Rikara Heartbroken Chapter 13

Om goes back to his room and decides to call it a night. It was 1 a.m. when he woke up to get a drink of water. Just as he gets a cup of water, he hears sniffling sounds so he walks toward the noise. He stops in the hallway and realizes that it was from the living room. He stands behind the wall and peeks into the living room. Gauri was walking slowly and then all of sudden, in emotional pain and sadness, sit on the floor, with her head resting on the wall, crying. Om takes a step forward but then steps back.

O(Thinking): She asked me to give her some time. I cannot force myself on her and instead need to wait it out. But, she is crying though. The reason for this problem is because we did not openly discuss her feelings. Maybe I should initiate the conversation. As he walks toward, he can hear Gauri talking.

G: I thought that the distance between us was getting smaller but I just realized that the differences between us is making the distances every larger. There is no point of trying. We are two different individuals, who can never be together.

O(Thinking): So, Gauri, you believes that these differences between us is the problem. The fact that I am educated and you are not. The fact that I am rich and you are not. But, you do not realize something. I do not care about these things. Gauri, I may have all the riches in the world but I am still not happy until you came into my life. I do not know if I love you but you are my friend. For that reason, I will eliminate all these differences between us. Gauri, we may be the opposite, but I just realized that I am the yin and you are the yang and these differences created the basis of our friendship. I will also make you realize that.

Om looks forward and finds Gauri sleeping and still hugging her knees. He carefully goes up to her, and carries her to the room. He places her gently on the bed. He notices the hair strands in her face and puts it behind her ear. He remembers the time where he slept with her on the recliner.

O(Thinking):If only Gauri holds my hand, then I can use that as an excuse to stay with her.

He slowly wipes her tears using his thumb.

O(Thinking): I am such a monster. Because of me, she lost the one thing that I was jealous of: Her smile. I think it is my bad luck. Whoever associates themselves with me loses their happiness.

He sees her freezing so he takes the bedsheet and covers her with it.

O(Thinking): I need to give her the shawl that I brought for her from Germany but now is not the time. I need to find the right opportunity.

Om turns around and leaves but then turns back. Gauri pulls the bedsheet to her chest and turns with a small but cute smile on her face.

O: Gauri, for now, forget your sorrow and smile in your sleep. After I play out my plan, you will be able to smile like this in the mornings as well and not care about anything. I promise that I will give you back your smile and it will be on your face for the rest of your life.

Om wakes up and heads to the kitchen to make his own tea.

O: How can I ask Gauri for tea? She is not even in the mood to talking to me so it is better that I make it. God, Omkara, you need to learn how to make some good tea not the crap that you made before. (He starts to laugh.) Maybe, I can ask Gauri’s internet chachi for help. Things Google can do for you…

O:Uh… Gauri… I came here to make some tea.

G: I already made some for Dandi Bhaiyya andmade more than I need to so you can take this.

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