RiKara Mini Shot: Hold On

RiKara Mini Shot: Hold On


Gauri opened her eyes as she tried to get up and sit upright. Realizing that the blackness in front of her eyes was still intact, she closed her eyes and then reopened them…no effect. She was about to try rubbing them as she heard some footsteps from outside.She at once knew they were of Omkara’s along with someone else pacing towards her room.

“Doctor, Everything has a cure…” Omkara was telling the doctor, rather asking, his voice heavy as if he had cried for days.

As soon as Gauri heard the footsteps advancing further and the voice of door opening, she laid back closing her eyes as if still unconscious.

“It was a very dangerous accident Mr. Oberoi, Ms. Sharma has been saved , it’s a big thing but her optic nerves have been very badly damaged , I fear operations to cure it would just worsen her condition… ” The doctor said as they reached Gauri’s room.

“But Gauri would be broken…knowing, knowing she can never see anything…” Omkara said to himself , broken himself.

 The doctor left after handing over the reports to Omkara.

 A drop of tear escaped Gauri’s closed eyes as she heard the words.

Omkara looked towards Gauri as she lay unconscious, it’s been 5 days since her accident, she didn’t got conscious from then and this news broke his already breaking world further.

Omkara turned to leave as he felt the urge to cry take him over, he didn’t wish to cry infront of her even if she was unconscious, he needed to be her strength, he knew.

“Omkara…”Gauri called as she heard his retreating footsteps, Omkara turned wiping the tear about to fall down, trying to smile.

“Gauri…Thank God you got conscious, Who drives car like that…You are mad, see you  met such  a horrible accident, you were unconscious for a week, I was dying to hear you…” Omkara was continuously speaking walking towards her trying to hide his pain.

“Omkara , I am not able to see anything…” Gauri interrupted Omkara waiting for his reply.

“Oh, that must be because you woke up after a long time, wait for some time you’ll see everything…” Omkara said as he sat next to her.

“You hated lies…” Gauri said with tears as Omkara’s eyes widened, he couldn’t resist his tears as he saw Gauri.

“I can’t see anything EVER…right?” Gauri hugged Omkara tightly as she cried, Omkara closed his eyes, drops of tears still escaping his eyelids.


“No…” Gauri broke the hug as she realized something , “Go…Leave…”Gauri pushed Omkara away.

Omkara looked towards Gauri confused, “Gauri…”

“Leave Omkara…”Gauri shouted, cries mixing with her angry shouts.

Gauri was trying to push Omkara away as he tried coming closer, Omkara held her shoulder as she again broke down, crying, her made up anger vanishing.

“What happened?” He asked taking her into a warm embrace.

“Omkara, your life would be spoiled with me, caring for me, I know you love me like anything but you’ll lose yourself in my love, You’ll lose your passion in my love, you’ll lose your everything in my love…” Gauri was crying, she couldn’t say more.

“I’ll lose myself without you Gauri…with you I can only get myself…” Omkara whispered slowly in her ears.

Gauri closed her eyes as drops of tears still fell down, she hugged him tighter knowing he would never leave her, no matter what.


She loved him enough to let him go, he loved her enough to Hold On.


A/N: So this one was supposed to be a part of my RiKara drabbles but turned out to be too long for being one so posting it separately , Hope you all like it. P.S.-Wow TU , Just came to know about this change, Loving it.

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