleep on couth , Guari kept looking at him with her mouth wide open.
She stamped her foot hard on floor and went to sleep on the bed.
“ Mohobbat Chahe Ho Na……Parvah Toh Humari Dosti Se Shuru Hui This Guari….” Omkara whispered with a smile , Guari got up , looked at him , passed him a glare and then went to bed again.
“ Aur Woh Parvah Pyaar Mein Bhi Jaldi Hi Badlegi….” Omkara this time said to himself which Guari didn’t hear as she was fast asleep.
Omkara got up and looked towards Gauri , she was looking too cute while sleeping, he remembered how he had met her , his elder brother Shivaay had fallen in love….had fallen in Love with Annika and their rang the wedding bells of ShivIka..he met her there , the girl wore a simple suit and minded her own business not even caring once about her surroundings or anything , she had her phone is her hand and seemed to busy with the phone to pay heed to anybody else , Shivaay had told the shy Omkara to go and talk to his Saali , Omkara did and what he got in reply , “ I am sorry , are you a waiter her….Mr. Jatadhari??” Omkara had looked at her shocked and then went back nodding a big ‘no’ to her but soon she realized that Omkara was the brother of her 1 and only Jiju and so she had had all those Sorry’s for him with the utmost Innocence and sweetness and a hand of friendship , Omkara though in the start was angry but soon he liked the name she gave him and they did friendship, Here began their journey together…
Omkara had many friends , most of them being with him only for his money , his name , well even she had a reason to do friendship with him but her’s was a different one from others , her reason for doing friendship with him was her sister , her lovely Annika dii but soon the reasons vanished , their friendship grew stronger only by the fact that they enjoyed each other’s company the most , each ritual of wedding had them meeting and their friendship growing , they enjoyed together , chatted for hours , on Phone as well as in ceremonies , together framing funny names of various sorts of people that attended the wedding , half of those not even 1 out of them knew , having the courtesy to try their first ‘Drink’ together in one of the functions of the wedding and many more such things , they both suited each other , they both loved each other’s company and throughout the wedding both had found a new Best Friend in each other , as the wedding got over , their friendship still remained….6 months after the wedding of ShivIka…

Guari’s wedding had been fixed with her only love and collage friend Ronit….she was excited , Omkara was happy for her , she was happy and so was he , Omkara met Ronit , he was a nice boy , Omkara liked him for Guari , they enjoyed the ceremonies of Guari’s wedding equally as they did for ShivIka , but little did Omkara knew what was coming in his store lately , on the wedding day , Guari had been waiting for her Prince charming but he never turned up , Guari ‘s life was on the verge of breaking , her parents were scared , the world had a lot many questions to ask and they couldn’t answer each one and so they told Annika to ask Omkara to marry Guari , Annika at first hadn’t agreed but seeing her parent’s helplessness she couldn’t do anything , she had to ask him to marry Guari , Omkara agreed without hesitation, for Annika , for Guari , the wedding took place while Omkara was hidden behind the Sehra , Guari still had her dreams of her Prince charming , she after sitting in the car was on full chatter mood talking with the boy behind Sehra about all her dreams but to get no reply , as she lifted his sehra , she got the biggest shock of her life , she found it to be a prank but when Omkara made her realize that it was truth , never letting her know as to why he did it , she was broken , angry…..she thought it all to be Omkara’s plan , his friendship fake all sorts of things about Om in her mind , she had a lot of curses for him yet she stayed quite , did all the Rituals once they reached the Oberoi Mansion but as soon as they went to their room , she had this outburst on him , Omkara didn’t knew how to react , he was too confused by the situation to handle it , it all had happened like a fairytale but still he knew one thing for sure now , that he loved her , he didn’t knew when it happened , how it happened but he did and this love became his determination , he didn’t knew how but one corner of his heart even knew that she too loved him , maybe this was the power of his love but he knew this and so he knew , he had to break the hard shell which Guari had made outside her , how….only time had to tell…..
Omkara gave a last glance to Guari and then left to sleep on couch smiling…
Next Day:
A knock at the door woke up the fast asleep Gauri , for a while she was confused by her surroundings but soon she rewinded things and remembered what all had happened , she got up and went to open the door but suddenly her eyes fell on Omkara , “ If someone saw him sleeping on couch….” She thought as she went to him and tried waking him up , Omkara held her hand in sleep so that she doesn’t disturb him.
“ Om………Om……Omkara……..” Guari said as she tried waking him up by her other hand , Omkara suddenly got up and seeing himself holding her hand , left it.
“ Sorry…” He said while Guari made faces.
“ Go and open the door…” She ordered him herself sitting on bed , Omkara got up and opened the door only to find Annika standing with a smile , her smile was different with a tincture of Mischievousness in it, he looked at her and raised his eyebrows questionably.
“ Actually Omkara , your friend , Deepika….she came to meet you….” Guari’s eyes widened as she heard it , something pinched her hard , the first day of wedding and Omkara has his friends coming in to meet him , her Biwi instincts seemed to wake up.
Omkara was confused , “ Bhabhi….Deepika Kakkar or Depika Garewal??” He asked confused while Guari’s eyes seemed to widen further.
“ Kitni Deepika Hai Isski friends??(How many Deepika’s does he has as friends?)” She thought , her eyes boiling with anger.
“ Arey woh Kakkar…” Annika said passing a smooth smile to Guari.
“ But she went to London , came back last week and we had to meet next week..” Omkara asked confused further.
“ Arey , what you want , to make her wait , go Omkara…….atleast meet her…..” Annika said questioning him while Omkara nodded and went out.
“ There are so many girls who like him , you broke many hearts Guari…I don’t know , maybe Omkara also loved someone else…..what will happen…..” Annika made a sad face and went out while Guari looked at her going , her eyes wide open.
“ This Om…..” She thought angrily as she went to change her clothes , bath and all , as she came out after changing her clothes , she saw Omkara coming into room and taking something and going.
“ Kaha Jaa Rahe Ho???(Where are you going)” She asked as she looked at him with her angry eyes.
“ Actually Deepika came to India after 2 years , she wants me to show her the developments in the city…so Am going with her…..”Omkara said as he took keys to his Laembadgini car.
Gauri nodded and Omkara went giving her a slight smile , as soon as he left , Guari went in the Balcony to see him and saw him and Deepika entering a car.

She made faces as she saw him with anger in her eyes , she was almost cursing him from within.
Laembadgini te kithe launda fire gediyan
Jariyan ni jandiyan frienda methon teriyan, (x2)
You roam around in Lamborghini
And I just can’t tolerate your female friends
She got ready and came out of the room anger still within her , she did the first day food coking Rasam and served everyone , as she saw the empty chair of Omkara , she remembered how whenever she used to come, he used to make different kinds of dishes specially for her. Her anger rose further.
Ve bota bota pinjeya peya
Haaye pinjeya janda ae jiven roon
I am devastated just like cotton is made
Omkara did return that day but very very late , Guari didn’t speak to him while he was in his own world and didn’t realize her plight, days passed , Guari was still Bossy on Omkara and always showed herself to be above him , The Party for declaration of Om’s wedding was kept and the wedding took place in weird circumstances , In the party Guari had shocks of her life as she heard words like , you are so lucky and all from all people who met her.
“ Omkara was the most eligible bachelor Guari……you took him…” Annika told her as Guari was standing at a point angrily , Guari’s anger boiled further or maybe her Jealousy.
Annika laughed as she saw Guari standing angrily.
A girl asked Omkara out for dance while he agreed.
“ Omkara is looking so good na Guari…..with that girl…” Shivaay came to Guari while she looked at him with her mouth opened and then nodded with a fake smiling , going somewhere else stamping her foot hard on the floor.
Ve dil tera kaala mundeya
Bhavein chann taun sunakha tera mooh, (x2)
Your heart is black (used for people who hurt others)
Your face is better than the moon
Jariyan ni jandiyan freinda methon teriyan..
I just can’t tolerate your female friends
As the dance got over Guari took a drink and purposely went towards the girl with whom Omkara was dancing.
“ Myself Guari……..Guari Singh Oberoi……take it….” Guari said to the girl while the girl smiled and gracefully said no.
“ Oh , Take it na….” Guari purposely dropped it on her dress.
“ Sorrryy…” Guari said biting her tongue with the utmost innocence as the girl went to washroom.
As she went , Guari smiled , “ What is happening to me? Have I fallen for Om……” She asked herself confused.
“ No , I can’t fall for that Jatadhari…Huh…..he loves me , I can never love him…………………..but does he Love me or not??” She thought tensed , her heart had the fear that the love that she believed that he did her was actually non-existent and just her mind’s woven net.
Lakh Gaun Waleya Tu Hoya Mashhoor Ve
Kar Baithi Pyar Tainu Ehi Aa Kasoor Ve (X2)
Your Are Famous For Singing Songs
I Fell In Love With You And It Is My Mistake
Months passed , Guari was completely shocked as everyday she had a new reason to be jealous of someone , “ Guari you know , day after tomorrow , Priyanka is coming , I am so happy……” Omkara said while Guari was confused.
“ Pehle Deepika aur Ab Priyanka (First Deepika and Now Priyanka)…” She thought to herself angrily while Omkara left , Annika suddenly came.
“ Dii , Priyanka , who is she??” Guari asked confused.
“ I heard she was Om’s girlfriend , they wanted to marry but suddenly that all happened….your marriage…” Annika said innocently as she kept a hand on Guari’s cheeks.
She went , Guari’s eyes again had the anger while she looked at a photo of Omkara on the wall.
“ Hate you………….Love you……..when I fell in Love??” She thought angrily almost crying.
“ Omkara, what are you drawing??” Guari asked Omkara as was sitting drawing something with utmost care.
Omkara hid it from her , “Guari , I tell you everything about me na……but not this..” He said as he hid it.
“ I am your wife , you need to tell me everything…” Guari said as she tried to see what he was drawing, Omkara nodded in a no.
“ You told me you didn’t believe in all these Pati-Patni things na………” Omkara said this time a bit angrily while Guari almost had tears , her face had lost the colour as she gave him a sharp look and went out , “ Yaa , I Don’t believe…”
She cried sitting at a remote corner of the house.
Tu Phulan Jahe Dil Tod Da..
Wafadaar Ni Patandra Tu
You Break Hearts That Are Delicate Like Flowers
You Are Not Trustworthy
Ve Dil Tera Kaala Mundeya
Bhawein Chann Taun Sunakha Tera Mooh (X2)
Your Heart Is Black
Your Face Is Beautiful Than The Moon
Annika looked at her as Guari wiped her tears , “ Maa , Priyanka is coming na……….what arrangements to do…….should I ask Om…” Annika asked Pinky shouting.
“ Yaa , he knows her choices…….” Pinky too replied while Guari got up and left the place……angrily….
Jariyan ni jandiyan freinda methon teriyan..
I just can’t tolerate your female friends
“ Sorry Behna……..” Annika thought as she saw her going.
The day came , Priyanka came and had a warm welcome in the house , Omkara came and hugged her tightly , Guari remembered Annika’s words as she had tears in her eyes remembering them.
She didn’t meet Priyanka and left without meeting.
Pakhiyan pakhiyan pakhiyan
Pakhiyan pakhiyan pakhiyan
Ve saada channa dil tod ke
Ve saada channa dil tod ke
Kithe laa liya mohabbtan pakkiyan
Pakhiyan means hand fan
Why you broke my heart
And where have found love other than me
“ Bhaiyaa….Bhabhi….where she went????” Priyanka asked Omkara as she didn’t meet her while Omkara too got confused and left to see her.
“ Guari what happened??” Omkara asked as he saw Guari sitting on the bed.
“ How does it matter to you……….?” Guari said wiping her tears while Omkara sat next to her and looked at her.
“ I am your friend na……..tell me…” He said holding her face while she got her face free and started beating him on his chest angrily.
“ You…….Why do you care….Haan……why ??which friendship…….?” She said beating him on his chest with her hands while they both fell on bed due to this.
Ve saada channa dil tod ke
Kithe laa liya mohabbtan pakkiyan
Fir sir te bitayi saadi jutti diyan nokaan nu
Pyar da daikhaunda ae tu tamasha kahton lokan nu, (x2)
Je pehlan pata hunda Veet ve..
Pind kokeyan di bandi na nooh
You don’t love me
Then why do you show others that you do love me
Veet(lyricist) if I knew this before
I would have never married you and I would never enter you house
“ What happened yaar Guari……..??” Omkara asked confused as he held her hands while she was beating him.
“ Why you hugged that Priyanka……….haan , why?” She asked trying to free her hands while Omakra freed them and looked at her confused.
“ Because she is my sister….” He said while Guari who had started to beat him again , stopped.
“ Means she isn’t your girlfriend??” She asked confused.
“She is my sister Guari………” Guari was shocked.
She started beating him again , “ Still , you don’t love me na….you don’t na……”
Omkara again held her hands and said , “ I love you Guari……..I love you…….”
“ You Love me……….You love me na……??” Guari asked shocked while Omkara nodded too shocked as he told her that he did.
“Now get up na…….You are heavy ……..” Omkara said while Guari beat him again.
She had tears yet she was smiling.
“ I too Love you………” She said getting up.
Ve dil tera kaala mundeya
Bhavein chann taun sunakha tera muh, (x2)
Your heart is black (used for people who hurt others)
Your face is beautiful than the moon
Jariyan ni jandiyan freinda methon teriyan..
I just can’t tolerate your female friends
All family members looked at them through the room while Dadi held Annika’s ear , “ You did it purposely na…..” Dadi asked with a smile while Annika smiled.
“ I know my sister Dadi , she is really stubborn and to make her realize her Love , I thought this was the best way……….Let me show you something……” Annika said as she went to Omkara’s art room , there she picked up something and showed to everyone , a beautiful portrait of 2 eyes , Guari’s eyes was in front of them, this was what Omkara was working on “ This is his Love..”.
“ Pyaar Roke Nahi Rukta….Toke Nahi Tukta…….Gusse Se Nahi Kat ta……Dard se Nahi Mit ta kyunki Pyaar , Pyaar Hota Hai aur Uss Jaisa Kuch Nahi”
Sometimes it is necessary to make someone realize their love or else it remains hidden deep never to come out.
Hello friends , so its my first try on one for My favorite couple , RiKara , I hope you like it , I put in a lot of efforts to write it but still you are most welcome to criticize me if something isn’t in place , I would be really happy if you could just write a bit of long comments , No Long letters but just a bit more than the 2 words , please…….

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